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The Proposals submission process, described under TLF 2003 [Home Page], closed on 6 Jan 2003. The Proceedings Contents (this page) links to:
  1. abstracts - obtained from accepted Proposals.
  2. refereed - full text in PDF, where authors have submitted for refereeing [Refereed papers] to obtain classification in the DEST category "Conference publication". Web mounting of successful submissions occurred in July 2003 [Refereed contents]
    The DEST category "Conference publication" is detailed under [Higher Education Research Data Collection]. In 2003 no provision was made for the collection of non-refereed articles for the TL Forum Proceedings.

Pat AddisonA case for educational qualifications for academics teaching accounting[abstract]
Pat Addison, Mardi Gooding and David SullivanA discussion about assessing oral presentations[abstract]
Rozz AlbonContract based learning: Is it effective?[abstract]
Anna Alderson and Marie MartinThe Geraldton Universities' Centre: A regional partnership for teaching and learning[abstract]
Gina ArenaProblem based learning versus standard tutorials: A student evaluation[abstract]
Jocelyn Armarego and Sally ClarkeMultiple complimentary partnerships in engineering education[abstract]
Diane L. ArnottDo students enjoy group based and outcomes based learning in first year?[abstract]
David BaccariniHow to be an innovative teacher[abstract]
Craig BairdMentoring partnerships at Curtin University of Technology[abstract]
Christina Ballantyne and David CollingsMoving towards a flexible learning environment: Implications for student evaluation[abstract]
John BambergTandem teaching in mathematics[abstract]
Fran BanytisThe research higher degree student professional development program at Flinders University[refereed]
Michelle BarrettThe Esperance Community Mentoring Project: Improving higher education retention rates in regional Western Australia[abstract]
Clive BarstowThe Devils Triangle: An academic perspective on the relationship between creative, industrial and educational partners through the activities of Open Bite Australia Print Workshop[refereed]
Tara Blanchard and Sara Tup EvansWrap Around Pilot Program: A brief evaluation[abstract]
Tara Blanchard and Sara Tup EvansStigma and parental concerns in medicating children with ADD/ADHD[abstract]
John BongiovanniLooking for learning: A data mining experience[abstract]
Lauren Breen, Lynne Cohen and Paul ChangTeaching and learning online for the first time: Student and coordinator perspectives[abstract]
Murray BrennanEthical behaviour: Learning from business to educate the students[abstract]
Christopher Brook and Ron OliverCollaborative learning in the online environment: Student perceptions of the learning experience[abstract]
Christopher Brook, Christopher Sonn and Terry KessarisIncorporating teamwork in the development of a learning package[abstract]
Peter Bullen and Peter DavisBreaking down cross disciplinary barriers: Integrated teaching exercises[abstract]
Alistair CampbellAugmentation of the assessment process by the use of an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS)[abstract]
Mark CannySmoke and mirrors in the classroom[abstract]
Donella Caspersz, Judy Skene and Madeline WuAssessing student team projects[abstract]
Gail Chittleborough, David Treagust and Mauro MocerinoProviding immediate feedback: A responsible approach to learning[abstract]
Catherine Clark and Sally ReaganPartners in learning: Information skills in the medical curriculum at The University of Western Australia[abstract]
Barnard ClarksonStudent-generated marking keys: Lowering standards or raising them?[abstract]
Sue Colyer and Judy TanGolf Links: A case study of integrating university programs, vocational education and the golf industry[abstract]
Barbara Combes and George SekullaDeveloping online curriculum through collaborative partnerships[abstract]
Leanne Coombe and Estie KrugerDental students get their teeth into culture and diversity issues: Evaluation of an outcome based education program in the UWA dental curriculum[abstract]
Geoff CooperAcademic skills advising: Limits and limitations[abstract]
Tania Dalziell and Susan GourvenecPartnerships in outcomes based education[abstract]
Dawn Darlaston-Jones and Lynne CohenUsing a student centred learning approach in a large class context[abstract]
Peter Davis and Peter BullenPutting it together: Supportive strategies for learning and assessment using peer mentoring[abstract]
Vaille DawsonIntegrating ICT in preservice science education: First steps[abstract]
Shelda DebowskiInformation seeking: Building effective information users in tertiary settings[abstract]
Terry de Jong and Sue SharpInvestigating international school/university partnerships: Some highlights of the 2003 ECU/Joondalup District study tour[abstract]
Dell DennisRevisiting adult education theories: Can emancipatory learning begin to redress the shortfall in achieving learning organisations?[abstract]
Jeremy M. Drake and Jan F. MeyerEffect of direct and indirect teaching styles on learning outcomes for first year medical students[abstract]
Christopher DunneImproving undergraduate students' laboratory report writing skills[abstract]
Anne Fernandez and Mary PeatBuilding a responsive and effective service teaching program[abstract]
John D. FerrierGender inequality: A challenge for local learning and employment networks[abstract]
Georgina Fyfe and Marilyn Bennet-ChambersWhat do science students gain from final year undergraduate projects?[abstract]
Chris ForlinTeacher education for inclusion[abstract]
Ann Galloway and Members of the Research Project Team, Kurongkurl KatitjinTalking and learning[abstract]
Ann Galloway and Members of the Research Project Team, Kurongkurl KatitjinThe implications of conductive hearing loss for literacy development of Indigenous children[abstract]
Frank GemmitiComputer based assessment in first year human biology: Students' use, opinion and the value of practice quizzes and graded tests[abstract]
Michelle GrassiCompletion of an undergraduate science laboratory experiment: Do the final learning outcomes for the student match those anticipated by the teacher?[abstract]
Rosemary Green and Mary BowserEvolution of the thesis literature review: A faculty-librarian partnership to guide off-campus graduate research and writing[abstract]
Rosemary Green and Mary BowserThesis anxiety in transition: A faculty-librarian partnership to guide off-campus graduate students[abstract]
Marianne HicksDealing with difference: An interdisciplinary approach to analysing texts within history[abstract]
Lekkie HopkinsOn mothering, sistering and affidamento: The politics of sharing power in the contemporary women's studies classroom[abstract]
Yasmine HowardHow constructive is constructivism? Analysis for courseware development[abstract]
Lynne Hunt, Gillian Matthews and Julie HowellWeaving the web: Online career planning for tertiary students[abstract]
Hélène JaccomardFluency versus literacy: A case of discordance between learning and teaching expectations, and perceptions of teaching[abstract]
Helen Spafford JacobCan biostatistics be fun or at least somewhat interesting?[abstract]
Roy JonesOutreach and survival: Teaching through interdisciplinary and community links[abstract]
Catherine Jordan and Chris PerryerSurviving offshore teaching: Some tips for teachers[abstract]
Hugh Kearns and Fran BanytisStrategies for supporting external research students: The discussion group[abstract]
Hugh Kearns and Fran BanytisTraining program for research higher degree students[abstract]
Adrianne KinnearStudents in education reflecting on their knowledge frameworks: One way through the dilemma of science content?[abstract]
Yarra Korczynskyj, Amanda Willis and Sally MaleEquity issues in higher education: The Curtin Initiative[abstract]
Yarra KorczynskyjPicking winners for the enabling course in Engineering and Science[abstract]
Susan Krieg and Sue SharpRethinking relationships in teacher education partnerships: Collaborative research: The possibilities and practices within the compact partnership[abstract]
Tama LeaverWebCT: Will the future of online education be user friendly?[abstract]
Monica Leggett and Alison BunkerTeaching portfolios: Two views, multiple agendas[abstract]
Max Lenoy and Terry Ngarritjan-KessarisAttitudinal change for preservice teachers: Creating learning environments to address non-Indigenous tertiary students beliefs and misconceptions about Indigenous people[abstract]
Dorit Maor and Archie ZariskiIs there a fit between pedagogy and technology in online learning?[abstract]
Linda McLain and Christine GunsonWhere is the next quantum leap in professional development?[abstract]
Linda McLain and Bobbie TaylorQuality at Edith Cowan University[abstract]
Catherine McLoughlinHow does the quality debate relate to the nature of the student experience online?[abstract]
Beverley McNamara, Martin Forsey, Raelene Wilding, Brian Poleykett and IIze JonikisLecturers and librarians: Integrating information skills into a first year course[abstract]
Daniel MidgleyInterdisciplinary teaching: Taking the fear out of the unknown[abstract]
Jennifer MillsPartners in veterinary education: Career options[abstract]
Angus Morrison-Saunders, Sue Moore, David Newsome, Amanda Smith, Kate Rodger and Michael HughesMaking postgraduate students and supervisors aware of the role of emotions in the PhD process[abstract]
Marie NorthcoteThe development of an Educational Belief Inventory for university students and teachers: Construing each others' beliefs[abstract]
Beverley Oliver and Fiona WrightEffective learning partnerships with colleagues: Emerging modes of staff development at Curtin[abstract]
Ron OliverLearning designs supporting quality online learning experiences[abstract]
Angelica Orb and Saras HendersonTeaching strategies to enhance student learning in qualitative research[abstract]
Gary Partington and Members of the Research Project Team, Kurongkurl KatitjinA different model of professional development for teachers of Indigenous students[abstract]
Carol PierceyLog books: A strategy for reflective practice in nursing[abstract]
Romana Pospisil and Sue StoneyUsing multimedia elements on the web to change students' mental models of colour vision deficiency[abstract]
Anne PrattThe silent dialogue[abstract]
R. H. Riley, A. M. Grauze, C. Chinnery and R. HorleyThe first two years of 'CASMS', the world's busiest medical simulation centre[abstract]
Shelleyann Scott and Tomayess IssaWhat would students know? A case study of a lecturer's challenges in responding to student feedback[abstract]
Leanne SheenDeveloping an objective structured clinical examination for ambulance paramedic education[abstract]
Salim Siddiqui and Mario ZadnikIncreasing student assessment flexibility using WebCT and computer assisted assessment technologies[abstract]
Lorraine SimStudent perceptions of peer learning in the English unit 'Romanticism and Revolution'[abstract]
Zora Singh and Martijntje M KulskiStudent-focused postgraduate supervision: A learning intervention process[abstract]
Clifton Smith and Peter HosieSecurity management online[abstract]
Gary J. StockportPartners for life: Establishing the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Program[abstract]
Michael SturmaThe pit, the pendulum and peer assessment[abstract]
Eileen ThompsonNew partners in learning: An effective teaching and learning framework for offshore students[abstract]
Graham ThompsonSelf assessment tasks in tertiary level geography courses: Creating a positive learning ethos for students in transition[abstract]
James TrevelyanRemote access laboratory framework for engineering education[abstract]
Keith Truscott and Craig StandingThe issues related to success in Indigenous Australian business students' education[abstract]
Iris Vardi and Ruth MarquisUsing quality assurance processes to improve teaching and learning outcomes[abstract]
Peter WhippTeaching swimming in secondary school physical education[abstract]
Amanda Willis, Sally Male and Yarra KorczynskyjEquity issues in higher education: The Curtin initiative[refereed]
Bev Yardley and Bruce HaynesEnriched curriculum teaching practice[abstract]
Shelley Yeo, Leanda Wright and Marjan ZadnikFacilitating student reflection on learning behaviours in first year units[abstract]

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