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The Reflective Practitioner

Proceedings Contents: Refereed papers

This page links to refereed papers accepted in accordance with [Review criteria], in one of the categories

  1. Research - academic research papers with clear strengths in creativity, originality, and increasing humanity's stock of knowledge. Accepted papers are eligible for the DEST research category "Conference publication" as detailed under [Higher Education Research Data Collection]
  2. Professional practice - academic papers with clear strengths in creativity, leadership and excellence in professional practice, demonstrated in teaching, staff development, program or institutional development, educational media or services developments, or learning skills services. Being grounded in best practice rather than new knowledge, accepted papers are not eligible for the DEST research category "Conference publication".
The TL Forum 2005 Committee acknowledges with gratitude the work of our reviewers [Review Panel]
Additional information about the review process outcomes is given in the Editorial.

Papers are listed in alpha order by first author
Category of

Rozz Albon and Lina PelliccioneSharing knowledge through informal mentoringResearch
Selma Alliex and Angela McCarthyReflective practice: Retrospective reality and rhetoric or strategies to enhance clinical practice?Professional
Claudia Amonini, Nicholas Letch and Cherilyn RandolphTechniques for developing outcome statementsResearch
Jaromir Audy, Katarina Audy and Terry HainesIncorporation of research and novel teaching ideas into the unit Surf equipment design, materials and constructionProfessional
Donella Caspersz, Judy Skene and Madeline WuPrinciples and guidelines in managing student teamsProfessional
Kate Chanock and Iris VardiData: We're standing in it!Professional
David Clark-MurphyWhy divide the indivisible?Research
Robbie CollinsSmall campus, collegial development, a community and learning: Some reflections on developing reflective practice amongst part time casual tutors on a 'remote' campusProfessional
Carolyn DickieInknowvative communication-in-organisations learning: A hybrid PBL and action research approachProfessional
Philip Hingston and Barbara CombesUsing games and simulation to teach AIProfessional
Lekkie HopkinsTeaching feminist praxis in the women's studies classroom: Working with undergraduate students to apply poststructuralist understandingsProfessional
Jeya Chandra Malar JayaprakashStrategies in teaching accounting in higher educationProfessional
Tony Jewels and Rozz AlbonOutcomes for learning from the implementation of a virtual environment case study in information technologyResearch
Lew Tek YewAdoption of deep learning approaches by final year marketing students: A case study from Curtin University Sarawak CampusProfessional
Mike McAuleyWritten text into visual text: An investigation into novice design students' approaches to text interpretationResearch
Natalie McGrath, Dora Marinova and Peter NewmanCrossing borders through reflective and participatory practice: Learning, researching, teaching and facilitating sustainabilityProfessional
Angus Morrison-Saunders, Sue Moore, David Newsome and Jane NewsomeReflecting on the role of emotions in the PhD processResearch
Tim Moss, Heather Smigiel, Sharon Thomas and Neil TrivettMaking the invisible visibleResearch
Pam NicolStructured experiential learning: The Ages and Stages Questionnaire is effective as a teaching tool for medical studentsProfessional
Cameron RichardsActivity-reflection e-portfolios: An approach to the problem of effectively integrating ICTs in teaching and learningResearch
Barbara StäubleUsing concept maps to develop lifelong learning skills: A case studyProfessional
Katie ThomasThe reflective practice of Samurai educatorsResearch
Patricia A. H. WilliamsAwareness invoking positive change: Reflections on lecturing practice in Computer and Information ScienceProfessional
Venkata Yanamandram and Gary NobleTeam teaching: Student reflections on its strengths and weaknessesResearch
Venkata Yanamandram and Sarah LambertReflecting on providing multiple assignment supports to first year marketing students in a large classResearch
Janette Young, Sheila Scutter and Lyn Barnes"Including a voice": Trialling a tool to improve the educational experience of external nursing studentsProfessional

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