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Preparing for the graduate of 2015

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Gillian AbelAssessing tutorial participation and participation in assessing tutorials: A teaching intern's experience [Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Angela Barns, Christopher Munro, Claire Hickey, Dionne Fernandez, Ashleigh Warner & Daniel Ventris (Re)assessing student assessments: A snapshot of collaborative and creative learning [Abstract]
Katherine Bathgate & Kay SauerWhat are the communication and information technology skills of students commencing first year courses in Health?[Abstract]
Susan BeltmanA case study in student retention [Abstract]
Dawn BennettUnderstanding the changing face of employment[Abstract]
Conny Bertram Defining global skills is an important step towards the preparation of future science graduates[Abstract]
Daniel Boase-JelinekStudent engagement in learning and teaching[Abstract]
Sonja BogunovichHighly rated university tutors (as depicted by student evaluations) and self-directed learning[Abstract]
Jayakumar BoseA model formative assessment strategy to promote student centred self regulated learning in higher education[Abstract]
Murray Brennan Curriculum change: Equipping the economics graduates of 2015[Abstract]
Neville W. Bruce & Brilliana von KatterfeldA role for integrative studies as a foundation component of Australian university courses[Abstract]
Sharyn Burns, Sue Dimitrijevich & Lisa CooperThe real world! How Curtin prepares Health Promotion students for the workforce[Abstract]
Sandra Carr, Penny Bovell, Leitha Delves, Sue Miller, Nancy Longnecker, Natalie Skead, Yolanta Szymakowski, Eileen Thompson, Lee Partridge & Angela YinnakisWhat students want: A ten minute guide to more relevant feedback[Abstract]
Lisa Cooper, Sharyn Burns, Sue Dimitrijevich & Melissa Mairata(50 minute workshop)
Enthuse 'em or lose 'em: Change your students from passive listeners to active learners
Trevor CullenUnderstanding HIV: What tertiary media educators need to know[Abstract]
Rick Cummings, Renato Schibeci & Susan Roberts(50 minute panel discussion)
Future leaders in learning and teaching: Experiences of non-positional leaders in a Carrick Project
Gabrielle DavieInnovative youth health expo and community engagement[Abstract]
Jeanne Dawson, Grace Conti-Bekkers, David Packer & John FielderWriting from source: Avoiding the P word[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Leitha DelvesThe arts skills summary: Building employability awareness in Arts students[Abstract]
Leitha DelvesThe living memories project: Real life clients, real life rewards[Abstract]
Alma DenderInnovative technology engaging first-year students in independent and collaborative learning in foundation units[Abstract]
Katalin DobosRe-drafting the major first year written assignments: What do lecturers and students think?[Abstract]
Eva DobozyAlternative pathway entry to ECU: Mapping teacher education student experiences[Abstract]
Kerrie Alaylee Doyle & Angela DureyTeaching Aboriginal students: Learning the narrative[Abstract]
Jim ElliottDeveloping a student retention plan[Abstract]
Sandra EubelWhy study German? A survey among students studying German [Abstract]
Lynette Fernandes, Chris Cruickshank & Moira MaleyThe impact of Lectopia on learning outcomes in second year Pharmacology[Abstract]
Sonia Ferns, Beverley Oliver & Sue JonesComplexity of course review: Indicators and measures[Abstract]
Anita Fuhrmann & Andrea StanbergICT support systems for pre-service music teachers: Are they valued?[Abstract]
Georgina Fyfe, Jan Meyer, Julie Hill, Sue Fyfe, Kathryn Sanders, Mel Ziman & Nicole KoehlerDiversity in reflective practice by human biology students using online test feedback[Abstract]
Peter Gardner & Richard K. LadyshewskyBuilding physiotherapy communities of practice in clinical education through blogging[Abstract]
Fenella Gill, Kerry Southerland & Lucia GillmanEvaluation of postgraduate nursing student portfolios for assessment of clinical performance development[Abstract]
Adrian GlamorganWith the wider world in mind: How the 2015 United Nations Millennium Development Goals can deepen teaching and learning[Abstract]
Trevor Goddard & Kit SinclairTransforming professional education: The lost art of service and global citizenship[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Maria João Grade Godinho, Jan Meyer & Stuart BuntIntroducing tutorials in Human Neuroanatomy[Abstract]
Veronica Goerke and Beverley OliverWill the Net Generation use personal devices and social software for supplementary learning experiences?[Abstract]
Wendy GraceReading preparation for tutorials[Abstract]
Jane Grellier, Diane Fisher & Janice McKay Encouraging a reflective approach to learning as a means of strengthening academic and work place learning[Abstract]
Nigel Gribble, Trevor Goddard, Alma Dender, Jan Kelly & Carolyn MulkearnsInterdisciplinary clinical education: Working, living and learning together in China, India, South Africa and Ukraine
Kym GuelfiImplementation of a health risk assessment program by level 3 Human Movement and Exercise Science students[Abstract]
Per HenningsgaardThe teaching of 'book history' in English and Cultural Studies units[Abstract]
Owen HicksCurriculum in higher education: Getting it all together[Abstract]
Julie Hill, Jan Meyer, Kathy Sanders, Georgina Fyfe, Sue Fyfe, Mel Ziman & Nicole KoehlerTaking baby steps: The impact of test length on first year student engagement with online formative assessments in human biology[Abstract]
Christine Howitt"This isn't science!" Challenging pre-service primary teachers' views of science through explicit reflection[Abstract]
Sue Jones, Rick Ladyshewsky, Beverley Oliver, Helen Flavell & Inna GeogheganAcademic leadership for course coordinators: Professional development program pilot results[Abstract]
Adrianne Kinnear, Mary Boyce & Heather SparrowDiversity: A longitudinal study of how student diversity relates to resilience and successful progression[Abstract]
Les KirkupWhy are we doing this subject? Expectations and experiences of bio/medical science students taking introductory physics [Abstract]
Nicole Koehler, Jan Meyer, Katherine Sanders, Sue Fyfe, Mel Ziman, Georgina Fyfe & Julie Hill Outcomes of a Carrick project linking online assessment feedback to reflective practice [Abstract]
Andy Lamey & Kirsty BestPosner on the uselessness of moral theory: An empirical analysis[Abstract]
Cindy LaneTeaching and learning methods practised at university and vocational training institutions: A comparative study[Abstract]
Tama LeaverPutting windows in the ivory tower: Challenges and changes to university practice in the face of Web 2.0 tool use by students[Abstract]
Simon Lewis, Alex Well, Beatrice Tucker & Tamsin KellyForensic investigation: Raising the bar on qualifications[Abstract]
Ivan Lin, Angela Durey, Tania Wiley, Des Thompson & Jan HallCountryweek: An undergraduate learning adventure to examine rural, remote and Indigenous health issues[Abstract]
Joo-Dee LohA diversity of study strategies: Interviews with international students[Abstract]
Marina LommerseCollaborative learning: The designing futures cluster program builds innovation and capacity[Abstract]
Lorel MayberrySongs in the key of life: Making use of popular music as an engaging tool for tertiary students[Abstract]
Wayne McGowan & Lee PartridgeThe times they are a-changing? The shifting nature of campus community[Abstract]
Patricia McLaughlin & Anthony MillsWhere shall the future student learn? Student expectations of university facilities for teaching and learning[Abstract]
Jan Meyer, Mel Ziman, Kathy Sanders, Julie Hill, Georgina Fyfe, Sue Fyfe & Nicole KoehlerGender, work, expectation and achievement amongst first year human biology students[Abstract]
Karen MurciaInteractive whiteboard technology: Weaving together teaching and learning[Abstract]
David NelPromoting effective classroom discussions: Reflections on the Socratic method in first-year English tutorials[Abstract]
Caroline NilsonUsing the emotion of art to build cohesion, collaboration and empathy between student nurses[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Beverley Oliver, Sue Jones & Sonia FernsLeading curriculum reform: Lessons learnt and challenges ahead[Abstract]
Ron Oliver & Deanna HealPromoting reflection through self-marking[Abstract]
Laurie OrmondTutorial questions as a learning activity: Student surveys and teacher reflection[Abstract]
Lee Partridge(50 minute Workshop)
From the ground up: A structure for the implementation of a systemic peer review process
Lee PartridgeOut damned SPOT: The questionable reliability and validity of student evaluations of teaching[Abstract]
Coral Pepper & Susan BarkerIntroducing problem-based learning to 2nd year genetics students[Abstract]
Coral Pepper & Jo PluskeImplementing problem based learning into Natural Resource Economics[Abstract]
Rob Phillips, Maree Gosper, Margot McNeill, Karen Woo, Greg Preston & David GreenStudent and staff perceptions of Lectopia[Abstract]
Susan Roberts & Rick Cummings School lighthouses: Leading curriculum change in the context of a whole of institution restructure[Abstract]
Kathy Sanders, Georgina Fyfe, Jan Meyer, Mel Ziman, Sue Fyfe, Julie Hill & Nicole KoehlerGender differences in students' reflection upon online formative assessment activities[Abstract]
Eleanor SandryAre workshops a valuable way to engage the future student? Evaluating workshops and tutorials in Women's Studies [Abstract]
Sue Sharp & Will TurnerPartnerships: Building 'relationships of substance' to better serve the needs of schools and universities in preparing teachers of the future[Abstract]
Stephen SheelyLatour meets the digital natives: What are they really like?[Abstract]
Jenny Silburn & Jaya EarnestLearning interactively for engagement (LiFE): A needs analysis of refugee students at university [Abstract]
David Smith (50 minute workshop)
Just a minute: Public speaking strategy
Brad StappenbeltEngaging engineering students: The preferred learning and teaching style nexus [Abstract]
Raymond SummitAn experiment in the use of peer assessment in mathematics and physics tutorials[Abstract]
Geoff SwanBecoming a student ... again! [Abstract]
Ann Tarca, Matthew Tilling & Eileen ThompsonOnline student learning resources: An improving student learning initiative in accounting[Abstract]
Natasha TeakleProblem-based learning for first year students: Perspectives from students and laboratory demonstrators [Abstract]
Sasha VossResurrecting the dead: Use of online learning in forensic science[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Judith WilsonBridge over the theory-practice divide[Abstract]
Shelley YeoCurtin's new online professional development program on internationalising the curriculum[Abstract]
Shelley Yeo & Mike WilliamsTurnitin: A tool for teachers[Abstract]
Michele ZolezziLeading in a learning organisation: Senge's model of the learning organisation within a school of nursing[Abstract]

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