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Loraine AbernethieAuthentic assessment as a neo-liberal technology of government[Abstract]
Lynn AllenTeaching systems thinking at Masters level: What are the best methods to ensure learning outcomes?[Abstract]
Garry T. Allison and Helen SlatteryIs evidence based education the same as evidence based medicine? Can it quantify and modify the experience of learning?[Abstract]
Gina E. Arena, Nick Boyd and Sandra CarrResponsive evaluation of dental learning outcomes: Students' perspectives[Abstract]
Peter Ashford and Anthony MillsEvaluating the effectiveness of construction site visits as a learning experience for undergraduate students enrolled in a built environment course[Abstract]
Jaromir Audy, Katarina Audy and Terry HainesDeveloping authentic learning in surf science and technology[Abstract]
Britta BienenImplementation of computer programs in civil engineering tutorials[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Thelma BlackfordL2 student responses to processing writing using email in a university pathway course[Abstract]
Vivienne BlakeVoting with their feet: How to engage academics in leadership development[Abstract]
Wageeh Boles, Duncan Campbell, Mahalinga Iyer, Martin Murray and Jon BunkerWorkshop: Designing engineers or designing programs?[Abstract]
Michael A. Booth and Joan EvelineLiving with a thesis[Abstract]
Neville Bruce and Len FreedmanThe case for establishing Integrated Human Studies as a cooperative teaching, research and communication centre[Abstract]
Alison Bunker and Heather SparrowPeer observation: Powerful learning for university teachers?[Abstract]
Rob BurgessPeer assessment of writing tasks in the undergraduate study of journalism: A case study[Abstract]
Karen Burke da Silva and David WoodNot lecturing - teaching! Transition from a traditional lecture based first year biology course to an interactive concept based course[Abstract]
Yvonne Button, Doina Olaru and Eileen ThompsonEnhancing student learning: An online experience[Abstract]
Sandra Carr, Dianne Carmody and Alexandra TregonningStaff perceptions of learning achievement: Involving clinical academics in outcome based program evaluation[Abstract]
Johann Claassen and Lindy HallThe multidisciplinary team as a teacher: An innovative approach to teaching of students in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Science at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital[Abstract]
Lisa Cluett and Judy SkeneMore than the sum of its parts: Learning, language and research skills at the University of Western Australia[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Tanya Dalziell and Lorraine SimSmARTS communities and virtual learning[Abstract]
John Davis, Peter Devereux, Brad Pettitt and Dora MarinovaEmbracing the 'swamp': A reflective pedagogical approach for interdisciplinary practitioners[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Leitha DelvesStudent web news: A faculty wide learning experience[Abstract]
Khoa Do and Adelyn SiewResearch, experience, capture: A study tour of self directed exploration[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Patricia DooeyIdentifying the listening and speaking needs of international students[Abstract]
Adam DunnAn analysis of online discussion forums in the context of student motivation[Abstract]
Jaya Earnest and Rekha B KoulAssessing teachers' perceptions to health science education in East Timor[Abstract]
Annie EnglishBuilding the world of architecture for e-learning[Abstract]
Malcolm Fialho and Allan GoodyAcademic-practitioner alliances: Embedding diversity in the curriculum[Abstract]
Amer FilipovicAssessment guidance guidelines: A simple way to stimulate students[Abstract]
Judith Finn, Matthew Knuiman and Helena IredellThe development of a workload formula for university teaching/research academic staff[Abstract]
Liezel Frick and Chris KappFuture trends in continuing professional development for natural science lecturers in higher education: Survival of the fittest in the academic jungle[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Scott Gardner, Andrew Blevins and Terry TaylorCo-creating professional knowledge through learning partnerships: The WA Police Edith Cowan University, ASPIRE officer development program[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Fenella Gill, Gavin Leslie and Kerry SoutherlandEvaluation of a clinical performance assessment tool within a critical care context[Abstract]
Andrew GuilfoylePeers, family, community, supervisors and governance: A review of key sites for supporting international postgraduate students' transitional learning experiences[Abstract]
Andrew GuilfoyleKey transition factors as a shared responsibility for maximising learning experiences of postgraduate students[Abstract]
Iain K. Hague and Denese PlayfordMultidisciplinary problem based learning exercise[Abstract]
Michelle HarveyAssessment of practical skills: Evaluating the success of a skill based assessment task[Abstract]
Carol Hicks, Jill Benn and Eileen ThompsonEvaluation of an integrated approach to teaching research skills[Abstract]
Andrew HigginsE-learning guidelines project for New Zealand[Abstract]
Julie Howe, Carmela Briguglio and Rose van SonAnticipating the experience of learning: Students' expectations of difficulties they may face in undertaking their degree[Abstract]
Peter Hutton and Johanna Pluske University units specialising in scientific communication are essential for establishing generic skills[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Andrew Jardine and Jane HeyworthA formative assessment framework for scientific writing development[Abstract]
Sue JonesBenchmarking for continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning: Outcomes achieved in the Division of Health Sciences at Curtin University of Technology[Abstract]
Jan Kent, Alan O'Neil and Nicki PageImproving tertiary teaching: An online approach to professional development[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Denise Kirkpatrick and Christine GoodacreWorkshop: Supporting students with disability using CATS (Creating Access to Teaching and Support)[Abstract]
Rekha B Koul and Darrell L FisherStudents' perceptions of teachers' interpersonal behaviour and identifying exemplary teachers[Abstract]
Richard K. LadyshewskyDelivering on outcomes based education in a graduate school of business through the use of strategic learning drivers[Abstract]
Fiona Lake, Nigel de Silva and Gerard RyanTeaching on the run: Development of a national staff development program for clinicians[Abstract]
Trudi Lang and Lynn AllenNavigating the maze: An action learning program to develop reflective systems thinking about the future in senior managers[Abstract]
Tama LeaveriTeach, iLearn: Student podcasting[Abstract]
Euan LindsayAn innovative roll in roll out laboratory facility[Abstract]
Anthony Lucey, George Tetlow, Joan Gribble and Marjan ZadnikOutcomes minus incomes: The value added by teaching and learning[Abstract]
Pamela LynchA consideration of issues affecting the approaches to learning of mature age students[Abstract]
Yamin Ma and Sandra M. SaundersA case study on the effectiveness of WebCT as a student learning tool and platform for structured assessment[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Dora MarinovaAcademic productivity of Australian academics and higher degree research students: What can we learn from the facts[Abstract]
Lorel MayberrySongs in the key of life: Popular music as a tool for tertiary education[Abstract]
Clive Maynard and Nicoleta BalliuTeamwork and peer evaluation in an engineering education environment[Abstract]
Jennifer Mills and Rachel GreenLearning about emotional intelligence[Abstract]
Kym MinaSupercourse: An exercise to enable students to contribute to the wider teaching and learning community[Abstract]
Heather MortonPositive experiences of early learning: Science outreach to high school students[Abstract]
Maria NorthcoteWhat do students think of us? University students' beliefs about university teachers[Abstract]
Ruza Ostrogonac-Seserko, Craig Baird, Sim Jun Yin, Wei Yang Ng, Robin Wong Kah Hoe, Bong Tze Ern, Colin Chien Chin SiongIntegrated learning in engineering education[Abstract]
Carmel O'SullivanUnlearning and re-learning: A corporate information literacy program for law graduates[Abstract]
Beverley OliverBuilding on the student's experience of learning: Linking student evaluation of teaching to learning reform[Abstract]
Esther Ooi, David Joyce, Ken Ilett, P Hugh R Barrett, Fiona R Lake and Gina ArenaStudent perceptions of the effectiveness of writing medical prescriptions using the national prescribing service case based education package[Abstract]
Geoffrey PearceStatic and animated visual aids in pure mathematics[Abstract]
Jennifer Pearson and Betty WalshWoven tales: Creativity embroiders pedagogy[Abstract]
Jennifer Pearson and John WilliamsLaptops and learning: A trial with primary teacher trainees[Abstract]
Kerry Pedigo and Craig BairdLocked out! Learning in groups, power struggles and conflict[Abstract]
Rob PhillipsApproaches to managing larger student numbers with fewer resources[Abstract]
Roderic PittyThe essay plan and the role play as means of critical learning[Abstract]
Jo Pluske and Trevor HolmesIncentives for adopting teaching initiatives in science[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Sharanne Raidal and Simone Volet'Learning pathologies' in second year veterinary science students[Abstract]
Sally Reagan and Gina E. ArenaCan you bridge graduate students from a wide range of disciplines into the middle of an existing medical course?[Abstract]
Kate RileyTeaching and training postgraduate research students outside the supervisory context in the UWA School of Humanities[Abstract]
Janine Rutledge and Thelma BlackfordTeaching beyond the knowledge society? The university pathway experience[Abstract]
David Scott and Joan GribbleCurtin Engineering - Education research group (CE-ERG)[Abstract]
Shelleyann Scott and Tomayess IssaLessons learned from using students' feedback to inform academic teaching practice[Abstract]
Salim Siddiqui, Bob Loss, Glen Lawson and Shelley YeoFirst year physics labs in a 'suitcase': Closing the loop[Abstract]
Zarrin S Siddiqui, Fiona Lake and David BruceWorkshop: Creativity in health education[Abstract]
Zarrin S Siddiqui and Diana Jonas-DwyerWorkshop: Using metaphors as a tool for teaching and learning[Abstract]
Goce Simonoski and Peter DellHelping or hindering: Students' use of collaborative technology in group projects[Abstract]
Heather Sparrow and Alison BunkerProfessional learning: What really works for university teachers?[Abstract]
Geoff Swan and Marjan ZadnikInvestigating undergraduate physics learning and teaching in Australia: A Western Australian perspective[Abstract]
Bonnie ThomasImproving the experience of learning: Supporting ex-beginners' language students in mixed level classes[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Katie ThomasIndividual linear learning: Cultural myth or ontological oxymoron?[Abstract]
Graham Thompson and Alan PilgrimSelf assessment and reflective learning for first year university geography students: A simple guide or simply misguided?[Abstract]
Eileen Thompson, Di Gardiner, Simon Clarke and Phil HancockImplementing a learning centred approach to teaching: A positive staff development experience[Abstract]
Patricia A. H. Williams and Andrew WoodwardAligning academic perceptions of what constitutes a 'graduate' with university graduate attributes[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Rose WilliamsSupervision: A short film[Abstract]
Shelley YeoBeing consistent in making decisions about plagiarism: Learning from experience[Abstract]
Michal Zion , Michalski Tova and Mevarech R. ZemiraThe effects of metacognitive instruction embedded within an asynchronous learning network on inquiry and metacognitive skills[Abstract]

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