Teaching and Learning Within and Across Disciplines

The Proceedings of the 5th Annual Teaching Learning Forum
Murdoch University, February 1996

Edited by Jacqui Abbott and Lesley Willcoxson
Academic Services Unit, Murdoch University

Table of Contents

Jacqui Abbott and
Lesley Willcoxson
Matthew Allen A Dilemma: How do we enable and encourage students to ask questions, not simply answer them?7-12
Roger Atkinson and
Geoff Rehn
Some strategies for promoting student adoption of Internet services13-19
Jen Bradley, Barry Kissane and Marian Kemp Graphics calculators in the mathematics curriculum: Integration or differentiation?21-25
Vickey Brown To what extent should we assume or interpret for additionally cultured students: are we the risk takers?27-31
Alison Bunker Can altering the assessment for a unit encourage students to engage with content and processes, and be reflective about their learning, rather than focus on superficial detail?33-39
Francis Conlan Can the different learning expectations of Australian and Asian students be reconciled in one teaching strategy?41-45
D G Devenish, R D Entwistle, N Scott and B J Stone Lessons learned from open-ended, unsupervised laboratory work in first year Engineering Dynamics47-52
Barry Gibson Applying computer graphics to teaching of aircraft systems operations53-56
Susan Hall, Chris King and Bill Lawrance Which way next? Sustaining innovative changes in units with multiple tutors57-64
Tony Herrington, Jan Herrington and Ron Oliver Assessment in mathematics: A multimedia resource for preservice teachers65-71
Allan Herrmann, Bob Fox and Anna Boyd Who's wagging the dog? University and industry73-78
Carol HoganGetting students to do their reading, think about it and share their ideas and responses79-81
Christine HoganWhat is the extent of responsibilities of universities to prepare overseas students to return to their Home countries?83-91
Rick Ladyshewsky and Evangeline GotjamanosCommunication skill development in health professional education: The use of standardised patients in combination with a peer assessment strategy93-97
Rick LadyshewskyCross cultural clinical supervision/education: The SE Asian experience99-104
Catherine McLoughlinHigher levels of agency for students: Participation, self-regulation and the learning process105-109
Ron Oliver and Murray LakeTeaching and learning with distance education technologies: A tertiary perspective111-117
Lesley H ParkerConceptualising cross-cultural curriculum development119-123
Jane Pearce and Christopher CrouchMaking theory relevant125-128
Alex Radloff, B de la Harpe and Mario ZadnikDeveloping communication skills in the context of a science degree129-133
Peter RadloffCan assignment assessment sheets promote learning and performance?135-139
Cherry Randolph and Felicity BrowneThe use of case studies to introduce computer technology to first year students in a Commerce Faculty141-146
Leonora RitterThe postmodern tutorial as a tool for developing understanding and insight in history teaching147-151
Bill ScottIs life-long learning a joke?153-155
Cheryl Stickels and Alex RadloffIs it really so hard to respond with your 'best shot' to the individual learning needs of your students?157-160
Despina WhitefieldLook, listen, touch and experience - it makes sense to me!161-164
Alma WhiteleyCritical thinking/questioning skills165-170
P John WilliamsProblem solving: A multidisciplinary approach to learning technology171-178
Mark WilliamsThe use of symbo-constructive pictures to explore the shadow side of our teaching-learning179-184
Sue WynnComing up for A.I.R.: How can electronic presentations be effectively incorporated into the teaching environment?185-188
Archie ZariskiStudent peer assessment in tertiary education: Promise, perils and practice189-200

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