The 2011 ATN Assessment Conference Themes

The overarching theme of the 2011 ATN Assessment Conference was 'Meeting the Challenges' in recognition of the multiple and complex demands placed on assessment in higher education. Some of these challenges are long standing, such as those relating to fair assessment, moderation and group assessment. At the time of the conference, other challenges were emerging as national priorities, funding arrangements and policy frameworks were changing.

The four strands relating to this central theme were:

Proposals for full papers, short papers, workshops or posters were required to address one or more of the strands. Proposals not clearly located under one or more of these sub-themes were permitted to be submitted for consideration: such proposals were required to identify how they related to the overarching conference theme of 'Meeting the Challenges'.

More about the conference themes

Strand 1: Assessment and standards

This strand was aligned with the development and implementation of academic standards, and their implications for assessment policy and practices. Contributions under Strand 1 related to one or more of the following areas, such as the:

Strand 2: Leadership and assessment

Strand 2 encouraged an exploration of the issues relating to leadership in assessment. In this context, 'distributed' leadership is seen as a product of the many interactions between the multiple stakeholders in assessment. Such stakeholders include assessors, coordinators, heads of school/department, policy makers and senior managers. Contributions under this strand examined one or more of the following areas, such as:

Strand 3: Practical solutions to challenging problems

This strand encouraged an exploration of challenging issues in assessment. We particularly welcomed contributions that advanced practical suggestions for ways in which these challenges can be met. Submissions under this strand related to one or more of the following areas, such as the:

Strand 4: Student engagement in assessment

This strand provided opportunities for the exploration of assessment issues related to student engagement. Contributions under this strand related to one or more of the following areas, such as the: