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Editorial: Welcome from the TL Forum Committees
...a university experience is much more than just a training ground for employment. ... Students should leave university with more than a degree. They should leave as well-rounded individuals capable of mature and critical thinking with an eye to the future well-being of society. (Professor Alan Robson AM, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Western Australia)

The University of Western Australia welcomes you to the 15th annual Teaching and Learning Forum. The theme for this Forum, Experience of Learning, embraces all that it means to be part of a community of learning. There are multiple perspectives on the Experience of Learning. We no longer confine our thinking about learning to what occurs through classroom interaction between teacher and student. We are all involved in learning and contribute to the learning of others. The "classroom" is no longer four walls and a chalk board.

The Forum welcomes everyone involved in learning and the many environments in which learning occurs - teacher and student, undergraduate and postgraduate, full time and part time, academic and support professional, researcher and clinician, within disciplines and across disciplines, the workplace and online, the classroom and the laboratory, the library and in the field.

The program is designed to provide a range of opportunities for dialogue about teaching and learning. We have re-introduced a student panel discussion, as used in many previous Forums. We are supporting related professional society activities, including the annual meeting of HERDSA WA members [see Thursday's Program], the Academic Learning and Language Skills Network [see Wednesday's Program], and in collaboration with the Australian Association for Engineering Education, an engineering stream in the Program. The Program contains four workshops, including one in the engineering stream, one in a health and medical stream, and one based on a Carrick Institute funded project that designed resources to improve learning outcomes for students with disability. There is also an opportunity to engage in loosely structured dialogue based around a number of current topics in teaching and learning, in the sessions named Pearls, Piths and Perils [Pearls, Piths and perils].

The first of the TL Forum 2006 keynote speakers [Keynote speakers] is Dr Sue Gordon AM, who was awarded the Order of Australia for commitment to Aboriginal people and community affairs in 1993. Dr Gordon attained a truly remarkable career and has engaged in an experience of learning that has few equals in our state and in Australia. The second of our keynote speakers [Keynote speakers] is Professor Richard Johnstone, the foundation Executive Director of the Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. As his commencement in the position was very recent, 28 November 2005, this address to TL Forum 2006 is the first opportunity in Western Australia for TL practitioners to engage with Professor Johnstone and his visions for the Carrick Institute's activities.

The TL Forum continues to attract great support from a wide range of academics at all of Perth's universities. Encouraged by Forum 2005 experiences with two categories of refereed papers, Forum 2006 called for papers in the same two categories, Research and Professional practice. Table 1 below records the numbers of submissions and the outcomes from the review process which we conducted with a panel of 47 reviewers (listed and thanked on page 63).

Table 1: Summary of TL Forum 2006 numbers of submissions and outcomes

Category (a)SubmittedAcceptedRejectedOfferedWithdrawn(b)Net outcome(b)
Ref research311219(c)12111
Ref prof prac1367(d) 13(e)112
Abstract only6260274(f)965
  1. See http://www.catl.uwa.edu.au/tlf06/papers/ and http://www.catl.uwa.edu.au/tlf06/review/ for definitions of the categories of submissions. Refereed papers, both categories, and all abstracts are published online at the TL Forum Proceedings website, http://lsn.curtin.edu.au/tlf/tlf2006/contents-all.html
  2. As there may be additional withdrawals after the date of compilation of this table (13 Jan 2006), numbers in these columns are subject to change.
  3. Of the 19, 7 were offered Refereed professional practice, 9 offered Abstract only publication, 3 no offer.
  4. Of the 7, 4 were offered Abstract only, 3 no offer.
  5. Added 7 from refereed research rejects.
  6. Added 9 from refereed research rejects, 4 from professional practice rejects, and 1 from workshop rejects.
  7. Of the 2, 1 was offered Abstract only, 1 no offer
For TL Forum 2005 numbers of submissions and outcomes, see http://lsn.curtin.edu.au/tlf/tlf2005/editorial.html

In addition to the effort we have made in publishing high quality refereed papers and abstracts for many Forums, we wish also to draw greater attention to the setting of high standards for presentations. For this purpose, the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) at UWA is offering a prize for the Best Presentation at Teaching and Learning Forum 2006 (page 12). We especially encourage presenters to engage their audience as active participants in dialogue and discussion. To assist in conducting the awards process, and in the all important matter of good time keeping, each session has a Session Chair appointed by the Forum Committee.

With your support and participation, we aim to make the Teaching and Learning Forum 2006 an Experience of Learning for all!

Allan Goody and Roger Atkinson
For the TL Forum 2006 Committees

Please cite as: Goody, A. and Atkinson, R. (2006). Editorial: Welcome from the TL Forum Committees. In Experience of Learning. Proceedings of the 15th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 1-2 February 2006. Perth: The University of Western Australia. http://lsn.curtin.edu.au/tlf/tlf2006/editorial.html

Copyright 2006 Allan Goody and Roger Atkinson. The authors assign to the TL Forum and not for profit educational institutions a non-exclusive licence to reproduce this article for personal use or for institutional teaching and learning purposes, in any format (including website mirrors), provided that the article is used and cited in accordance with the usual academic conventions.

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