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Lyn Abbott, Jo McFarlane and Jo PluskeIntroducing 'deep learning' concepts to first year university students for integrating teaching of terrestrial ecosystems[Abstract]
Hugo E. Acosta-MartinezUse of physical models in teaching Geomechanics at UWA[Abstract]
Garry T AllisonDo students prefer online learning module compared with a hard copy version?[Abstract]
Zoe AndersonQueer(ing) history: Queer methodologies, pedagogies and interventions in the Discipline of History[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Garner AnnettPodcasting in education (Plenary session)[Abstract]
Michael Azariadis, David Glance, and Robyn OwensVoices in the blogosphere: Computer mediated dialogue on the process of supervision[Abstract]
Michael Azariadis and Robyn OwensThe place of ceremony in postgraduate research student inductions[Abstract]
Siri Barrett-Lennard and Brad StappenbeltTeaching smarter: Collaborations between content, language and learning experts in engineering education[Abstract]
Emma Bartle and Jan DookAttitudes of tertiary students towards a group project in a science unit[Abstract]
Cedric BeidatschAlternatives to the traditional tutorial: A report on workshop based experiential learning in the History Discipline at the University of Western Australia[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Jaimie P. BevenBridging diversity to achieve engagement: "The Sentence is Right" game show rip off[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Thelma BlackfordSupport for a teaching research nexus fosters student engagement in quality writing[Abstract]
Vivienne BlakeLeadership capacity building at the University of Western Australia[Abstract]
Eloise J. Brown and Jo PluskeAn application of learning and teaching styles: A case study of science and engineering seminars[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Neville Bruce and Brilliana von KatterfeldFirst year Integrated Human Studies: An orientation to learning and a framework for student engagement[Abstract]
Alison Bunker and Allan GoodyWorkshop (60 minutes): Preparing new academic staff for teaching[Abstract]
Ian Cameron, Caroline Crosthwaite, Christine Norton, Nicoleta Balliu, Moses Tadé, David Brennan, David Shallcross and Geoff BartonDevelopment of an advanced immersive learning environment for process engineering[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Barnard Clarkson and Chris BrookSerious games: A problem, a solution or a polariser?[Abstract]
Lisa Cluett and Judy SkeneA new(er) dimension to online learning communities: Using web tools to engage students[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Lisa Cluett, Josh Hogan and Judy SkeneWorkshop (90 minutes): Catching up with our students: Using web tools to create communities[Abstract ]
Lynne Cohen, Alison Bunker and Rod EllisExploring the role of unit coordinators in universities[Abstract]
Jeffrey R. Cooley and Bruce F. WalkerDeveloping clinical decision making skills: A collaborative, evidence based project for integrating diagnostic imaging into the clinical work-up[Abstract]
Vaille DawsonStudent engagement of preservice secondary science and mathematics teachers[Abstract]
Jaya Earnest, Tambri Housen and Sue GillieattA new cohort of refugee students in Perth: Challenges for students and educators[Abstract]
Malcolm FialhoAcademic practitioner alliances: Embedding cultural diversity in the curriculum[Abstract]
Kelly FlemingStudent perceptions of teaching and learning in archaeology[Abstract]
Stacey Fox and Sarah BrownEngaging students through CMO: Electronic reserves and student learning[Abstract]
Jane GrellierEngaging first year science students through reflective practice[Abstract]
Andrew L. GuzzomiReflections of a UWA engineering postgraduate teaching intern[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Jan GwatkinStudent engagement: An experiential, creative, collaborative approach to primary school music teaching[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Brenda HamlettKnowing their stuff: The mathematical competence of preservice primary teachers[Abstract]
Krystyna HaqFacilitating international research students' transition at UWA: Moving beyond an apprenticeship model of supervision[Abstract]
Krystyna HaqProject management in a PhD: Taking account of the emotional aspects of candidature[Abstract]
Jill Howieson and William FordTeaching and learning skills: Increasing a sense of law school belongingness[Abstract]
Alison JaquetEngaging the student writer in university assessment: The Response[Abstract]
Sue Jones, Sue Bolton, Rick Ladyshewsky, Beverley Oliver and Bruce Shortland-JonesEnhancing course coordinators' leadership and management for increased student engagement[Abstract]
Lee-Von KimStudent learning outcomes and assessment[Abstract]
Ernest Koh and Bonnie ThomasCollaborative learning in the online environment: Fostering student engagement[Abstract]
Justine LeavyThe Health Science Professional Practice Tool Box[Abstract]
Stanislaw Paul Maj and Bao TranNetwork technology education: A novel pedagogical model for novices and practising professionals[Abstract]
Dorit MaorStudents' perceptions via the Flexible Learning Environment Questionnaire: Comparison of three online cohorts[Abstract]
Linda Marshall, Paul Swan and Maria NorthcoteTime to teach it well: Improving the teaching of the topic of time across the primary school year levels[Abstract]
Beverley McNamara and Lee Partridge"I'm now aware of it all the time": Developing an online resource to engage students in issues of academic conduct[Abstract]
Kasie Mearns, Jan Meyer and Avinash BharadwajStudent engagement in human biology practical sessions[Abstract]
Jan Meyer, Kayty Plastow, Kathy Sanders, Julie Hill, Mel Ziman, Georgina Fyfe and Sue FyfeExpectation, achievement and paid employment amongst first year human biology students[Abstract]
Karen Murcia and Coral PepperWorkshop (60 minutes): Whiteboarding strategies for active and collaborative learning[Abstract]
Maria Northcote, Linda Marshall, Eva Dobozy, Paul Swan and Paula MildenhallUsing podcasts to enhance student reflection, involvement and engagement: Purposes, pedagogy, pitfalls, practicalities, progress and potential[Abstract]
Beverley Oliver, Sue Jones and Sonia FernsPreparing to engage the graduate of 2015: Where in the world is the undergraduate curriculum heading?[Abstract]
Ron OliverUsing technology supported inquiry learning to engage first year students in large classes[Abstract]
Lee Partridge and Beverley McNamaraOf course, it should be compulsory: Dilemmas in the implementation of an online academic conduct module designed to initiate new students[Abstract]
Lee Partridge, Eileen Thompson, Rob Phillips, Ron Oliver, Mike Fardon, Enrico Burgio, John McGeachie and Alison BunkerWorkshop (90 minutes): The purpose of lectures: Changing implications for student engagement[Abstract]
Barbara PaukStudent participation in developing outcomes: A survey of students majoring in European languages[Abstract]
Peter PeelingThe influence of caffeine ingestion on perceived mood states, concentration and arousal levels during a 75 minute university lecture[Abstract]
Rob Phillips, Maree Gosper, Margot McNeill, Karen Woo, David Green, Greg Preston and Charmian EckersleyStudent perceptions of web based lecture recording technologies[Abstract]
Sharanne RaidalStudent experiences of a collaborative learning project in Veterinary Physiology[Abstract]
Sally SandoverCan you bridge graduates from a variety of backgrounds half way into a six year undergraduate medical degree?[Abstract]
Sally SandoverWorkshop (90 minutes): An introduction to problem based learning[Abstract]
Brad Stappenbelt and Siri Barrett-LennardEnglish communication proficiency of international engineering students[Abstract]
Joan Strikwerda-BrownEducating for life: Student and lecturer perceptions of the implementation of a Social, Emotional and Physical Health (SEPH) framework across an undergraduate teaching program[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Sophie SunderlandReading the classroom, reading power: Thoughts about the impact of seating plans on class dynamics[Abstract]
Eileen Thompson, Phil Hancock and Michael SutherlandProfessional development for tutors: A strategic initiative to enhance student engagement[Abstract]
Susannah ThompsonWhen is a foetus a baby? Evaluating the application of feminist history research to undergraduate science teaching and learning[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Sabbia Tilli and James TrevelyanTeaching and course experience assessment instrument: An alternative SURF questionnaire[Abstract]
Rose van SonThe academic as caregiver: Academic and psychological engagement in higher education[Abstract]
Tania Wiley and Angela DureyEngaging students in a rewarding educational experience through rural clinical placements[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Mel Ziman, Jan Meyer, Kayty Plastow, Georgina Fyfe, Sue Fyfe, Kathy Sanders, Julie Hill and Richard BrightwellStudent optimism and appreciation of feedback[Abstract]

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