Teaching in the Disciplines/ Learning in Context

The Proceedings of the 8th Annual Teaching Learning Forum
The University of Western Australia, 3-4 February 1999.

Edited by Kenn Martin, Natalie Stanley and Nicky Davison
Centre for Staff Development

Table of Contents

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Lyn Abbott, Alison Connell, Richard O'Donnell and Sharon Dawson Can we enhance student learning through an extra-curriculum leadership development program? 1-4
Pat Addison A talk to university teachers in a discipline 5-11
Kathy Ahern Garnishes and mystery objects as metaphors for graduate research skills 12-17
Chika Anyanwu Using the Internet to study the Internet (research in progress) 18-23
Doug Atkinson Student feedback collected using groupware web only
Christina Ballantyne Showing students you're listening: Changes to the student survey system at Murdoch web only
Cherry Barlowe A dilemma within peer group assessment 24-27
Christian Bauer, Just Berkhout, Vanessa Chang, Kum Leng Chin, Bernard Glasson, James Tauber Exploring online education: A research framework 28-34
Colin J Beasley Assisting the postgraduate research and writing process: Learning in context across disciplines 35-41
Thelma Blackford Uses of references in CIE Foundation Studies students' argumentative research essays 42-48
Anna Boyd, Bob Fox and Allan Herrmann (Web) Publish or perish? 56-58
Catherine Brooker, Max Kamien and Alison Ward Conflict in teaching between Medical School Departments: Teaching of the sore throat 49-55
Vanessa Chang How can conflict within a group be managed? 59-66
Suzette Chapple Understanding student learning 67-71
Kum Leng Chin How to design an assessment system to ensure students acquiring the necessary practical skills in a computer programming unit 72-75
Tungshan F. Chou, Dennis W. Taylor and Hiewu Su The effects of learning tendencies, learning approaches and learning habits on academic achievement: Evidence from Taiwanese college accounting students 76-83
Anthony Copp and Mark Allan Patton Unrealistic career expectations of undergraduate marketing students: What is the responsibility of the lecturer? 84-86
Marianne Cronin and Heather Sparrow Focusing on feedback: An examination of effective written feedback to promote learning for external students 87-92
Peter R. Davis Integrating a problem based learning approach into undergraduate teaching 93-98
Vaille Dawson, Peter Taylor, David Geelan, Bob Fox, Allan Herrmann and Leslie Parker The development of epistemological pluralism through a web-based postgraduate curriculum course 99-102
Elizabeth Deane and Sharon Fraser How do we introduce effective group learning into science-based curricula in higher education? 103-107
Barbara de la Harpe, Martijntje Kulski and Alex Radloff How best to document the quality of our teaching and our students' learning? 108-113
Patricia Dooey An investigation into the predictive validity of the IELTS test as an indicator of future academic success 114-118
Martin Dougiamas Developing tools to foster online educational dialogue 119-123
Robert Fox What issues do we need to resolve to become competent users of online learning environments? 124-128
Rob Fraser and Anne Mathews An evaluation of the desirable characteristics of a supervisor 129-134
John Gammack and Val Hobbs Can online education serve two masters? 135-137
David Geelan, Peter Taylor, Bob Fox, Allan Herrmann, Andrew Stapleton and Vaille Dawson Arcs, braids and webs: Exploring constructed narratives in a web-based distance education unit 138-142
Daniela Gennrich and Leanne Long How does one develop tutor-led distance materials for use in collaborative learning groups, with an emphasis on constructivist learning 143-148
Paula Goulding Building a degree: Vertical integration across units within a curriculum of study 149-152
Allan Herrmann, Bob Fox, Peter Taylor, David Geelan, Vaille Dawson, Andrew Stapleton and Leslie Parker Co-constructing new understandings of online learning environments through critical reflection 153-157
Carol Hogan Using exhibitions to share and assess student learning 158-161
Christine Hogan Should prospective academic staff be asked to teach at their interview? 162-166
Tim Houweling Online external education: The Internet - A tool of equity or oppression? web only
Heidi Hudson Collaborative project management: A case study of the Australia-South Africa Institutional Links Programme 167-172
Peter E. Jones Improving learning in lectures using keypad-response units 173-177
Michael Kalish, Stephan Lewandowsky and Simon Dennis The remote delivery of cognitive science 178-183
Max Kamien Measuring the social responsiveness of medical schools and health professional institutions 184-193
Stephen R. Kessell Teacher professional development via the WWW 194-199
Martijntje M Kulski Valuing clinical teaching and learning: Observations from academic staff in a portfolio project 200-204
Max Kummerow Ethical vision in teaching and research 205-209
David Lake Reducing isolation for distance students: An online initiative 210-214
Rosemary Lancaster and Caroline Philogene Reinventing the audiolingual laboratory in the 1990s 215-219
Rosalind Lawe Davies How do we define and teach 'relevance' in academic writing? 220-223
Robert Loss and Des Thornton How do you manage electronically submitted student work? 224-227
Paul Lucas An investigation of the uses of depth of field in fine tuning strategic plays in the Australian Stock Market during the crisis of 1998 228-235
Karen Macpherson Cognitive learning theory and the development of information literacy 236-242
Moira Maley, Jennet Harvey, Lawrence Yu and Nathan Scott Drag & Drop Pathology: First experiences with a new computer-based tutorial system in the Faculty of Medicine 243-250
Maria Malimane Evaluation of student learning in the Midwifery Nursing Science: A performance assessment approach 251-256
Dorit Maor Teacher and student reflections on interactions in an Internet based-unit 257-261
Andrew Marriott A lifelong mentor system web only
Anne Mathews Insights into undergraduate learning by first year science students 262-266
Blair McLeish and Jacqueline Shaw Assessment in the context of self directed learning 267-271
Catherine McLoughlin Culturally inclusive learning on the Web 272-277
Karol Miller Which assessment type should be encouraged in professional degree courses - continuous, project-based or final examination-based? 278-281
J. N. Mills and B. Fretz Teaching dilemma: How to effectively teach professional (Veterinary) students to improve their communication skills in a practice situation 282-286
Mando Monare Development of staff research skills: A case study of the Nursing College of the Free State (Welkom, South Africa) 287-292
Robert Mun How to provide effective undergraduate laboratory sessions to undergraduate engineering students 293-297
Ruza Ostrogonac-S and Evey Mulyadi How to be more visual in your lectures or tutorials: "One drawing is worth a thousand words" 298-301
David Parker and Anthony Gilding Using the Internet as a teaching tool 302-305
Mark Allan Patton Relationship between skills and education: A survey of what Australian human resource consultants are looking for from university business graduates 306-309
Cecil A.L. Pearson Workshops as stimulating learning environments 310-316
Cecil A.L. Pearson and Colin J. Beasley Model aeroplanes, computers and stoves: simulations for facilitating student learning 317-321
Michael Pearson Internationalisation of the curriculum and the classroom: A community based action research perspective 322-326
Rob Phillips and Joe Luca Developing a groupwork-oriented online unit on interactive multimedia project management 327-331
Peter Radloff If we have to situate learning for students to remember anything, won't that change our universities beyond recognition? 332-336
Shri Rai Do errors in teaching material enhance/hinder learning? 337-340
Phillip Reece The number one fear: Public speaking and the university student 341-347
Jennifer M.Robinson Anonymous peer review for classroom use: Results of a pilot project in a large science unit 348-353
Keith Robinson Cognitive tools in interactive design for digital design 354-359
Renato Schibeci, Ruth Hickey and Wendy Speering How do we encourage higher level thinking in students? 360-366
N. W. Scott and B. J. Stone Some observations about the transfer of educational technology 367-372
Michele Scoufis How not to burden first year students and lecturers with multiple assessment tasks and yet still measure desired learning outcomes? 373-377
Jenny Silburn and Lynne Hunt Looking at university life through the lens of youth: Encouraging high schools to gain a new angle on post-school options 378-382
Jenny Sim, Marjan Zadnik, Alex Radloff and Tony Knights Investigating views of stakeholders on lifelong learning in higher education: Medical imaging case study 383-386
Leith Sly Computer testing options and benefits of a practice test 387-390
Andrew Stapleton, Peter Taylor, Vaille Dawson, David Geelan, Robert Fox, Allan Herrmann and Leslie Parker Analysing hypertextual discussion for connected knowing: Units of analysis 391-400
R. L. Summers How can we get students to read their readings? Some strategies explored 401-402
Geoff I Swan Information overload: How can we help students? 403-408
Joanna Tan and Jonathan Goh Assessing cross-cultural variations in student study approaches - an ethnographic approach 409-416
Dennis W. Taylor, Tungshan F. Chou and James Fisher Evidence of the gap between students' learning approaches and instructors' teaching approaches in accounting education 417-428
Peter Taylor, Vaille Dawson, David Geelan, Andrew Stapleton, Bob Fox, Allan Herrmann and Lesley Parker Virtual teaching or virtually teaching? Does Internet-based teaching require multiple metaphors of mind? 429-432
Jan Thomas Chinese whispers: How do you stop the traditional views of students undermining teaching change? 433-436
Carol Thorogood, Linda Mason, Barbara de la Harpe and Alex Radloff How can learning portfolios best be used in practice based assessment? 437-442
Rhondda Tilbrook How can we help staff to learn about the new email package? 443-446
Martin Trevor and Jennie Bickmore-Brand Reflective practice: Self disclosure warts and all 447-450
Julienne van Loon What happens when a student who has failed TEE English enters an Australian university? 451-454
Iris Vardi Critical and creative thinking: How can it be fostered and developed at the tertiary level? 455-461
John R. Venable Using a WWW-based group support system to facilitate teaching of Soft Systems Methodology 462-466
Robert Weiland and Richard Nowak Academic preparation programs: A schema approach to learning in context 467-473
Shelley Yeo, Robert Loss, Marjan Zadnik and David Treagust Changing conceptions with an "intelligent tutor" 474-479
M. G. Zadnik, S. Deylitz, S. Yeo, R. Loss and D. Treagust Teaching really difficult concepts: How we did it and what the students say 480-483

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