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Flexible Futures in
Tertiary Teaching

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Jocelyn Armarego and
Geoffrey G Roy
Management of a student centred online environment
Roger Atkinson and Sue DowlingInformation literacy and library reference reading for online courses
Christina BallantyneAre they glad they came? First year students' views of their university experience
Kevin T. Batty and
Margaret Boyatzis
Community based Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) education seminar
Jennie Bickmore-Brand and Marjolein TowlerDeveloping a multimedia degree: Course development from an industry perspective
Anna Boyd, Robert Fox and Allan HerrmannDistance and Open Learning students' access to the Internet
Carmela BriguglioSelf directed learning is fine - if you know the destination!
Peter CrawfordSelf directed learning unit - Muresk Institute of Agriculture
Barbara de la Harpe, Alex Radloff, Jenny Giddy, Marjan Zadnik and Joy YukichDeveloping a practical resource to enhance students' academic writing skills
Martin DougiamasImproving the effectiveness of tools for Internet based education
Sandra DownesGiving control to students: But will they pick up the ball and run?
Janelle D'Souza and Stuart BuntA comparison between the use of the Internet and conventional lectures in education
Rick DuleyStarduster: A different vehicle for presenting difficult programming concepts
Eilean Fairholme, Martin Dougiamas and Heinz DreherUsing online journals to stimulate reflective thinking
Lynne Fowler, Maurice Allen, Jocelyn Armarego and Judith MackenzieLearning styles and CASE tools in Software Engineering
Robert FoxTaking care of business - online technologies changing practice at universities?
Sharon Fraser and Mechelle CheersWhat does tertiary teaching need: Visionaries or pragmatists?
Richard FullerEncouraging self directed learning through poster presentations
Georgina FyfeActive learning for understanding in introductory Human Biology
Susan FyfeCollaborative learning at a distance: The Human Biology experience
Allan GoodyAdult learners in cyberspace - Prepare for lift-off
Peter KandlbinderSupporting the self directed learning of postgraduate supervisors
Peter Kandlbinder and Tai PesetaOnline professional development for postgraduate supervisors
Julie Kendrick and Rosemary JohnstonFostering of self directed learning in the unit Medical Science 283
Stephen R. KessellTeaching learning technologies to K-12 teachers
Richard K. LadyshewskyDeveloping health professionals through the use of reciprocal peer coaching
Ian Lee, Dianne Budd, Marietje Doornbusch and Sue FyfeCreating a single learning community for on and off campus students by provision of consistent and comparable learning experiences through open and flexible teaching and learning
Lina Macchiusi and Suzanne TrinidadImplementing IT at an Australian university: Implications for university leaders
Stanislaw Paul MajModeling computer and network systems: A new 'soft' technique for soft systems analysis methods
Stanislaw Paul MajWhat price curriculum commercialisation?
Philip MaxwellProviding instructional leadership in postgraduate coursework mineral education: Mineral Economics at the WA School of Mines
Catherine McLoughlin and Joe LucaCognitive engagement and higher order thinking through computer conferencing: We know why but do we know how?
Catherine McLoughlin and Linda MarshallScaffolding: A model for learner support in an online teaching environment
Eamon MurphyUsing self directed learning to develop and teach a new course
Nimilandra Nageswaran, Heinz Dreher and Vanessa ChangThe use of information technology to support a cast of a thousand
Carol Newton-Smith and Deborah IngramBeyond the Gutenberg Press: Evaluation of texts for the electronic age
Barry Osborne, Eric Wilson and Merle IlesA new literacy not just a new tool: Asynchronous e-tutorials/web conferencing in first year teacher education (1997-1999)
Mark Allan PattonDisadvantaged segments in sales and marketing externally offered units: The influence of being flexible on student success
Cecil A.L. Pearson and Samir R. ChatterjeePostgraduate business research competencies in Asia: Teaching or mutual learning for Australian academics?
Mary PeatOnline assessment: The use of web based self assessment materials to support self directed learning
Connie PriceSelf directed learning in first year physiotherapy students: Reflections
Adina Quattrini and Ruth MarquisCreating opportunities for growth and change for the student, practitioner and academic
Alex Radloff, Barbara de la Harpe and Leanda WrightA professional development program to help academic staff to foster student self directed learning
Fiona RichardsRole playing in the classroom: A tourism experience
Elizabeth Santhanam and Carolyn LeachUniversity students' perceptions of information technology
Elizabeth Santhanam, Christina Ballantyne, Denise Mulligan, Barbara de la Harpe, and Rod EllisStudent questionnaires and teaching evaluation: Cutting the cloth to fit the purpose
Susan SavageUsing the web to create a community of learners in cooperative education: An example from Architecture
Michele ScoufisGraduate attributes projects: A focus for grass roots change in teaching and learning practices
Tekle ShankaAssessing the assessment criteria: Students' opinions
Leith SlyHow a centralised testing facility functions in a large university
Len Sparrow, Heather Sparrow and Paul SwanStudent centred learning: Is it possible?
Leon Straker and Ray SmithCourse evaluation on the web (CEW): A 'learning community' tool to enhance teaching and learning
Irene Styles and Alex RadloffJabba the Hut: Research students' feelings about doing a thesis
Geoff I SwanReading, taking notes, and problem solving
Peter Taylor and Dorit MaorAssessing the efficacy of online teaching with the Constructivist On-Line Learning Environment Survey
Herb ThompsonInformation and communication technologies: The socio-economic transformation of tertiary education
Sue TrinidadFlexible outcomes: Educating for the 21st century
David Veal, Stanislaw Paul Maj and Geoff I. SwanPhysics for hands on units in Computing Science
Ray WebsterIntegrating hard and soft technologies in HE: The new learning environment at Thames Valley University
Kerry WilliamsSelf directed learning in the visual arts
Paul WorthingtonThe right mix approach to teaching project evaluation
Belinda YournListening to the 'voice' of beginning music teachers: An opportunity for empowerment
Archie Zariski and Irene StylesEnhancing student strategies for online learning

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