A Focus on Learning

The Proceedings of the 4th Annual Teaching Learning Forum
Edith Cowan University, February 1995

Edited by Laurie Summers
Educational Development Unit, Edith Cowan University

Table of Contents

Laurie Summers Preface and Introductioni
Philip C. Candy Keynote address: Developing lifelong learners through undergraduate educationii-viii
Gus Pennington Keynote addressix-x
Matthew Allen Giving away the marks... or taking the 'ass' out of assessment1-4
Robert G. Baker Valuing teaching and learning in a university: Differing academic staff perceptions5-12
Llandis Barratt-Pugh The competence approach: Constricting development or the freedom to learn?13-19
Joyce Bell Singaporean perspectives: Implications for tertiary teaching and learning20-23
Yvonne Burgess and
Carol Newton-Smith
Resources to help lecturers develop their teaching skills: A collaborative effort from a lecturer and a librarian24-28
Alan Burton Projecting the power of your computer29-32
Marie Corrigan The virtual campus - taking the campus to the students33-35
Mark Campbell Williams
and Philip Dobson
Using metaphors and rich pictures in university education36-41
Fran Crawford and
Sabina Leitmann
Masqued meanings: Student evaluation of teaching42-52
Marianne Cronin Considering the cultural context in teaching and learning for korean tertiary students by western teachers53-56
Peter Davis The enhancement of student understanding of subject issues with the use of audio tape recorded interviews57-61
Barry Down,
Carol Hogan and
Rosa Madigan
School-based teacher education: The lived experience of students, teachers and university staff62-66
Harry Edgar and
G. Wright
Internet: The education interface67-72
Peta Edwards Wogs, bugs and grubs: Hands-on microbiology at home - an Open Learning Australia experience73-78
Marie Finlay and
Christine Hogan
Who will bell the cat? Story telling techniques for people who work with people in organisations79-83
Robert Fox A critical incident: Reflecting on an evaluation report84-88
Robert Fox, Anna Boyd
and Allan Herrmann
Attitudes and access to technology in distance education89-93
Kevin Franklin An educationist's paradigm for what and how we learn: Rediscovering a touchstone94-98
Kevin Franklin, Val Roche,
Tony Hussey, Dianne McKillop
and Emma Raine
Questioning quality in education: Exploring different perspectives99-105
Margaret Giles Crumbs from my table: Anecdotes from 11 years of tertiary teaching106-110
Jean Hall Small group peer assessment of the human computer interface: A case study111-115
Susan Hall Reflective practice in cross-cultural university teaching116-120
Saras Henderson Clinical teaching involves more than evaluating students121-125
Allan Herrmann Open Learning Australia: Melbourne (Cup) winner or trojan horse?126-129
Marian Kemp and
Barry Kissane
Integrating technology into undergraduate mathematics130-134
Steve Kessell The undergraduate course controller: Mentor or masochist?135-138
Chris King Developing cross-cultural interaction in a university classroom139-143
Cameron Kippen Planning a degree programme in podiatry, based on a medical problem solving curriculum and developed from an industrial needs analysis144-145
Denise Kirkpatrick
and Richard Fuller
The challenge of peer assessment146-149
Chris Kirtley Multimedia: A paradigm shift in the teaching of the biomechanics of human movement150-152
W. B. Lawrence A cross-cultural curriculum development project in Electrical Engineering at Curtin University153-156
Monica Leggett and
Tony Fetherston
Teaching Technology Studies constructively157-160
Colleen Liston Evaluating outcomes in physiotherapy students161-164
Catherine McLoughlin Assessment of writing in multicultural settings165-171
Margaret McNeil Students on the rack? Stretching final year marketing students in an industry simulation172-176
Marion Milton The development of literacy awareness among tertiary students in adult literacy courses177-179
Tonia Naylor The impact of national quality management requirements on teaching and learning in Australian universities180-185
Richard Nowak Student opinion questionnaire case study186-189
Beverly O'Connell, Jenny McNae, Robin Watts, Gerald McKelvie and Michel Burgum The use of drama in teaching and learning190-193
Ron Oliver and
Jan Herrington
Making the most of the media in multimedia194-198
Annalisa Orselli-Dickson Empowering students to improve their written language accuracy in L2 (Italian)199-202
Lesley Parker, Mario Zadnik,
Yvonne Burgess, Kate Finlayson,
Rob Guthrie, Rick Ladyshewsky
and Deborah Pritchard
Implementing a devolved model of academic staff development203-205
Carol Piercey Assessing clinical competencies206-211
Peter Radloff Managing student presentation anxiety212-216
Alistair Reid Assignment feedback: Relating to student expectations217-222
John Renner Convergence and distance education: The promise and problems of emerging communication technologies223-228
Krishna Sappal Geoscience education for Aboriginal students at Curtin University of Technology, Perth229-233
Jacqueline Shaw and
Paul Green-Armytage
Feedback sheets as a form of assessment to support learning234-238
Rob Sims and
Peter Demediuk
Student facilitators: Maximising the outcomes from tutorial casework, literature analysis and problem solving239-244
Brian Stone A review of some CAL initiatives in the UK (with particular reference to assessment)245-249
Michael Sturma Student input and tutorial organisation250-251
Peter Taylor UCLES: A questionnaire for evaluating portfolio cultures in postgraduate teaching252-256
Michael Thong Facilitating the learning of group processes in management courses via a group-based, 'parcel-marking' student assessment approach: Experiences to date257-263
Colin Walker and
Richard Bell
A comparison of several survey techniques to obtain student evaluation of a unit in land management264-270
Despina Whitefield Learning styles - great minds don't think alike271-275
Sally Wijesundera Teaching portfolios - what are they and how do I create one?276-280
Martyn Wild and
Denise Kirkpatrick
Some ideas and issues related to using multimedia technologies to teach tertiary students to perform complex tasks281-286
Sue Wynn Designing slides and overheads for electronic presentations287-291
Mario Zadnik and
Alex Radloff
A new approach to a communications unit: A student organised conference292-296
List of Participants297-304

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