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Educating for sustainability

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Matthew Allen and Elaine TayThe pragmatic portfolio: An assessment approach for distributed learning[Abstract]
Selma AlliexSustainability of future professionals[Abstract]
Doug Atkinson and Susan BoltUsing teaching observations to reflect upon and improve teaching practice in higher education[Abstract]
Lauren K. Banting and Ben JacksonPredicting effort, enjoyment and performance in a tertiary practical class using aspects of self-determination theory[Abstract]
Cedric Beidatsch and Susan BroomhallTeaching smarter? The place of workshops in the curricula for undergraduate history teaching[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Lorraine BennettA framework for leading systematic, strategic and sustainable improvement[Abstract]
Lorraine Bennett55 minute workshop:
Practical application of the engaging leadership framework
Richard Bostwick and Michael Monisse-RedmanGetting ready for industry: Mental Health (Nursing) unit curriculum review[Abstract]
Chantal Bourgault du CoudrayLinking reflective practice and creative work: Vocational training for the creative industries[Abstract]
Fiona BurrowsStudent and teacher perceptions of assessment and constructive alignment in creative writing units[Abstract]
Yvonne Button and Silvia DewiyantiUWA's strategy for sustainable online units[Abstract]
Rose CarnesBig Ears and Noddy: Listening as a necessary academic skill[Abstract]
Denise Chalmers, Siri Barrett-Lennard, and Nancy LongneckerDeveloping a communications skills framework: Writing, speaking, critical information literacy, and interpersonal skills development[Abstract]
Atul ChandraWhy and how can we teach e-citizens with e-books?[Abstract]
Lisa CluettOnline social networking for outreach, engagement and community: The UWA students' Facebook page[Abstract]
Michael ConnorThe talk resource: Education, sustainability and communication economics through audience response systems and dialogue[Abstract]
Michael Connor55 minute workshop:
Raising and sustaining dialogue in large groups with audience response systems
Trudi Cooper and Rowena H. ScottSustainability, survival and engagement: Implications for curriculum and pedagogy in social professions[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Rebecca J. Crawford, Peter J. Fazey and Kevin P. SingerTeaching and learning in postgraduate manual therapy education: Perspectives on clinical supervision[Abstract]
Bronwyn CroweOpportunities and challenges of units simultaneously taught to undergraduate and postgraduate students[Abstract]
Marco Cuevas-HewittVarieties of English in Australian higher education: An intersectional analysis of dialect and race in student experiences of dis/advantage[Abstract]
Marguerite Cullity and Glenda Campbell-EvansImproving quality of student learning through moderated assessment[Abstract]
Annie DasThe use of video as an assessment tool: The perceptions of staff and students in a School of Nursing[Abstract]
Melissa Davis, Jon Yorke, Kathryn Lawson, et al55 minute workshop:
Can we develop sustainable approaches to moderation?
Manisha Dayal and Will GibsonAnatomical knowledge retention in final year pre-registration physiotherapy students: Implications for anatomy education?[Abstract]
Katie DunworthFrom remediation to development: One university's journey towards a sustainable approach to student English language proficiency[Abstract]
Jaya Earnest, Gabriella de Mori, Mariana Jorge and Amanda TimlerStrategies to enhance the well-being of refugee youth in universities in Western Australia[Abstract]
Jo Elliott and Dominique BlacheStudent attitudes and preferences towards non-invasive animal-based and computer-based practicals[Abstract]
Neville R. EllisA place-identity mediated model of homesickness in first year university students experiencing a rural-to-urban relocation[Abstract]
Jacqueline FlowersEvidence of quality: The teaching criteria framework at UWA[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Manonita GhoshStudents' perceptions and attitudes towards the evaluation of university teaching[Abstract]
Will Gibson and Katharine SmithPainful failure or painful beginnings? Delivering 'pain' education online to undergraduate physiotherapy students[Abstract]
Kaye Haddrill, Phil Hancock and Eileen ThompsonEnglish enrichment in an accounting conversion program[Abstract]
Brenda HamlettSupporting pre-service primary teachers to improve their mathematics content knowledge[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Anne HarrisAddressing English language proficiency in a business faculty[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Shane Henderson and Mark McMahonA win-win-win situation: Engaging in learning, research and marketing through creative technologies[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Joyce Hendricks and Vicki CopeThe multigenerational workforce: A challenge to leaders and managers[Abstract]
Joyce Hendricks, Vicki Cope, Maureen Harris & Lynne CohenGrowing our own: A leadership program in an undergraduate nursing program in Western Australia[Abstract]
Jasmine HenryDevelopment of online laboratory report assistant[Abstract]
Jan HerringtonKeynote address
Sustainable online and mobile learning: Content is no longer king
Elaine HorneSupport for educators in experiential biodiversity and sustainability education[Abstract]
Jill Howieson'I am if you are': An interesting paradox in role-play case simulation training[Abstract]
Marnie Hughes-WarringtonKeynote address
'Get zooming': Education for sustainability and the sustainability of learning
Trina Jorre de St Jorre and Penny HawkenAre we on the same page? Differences of understanding between staff and students around the instruction of academic integrity[Abstract]
Jo Jung and Shane HendersonClimbIt as an interdisciplinary learning and teaching tool[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Rosemary Kerr and Vimala AmirthalingamManaging professional judgment in an undergraduate presentation assessment using consensus moderation[Abstract]
Natalie LatterConfronting fatalism in teaching climate change: Reflections on an undergraduate international relations unit[Abstract]
Tama LeaverI tweet therefore I am? Challenges in learning identity by teaching web presence[Abstract]
Nancy Longnecker, Will Rifkin, Joan Leach and Lloyd Davis55 minute workshop:
Student publication in new media
Alexandra Ludewig and Tracy DunneImproving student engagement through a structured peer support program involving international students[Abstract]
Greg B. MaguireTwo online tools for feedback on grammar and style in academic writing[Abstract]
Philip MarriottMigrating courses to Moodle[Abstract]
Pamela Martin-LynchTeaching for persistence and achievement[Abstract]
Belinda O'BrienTurn it off: A case study on environmental leadership[Abstract]
Beverley Oliver and Barbara WhelanFacilitating national benchmarking of achievement of graduate attributes and employability skills at course level[Abstract]
Suzanne PassmoreIntersectional outcomes in women's studies: Student perceptions and practice[Abstract]
Jennifer PearsonClimate change: Creating online education in Western Australian primary schools[Abstract]
Jennifer PearsonEvaluating pre-service primary science education: Self efficacy and beliefs[Abstract]
Jennifer Pearson and Brad KrugerEarly years science: Delving into dinosaurs with the Western Australian Museum[Abstract]
Coral PepperSustaining change in higher education[Abstract]
Tim Pitman, Susan Broomhall, E. Majocha and J. McEwanTransformative learning in educational tourism[Abstract]
Rebecca Rey and Golnar NabizadehGoing places: Cultural studies and praxis[Abstract]
Linda Riebe, Dean Roepen and Bruno SantarelliGetting the teamwork edge: Sustaining skills for future employability[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Maria M. Ryan and Madeleine OgilvieOverseas students in Australia: An experiential view[Abstract]
Dale Sanders and Megan Le ClusSustainability in the tourism curricula in Australian universities: Beyond the rhetoric?[Abstract]
Rowena H. ScottEnvironmental and social sustainability impacts of teaching and research: Some ideas[Abstract]
Salim Siddiqui, Robert Loss, Aidan Hotan, Ming Lim & Marjan ZadnikDesigning a comprehensive rubric for laboratory report assessment[Abstract]
Lesley SilvesterHow do undergraduates perceive the place of history within their wider university studies?[Abstract]
Nita Sodhi-Berry and Helena IredellProblem based learning versus case based learning: Students' perceptions in pre-clinical medical education[Abstract]
Heather SparrowSurviving and sustaining teaching excellence: A narrative of entrapment[Abstract]
Brad Stappenbelt and Chris RowlesEmbedding sustainability education in the engineering curriculum through a national design competition[Abstract]
Laura Stocker and Kathryn NetherwoodRelational education for sustainability[Abstract]
Elaine Tay and Matthew AllenThe social side of social media: Technology or collaboration?[Abstract]
Eileen Thompson, Sue Miller and Bonnie ThomasRecognising, enhancing and developing sessional teachers: A sustainable approach[Abstract]
Sandy Thomson, Joan Sheppard and Robert LaingFirst do no harm: Using systems thinking to build capacity and capability and sustain knowledge on safety and quality for health professionals[Abstract]
Iris VardiFrom scholarship to publication in a journal: Insights from a guest editor[Abstract]
Iris VardiInvestigating attrition at the course level[Abstract]
Robert WallerGrading clinical practice: Are performance standards the answer?[Abstract]
Robin Watts, Leah Irving, Kim Flintoff and John Lin Wen YingVirtual wound clinic: Using a virtual world for interprofessional healthcare education[Abstract]
Jianhong (Cecilia) Xia and Shelley YeoThe impact of diverse student backgrounds and flexible delivery modes on assessment outcomes[Abstract]

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