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Lynn Allen & Trudi LangNavigating the Maze: Teaching and learning an emergent futures methodology for strategic thinking[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Matthew AllenEducation and the Internet: Web 2.0 and renewed innovation in online learning[Abstract]
Doug AtkinsonTeaching, learning, and assessing a graduate skill[Abstract]
Ruth Ayres & Andrew GuilfoyleExperiences of mature age female students studying psychology: Implications for the university learning environment[Abstract]
Alison Bartlett & Tama LeaverFive years of blogging in Women's Studies at UWA[Abstract]
Kellie Bennett, Zaza Lyons & Johann ClaassenThe development of digital film resources to support the teaching of doctor-patient communication and consultation[Abstract]
Samantha Bickell & Dominique BlacheAttitudes of undergraduate science students towards the use of animals in teaching[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
William BoweLectopia features analysis: Perceptions and opinions of academic staff[Abstract]
Margo Brewer & Robynne SnellInterprofessional learning experience: Dietetics and Human Communication Science students[Abstract]
Carmela BriguglioDeveloping students' intercultural communication competence for a globalised world[Abstract]
Joshua BrownMaintaining the momentum: Language motivation amongst first year tertiary students of Italian[Abstract]
Angus Buchanan & Nigel GribbleFormulating student perceptions of disability: Experiences of occupational therapy students in a service learning placement[Abstract]
Alison Bunker & Lynne CohenThe diverse role of unit coordination: Complex and competing demands[Abstract]
Ian Cameron, Caroline Crosthwaite, Christine Norton Nicoleta Balliu & Moses Tadé, Andrew Hoadley, David Shallcross & John KavanaghAdvanced immersive learning environments: Enhancing the understanding and insights of students and industry operators[Abstract]
Denise ChalmersDeveloping quality indicators of teaching and learning that enhance the student learning experience[Abstract]
Kum Leng Chin, Jie Lu, Jun Xu, Jitian Xiao & Juan YaoCross cultures teaching and learning: Some preliminary findings of an ALTC project[Abstract]
Nicole Crawford & Bonnie ThomasArts peer tutoring: Students teaching students in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences[Abstract]
Nicole Crawford, Andrew Broertjes & Jenny GoldingEvaluation of ArtsIRIS (Introductory Research and Information Skills)[Abstract]
Trevor CullenEnabling international journalism students to understand and report effectively on serious health issues in their own countries[Abstract]
Melissa C. DavisOnline cross-level peer tutoring: An evaluation of benefits for tutors and tutees in a psychological assessment training task[Abstract]
Terry de Jong, Marguerite Cullity, Sue Sharp, Sue Spiers, Will Turner & Julia WrenEffective transfer of skills from university to the workplace: Issues and insights associated with group-based learning in teacher education[Abstract]
Terry de Jong, Jenny Lane, Sue Sharp & Pat KershawPersonal audience response systems enhancing student engagement in teacher education lectures: Pedagogical challenges and strategies[Abstract]
Natalie DellThe role of interdisciplinary learning opportunities in music degrees: Students' perceptions and preferences[Abstract]
Tracy Dunne & Alexandra Ludewig Language teaching and learning: Student perceptions of language acquisition in advanced language classes[Abstract]
Katie DunworthThe lingua franca of the global workplace: The Curtin approach to the development of student English language proficiency[Abstract]
Jaya Earnest, Clancy Read & Gabriella DeMoriLiFE - Learning Interactively for Engagement: A pilot program for refugee students at Curtin University[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Jim ElliottStudent mentor programs: Who gains what?[Abstract]
Maggie ExonA sense of space: Developing spatial literacies for employability through the use of mapping and GIS[Abstract]
Sonia Ferns & Julie HowellMaking the connection: Curriculum and career development[Abstract]
Sonia Ferns, Graham McMahon & Jonathan YorkeBalancing the load: Introducing the Assessment Matrix tool[Abstract]
Sandra Frid, Chris Hurst, Len Sparrow, Lina Pelliccione & Diana van StraalenAuthentic assessment: Conversations with the profession[Abstract]
Troy Fuller & Glenda ScottEmployable global graduates: The 'edge' that makes the difference[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Peter Galvin & John RiceMoving beyond case analysis to writing case studies in teaching strategic management[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
John GardinerCognitive load theory and Lectopia[Abstract]
Ali M. Darabi Golshani, Hamid Nikraz & Zhila NikravanUsing Blackboard as an e-learning platform to teach mathematics and computer courses: Middle East experience[Abstract]
Nigel Gribble & Lorna RosenwaxSolving the shortage of clinical education placements with blue sky thinking and relationship marketing[Abstract]
Karine HamiltonThe peer review of teaching: A review of the literature[Abstract]
Stephanie HampsonCross cultural education in the visual arts[Abstract]
Hiroshi HasegawaThe IT supported education environment: Reflection on the application of i-lecture in foreign language education at tertiary level[Abstract]
Foteini Hassiotou & Patrick FinneganEffect of lecture recording on lecture attendance and student performance in science[Abstract]
Julia HobsonDeveloping a community of learners: On-shore and offshore students blogging together[Abstract]
Barbara HollandKeynote address:
Greater Expectations for our Students and Ourselves: Approaches to Implementing and Achieving our Vision
Annaliza Jackson(60 minute workshop)
Teaching multicultural work groups: Competencies and cognition
Jenny Jay, Lynette Moss & Brenda CherednichenkoRemote Indigenous experience for pre-service teachers[Abstract]
Jacob JohnChanging patterns in teaching and learning of an introductory biology unit over three decades[Abstract]
Sharon KeesingBridging the teaching-research nexus in clinical education: An innovative case study[Abstract]
Sophie Kennedy & Sue StoneyStaff development for student employability: A metareflection[Abstract]
Andrew King, Samantha Burnham & Tony LuceyDevelopment and progression of research students through colloquia[Abstract]
Hwee Ping Koh, Glennda Scully & David R. WoodliffThe joint impact of time deadline pressure and significance of assessment on accounting students' propensity to commit plagiarism[Abstract]
Jenny LaneLet's go to the movies: Using digital video as a teaching tool in tertiary settings[Abstract]
Euan Lindsay & Helen RogersPreliminary analysis of the lifeloads of first year engineering students[Abstract]
Joe Luca"The KEG continuum": The shift from knowledge and engagement through to graduate attributes and employability[Abstract]
Alexandra Ludewig Improving student engagement through a structured peer support program involving international students[Abstract]
Iris Ludewig-RohwerNew role-plays for the global Facebook-generation[Abstract]
Lorraine Marshall(30 minute workshop)
Challenging and enabling learners in an online environment: An example of best practice
Richard MartinCultural competence, multiculturalism and education: The politics of difference in a first-year anthropology tutorial[Abstract]
Leanne McRaeMoving knowledges: Teaching media studies in the adjunct academy[Abstract]
Jennifer Mills, Linda Butcher & Rhondda TilbrookUsing an e-portfolio to prepare veterinary graduates for global employability[Abstract]
Mauro Mocerino, Danny R. Bedgood Jr., Adam Bridgeman, Mark Buntine, Michael Gardiner, Brian Yates, Kieran Lim, Gayle Morris, Simon Pyke & Marjan ZadnikTowards student centred teaching in large science classes[Abstract]
Martina MüllerFirst year at university: How to use foundation units to help students to survive and thrive[Abstract]
Karen Murcia, Yvonne Haigh & Lindy NorrisCommunity service or civic learning: A case study of the Australia Tanzania Young Ambassadors project[Abstract]
Karen Murcia, Rachel Sheffield & Mark HacklingA framework for interrogating the impact of interactive whiteboard technology on classroom discourse[Abstract]
Caroline NilsonResearch enthusiasm: Developing conceptual utilisation by engaging the undergraduate nursing student[Abstract]
Beverley Oliver, Sue Jones & Rick Cummings(30 minute workshop) Scaffolding ALTC projects: Enhancing ALTC grants by linking with existing projects[Abstract]
Christine OrmondEarly support for teachers of secondary mathematics and science: Developing a mentoring and resources toolkit[Abstract]
Lee Partridge, Leitha Delves, Diana Jonas-Dwyer, Sandra Carr, Sue Miller, Coral Pepper, Natalie Skead, Jolanta Szymakowski & Eileen ThompsonLeading from behind: The role of academic developers in preparing graduates of the 21st Century[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Leith PassmorePreparing global graduates: Postgraduate programs in translation studies[Abstract]
Lina Pelliccione, Kathryn Dixon, Lou Siragusa, Christine Howitt, Bill Atweh, Alma Dender, Jillian Swaine & Jo McKenzieAcademic peer review: Enhancing learning environments for global graduates[Abstract]
Coral PepperProblem based learning in science[Abstract]
Rob Phillips, Colin Beasley & Craig WhitsedWe should teach our staff about what we teach our students about university culture[Abstract]
Christine Pickard, Ng Peiying, Trevor Goddard & Nigel GribbleDevelopment of cultural competency in allied health students through international clinical placements[Abstract]
Susannah PiekAn investigation into the impact of different modes of learning on quality of learning and career prospects for new graduates[Abstract]
Jo Pluske, Tim Colmer, Sue Miller & Sallyann HarveyStrategies to improve undergraduate student experience in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at UWA[Abstract]
Touhidur Rahman & Helen SpaffordValue of field trips for student learning in the biological sciences[Abstract]
Sarah Meghan Rich"Teaching is something to rise above": Perceptions of science academics in a research university towards teaching and teaching qualifications[Abstract]
Christine RichardsonReflections on international students undertaking library and information research at an Australian university[Abstract]
Leonora Ritter & Tanya CovicUnderstanding and accommodating students with apparently mixed levels of engagement[Abstract]
Susan Roberts & Renato SchibeciThe secret (leadership) life of the unit coordinator[Abstract]
Prabir SarkerConcept map as a learning tool in engineering[Abstract]
Glennda Scully & Rosemary KerrManaging divergent student workload perceptions and expectations in an undergraduate and graduate accounting course[Abstract]
Salim Siddiqui & Marjan ZadnikStudents' feedback of teaching: Why the differences in responses?[Abstract]
Heather Sparrow, Adrianne Kinnear, Mary Boyce, Sharon Middleton & Marguerite Cullity(60 minute workshop)
More similar than different: An exploration of powerful personal goals as a key to the persistence and success of diverse students
Heather Sparrow, Julia Wren, Susan Sharp, Yvonne Haigh & Maria Northcote(60 minute workshop)
Collaborative scholarship and participant evaluation: Effective approaches to understanding the complex dynamics of assessment
Len Sparrow, Sandra Frid, Lina Pelliccione & Heather SparrowFeedback: Raising the bar[Abstract]
Len Sparrow & Sonja KuzichMathematics and mature age: A lethal combination for anxiety?[Abstract]
Leanne Stafford, Victor Chuang, Ravani Chetty, Beatrice Tucker & Peter GardnerStudents' perceptions of the benefits of interprofessional learning on future workplace interactions[Abstract]
Brad Stappenbelt & Chris RowlesOnline plagiarism detection as a student learning tool[Abstract]
Brad Stappenbelt, Chris Rowles & Eric MayCultural influence on attitudes to plagiarism[Abstract]
Laura Stocker & Gary BurkeTeaching sustainability with overlay mapping and Google Earth[Abstract]
Geoff Strauss & Craig WilsonMastery preparation for physics[Abstract]
Raymond SummitEnhancing mathematical conceptualisation using computer investigations[Abstract]
Iris VardiEffective strategies for improving discussion of case studies[Abstract]
Lalitha VelauthamPronunciation in context: Strategies for postgraduate EAL students[Abstract]
Robert WallerInter-examiner reliability using a Rubric developed to assess performance standards in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Clinical Practice[Abstract]
Kristy Warrick & Kudakwashe SeketeEmployability in a global world through career development learning[Abstract]
Katharina WolfThe placement life cycle: An investigative study into the development of student confidence during a compulsory industry placement[Abstract]
Shelley YeoImproving units following student feedback[Abstract]
Jonathan Yorke, Graham McMahon & Kathryn Lawson(How) can we determine 'intent' in cases of plagiarism?[Abstract]

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