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Shamsul Kamariah AbdullahThe thoughtful thinking and thinker friendly classroom[Abstract]
Rozz Albon and Lina PelliccioneSharing knowledge through informal mentoring[Abstract]
Selma Alliex and Angela McCarthyReflective practice: Retrospective reality and rhetoric or strategies to enhance clinical practice?[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Claudia Amonini, Nicholas Letch and Cherilyn RandolphTechniques for developing outcome statements[Abstract]
Jaromir Audy, Katarina Audy and Terry HainesIncorporation of research and novel teaching ideas into the unit Surf equipment design, materials and construction[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Maree Baddock and Mauro MocerinoThe development of outcomes focused chemistry PSI topics at Curtin[Abstract]
Sue BaileyLearners' learning squared[Abstract]
Thelma BlackfordIssues of governance in a time of financial constraints: Some responses from Curtin University academic staff[Abstract]
Margaret Bowering, Bridget Leggett, Michael Harvey and Hui LengPooling the wisdom of the masses: Reflections on collaborative group work in China[Abstract]
Alison Bunker and Monica LeggettFrom teaching portfolios to mindfulness: A search for reflective practice[Abstract]
Yvonne ButtonThe computer laboratory teaching context: Reflecting on the role of a WebCT trainer[Abstract]
Martin CakeDeep dissection: Motivating veterinary anatomy students beyond rote learning[Abstract]
Sandra CarrExperiential learning in women's health: Reflections of the medical student[Abstract]
Donella Caspersz, Judy Skene and Madeline WuPrinciples and guidelines in managing student teams[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Kate Chanock and Iris VardiData: We're standing in it![Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Fran Ciupryk, Mary Morris and Jennifer PearsonReshaping practice: Enriching partnerships[Abstract]
Jennifer ClarkPowerPoint and pedagogy: Maintaining student interest in university lectures[Abstract]
David Clark-MurphyWhy divide the indivisible?[Abstract]
Robbie CollinsSmall campus, collegial development, a community and learning: Some reflections on developing reflective practice amongst part time casual tutors[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Kate Croker and Sarah DelfanteInfopathways: An online interactive information literacy course[Abstract]
Dell DennisReflective practice: It sounds like a good idea, but is it a procedure that is fostered in Australian universities?[Abstract]
Carolyn DickieInknowvative communication-in-organisations learning: A hybrid PBL and action research approach[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Kate FitchFostering industry relevance in a final year unit[Abstract]
Vanda Hartley and Dorit MaorE-learning takes to the high seas[Abstract]
Amy J. HearmanTeaching generic skills: A case study on IT skills for spreadsheets[Abstract]
Geof HillCommunities of practice: Groups of reflective practitioners[Abstract]
Philip Hingston and Barbara CombesUsing games and simulation to teach AI[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
David Holloway, Richard Joseph and Timo VuoriAustralian university responses to student plagiarism: Shooting the messenger?[Abstract]
Lekkie HopkinsTeaching towards praxis: Reflections on working with undergraduate women's studies students to apply poststructuralist thinking[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Amzad Hossain and Dora MarinovaBecoming a reflective teaching practitioner: What can we learn from the spiritual leaders?[Abstract]
Jeya Chandra Malar JayaprakashStrategies for teaching accounting in higher education[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Yesudhasan Thomas JayaprakashStudent centered learning through WebCT: An action research approach[Abstract]
Tony Jewels and Rozz AlbonOutcomes for learning from the implementation of a virtual case study in information technology[Abstract]
Diana Jonas-Dwyer and Eileen ThompsonReflection on online learning: A guide to enhancing quality[Abstract]
Georgiana KirkhamReflections on designing and implementing assessment for the development and promotion of graduate attributes[Abstract]
Heinz Kreutz and Amy BohrenLearning in higher education: Is teaching the only consideration? Achieving policy aims without really trying[Abstract]
Tama LeaverBlog this! Weblogs, critical thinking and peer to peer learning[Abstract]
Lew Tek YewAdoption of deep learning approaches by final year marketing students: A case study from Curtin University Sarawak[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Simon Lewis and Kael DriscollThe STIL project 12 months on: Reflections on an online, outcomes based skills training framework for teaching information literacy[Abstract]
Euan Lindsay and Greg PritchardThe coincidence factor: Overcoming barriers to interdisciplinary collaboration[Abstract]
Michelle LinEvaluating the use of a case study as a student project in a corporate financial policy unit[Abstract]
Tony Lucey and Joan GribbleOutcomes minus incomes: The value added by teaching and learning[Abstract]
Mike McAuleyWritten text into visual text: An investigation into novice design students' approaches to text interpretation[Abstract]
Natalie McGrath, Dora Marinova and Peter NewmanCrossing borders through reflective and participatory practice: Learning, researching, teaching and facilitating sustainability[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Graeme MilesMemorisation practices: Greek students and Chinese learners[Abstract]
Jennifer N Mills and Eric TaylorReflective learning on veterinary practice[Abstract]
Mauro Mocerino and Jennifer BearfootHelping demonstrators teach better in first year chemistry laboratories[Abstract]
Angus Morrison-Saunders, Sue Moore, David Newsome and Jane NewsomeReflecting on the role of emotions in the PhD process[Abstract]
Tim Moss, Heather Smigiel, Sharon Thomas and Neil TrivettMaking the invisible visible[Abstract]
Karen MurciaMeeting the demands of life in the 21st century: Should scientific literacy be an attribute of a university graduate?[Abstract]
Pam NicolStructured experiential learning: The Ages and Stages Questionnaire is effective as a teaching tool for medical students[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Michael PearsonGet stuffed: Who's got the time to reflect?[Abstract]
Gail PhillipsBeyond the 'warm bath': Using audio documentary as an online teaching tool[Abstract]
Rob PhillipsA scaffolded approach to the design of evaluation research studies: Application to educational technology[Abstract]
Lucy ReillyOutcomes based education: A case study of preservice teacher learning at UWA[Abstract]
Cameron RichardsActivity-reflection e-portfolios: An approach to the problem of effectively integrating ICTs in teaching and learning[Abstract]
Janine Rutledge and Thelma BlackfordIssues to consider: How prepared are first year international students for study at university[Abstract]
Elizabeth Santhanam, Lee Partridge, Allan Goody and Kenneth MartinTeaching and learning resources at the fingertips: Making sense of the mass[Abstract]
David Scott and Joan GribbleProfessional inquiry: 'It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive'[Abstract]
Brenda Scott-LaddThe impact of team learning on student satisfaction[Abstract]
Brenda Scott-Ladd, Richard Joseph and Timo VuoriFlexible learning delivery: A snapshot of student demographics and learning style preferences[Abstract]
Salim Siddiqui and Diane FisherImproving acquisition of graduate attributes through outcomes focused education in a medical imaging science unit[Abstract]
Salim Siddiqui, Bob Loss, Glen Lawson, Ashley Barker and Shelley YeoFirst year physics labs in a 'suitcase'[Abstract]
Jonothan Soh Gim Hiong and Timo VuoriWeb-Quest: An innovative approach to business education teaching and learning process[Abstract]
Barbara Solarsh and Eli RistevskiCreating a reflective practitioner: The experience and impact of pre-clinical rural attachments[Abstract]
Barbara StäubleUsing concept maps to develop lifelong learning skills: A case study[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Katie ThomasThe reflective practice of Samurai educators[Abstract]
Timo Vuori, Richard Joseph, Raj Gururajan and Dave RobertsStaff and student attitudes to plagiarism in Australian universities[Abstract]
Patricia A. H. WilliamsAwareness invoking positive change: Reflections on lecturing practice in Computer and Information Science[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Anne WilsonRelating for teaching and learning[Abstract]
Gordon Woodbine and John ReesReflections on the teaching and administrative issues connected with the launch of a fully online graduate business degree[Abstract]
Venkata Yanamandram and Sarah LambertReflecting on providing multiple assignment supports to first year marketing students in a large class[Abstract]
Venkata Yanamandram and Gary NobleTeam teaching: Student reflections on its strengths and weaknesses[Abstract]
Janette Young, Sheila Scutter and Lyn Barnes'Including a voice': Trialling a tool to improve the educational experience of external nursing students[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Marjan Zadnik and Joan GribbleCurriculum wisdom: Making curriculum decisions based on multiple forms of inquiry and reflection[Abstract]

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