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Developing student skills for the next decade

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Helen AdamEducating for diversity and values education through children's literature and the Early Years Learning Framework[Abstract]
Prerana AgrawalImproving student skills through the integration of auditing theory and practice[Abstract]
Leslie D. AlmbergPop rocks! Developing multiple graduate attributes in first year geoscience students[Abstract]
Siri Barrett-LennardHot links to English language development resources and services: The UWA English language corner[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Alex BarthelFrom post-enrolment language assessment to work ready: Good practice principles in action[Abstract]
Lyn BeazleyKeynote address
Inspiring minds

Steve BensonWhat's the problem with learning?[Abstract]
Margo Brewer & Diane FranklinPreparing health science graduates for the future: The role of inter-professional education[Abstract]
Diane Bunney & Len TherryEmployability skills in the Master of Professional Accounting: One school's journey[Abstract]
Madeleine Bussemaker, Shannan Maisey & Duncan WildUsing worksheets and the Internet to improve student learning outcomes[Abstract]
Ruth CallaghanSelling the dream: Are we offering employability or making a vocational offer?[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Alistair CampbellDigital forms of assessment: Assessing in the digital age[Abstract]
Donella Caspersz, Marie Kavanagh, Leisa Sargent & Grant LeeVirtuality in team work: The UWA case study[Abstract]
Atul Chandrae-Books for research and knowledge creation![Abstract]
Brenda CherednichenkoAchieving educational equity through engaged partnerships, teaching and research-informed practice[Abstract]
Lisa Cluett & Hon Weng Benjamin SeahMeasuring success: Evaluating an online community using the Facebook fan page for UWA students [Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Lisa Cluett & Judy Skene55 minute workshop
Emerging technologies: How can staff learn from and teach each other using the 'viral' model of leadership?
Jude A. ComfortiPortfolio: A tool for health promotion students[Abstract]
Ranil CooreyWork integrated learning for Food Science graduates[Abstract]
Trevor CullenThe value of practical placements: What student journalists learnt while working with Aboriginal communities[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Cathy Cupitt & Sue TrinidadEngaging in the Humanities[Abstract]
Terry de Jong, Marguerite Cullity, Sue Sharp, Sue Spiers & Julia WrenBuilding researcher capacity: A matter of conditions not constraints[Abstract]
Heather Deighan & Michael Wood55 minute workshop
On retreat: Listening to my heart, soul, and inner teacher
Michele Doray & Sarah BeeckChanging from conventional to block teaching: Benefits and pitfalls for architecture students[Abstract]
Lisa DuffyPedagogical value of innocence projects[Abstract]
Katie DunworthStandardising university English language entry requirements: One university's journey[Abstract]
Kim FlintoffUsing blended learning to support practical and studio-based classes[Abstract]
Kim Flintoff & Sue TrinidadCommunication tools and strategies, engaging staff, embedding skills, moving a faculty online[Abstract]
Diane Franklin, Jade Cartwright & Sue GillieattUsing online learning to foster interprofessional health education: An IPE dementia case study[Abstract]
Andrew Gardner, David Birbeck & Kate AndreAddressing the development of the affective domain: High fidelity video to support realism in assessing psychiatric illness[Abstract]
Allan Goody, Denise Chalmers, Veronica Goerke & Sue StoneyWhat does professional development achieve and how would I know?[Abstract]
Allan Goody & Brian R. von KonskyModelling professional practice: The iPortfolio for university teachers[Abstract]
Jan GothardBringing the learning home: For now and for the next decade[Abstract]
Kaye Haddrill, Phil Hancock & Eileen ThompsonStudent perceptions of an English enrichment program[Abstract]
Stephanie HampsonModeration as an ongoing building block in course quality[Abstract]
Anne Harris & Joanna AshtonIntegrating academic and language skills within management units[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Sophia A. Harryba, Andrew Guilfoyle & Shirlee-ann KnightStaff perspectives on the role of English proficiency in providing support services[Abstract]
Anthony Herrington, Jacqui Kelly, Judy Schrape & Kim FlintoffAn eScholar program for academic staff to develop online learning tasks that introduce students to collaborative e-technologies[Abstract]
Jan Herrington & Susan McKenzieProfessional learning and the iPhone[Abstract]
Richard HewisonPredicting the academic performance of international students within the Australian higher education sector[Abstract]
David HodgsonIntegrating a skills demonstration assessment as a pre-requisite to field placement: A realistic assessment scenario for social work students[Abstract]
Melinda Hodkiewicz & Margot JuppThe role of student-developed learning vehicles in bridging threshold concepts in engineering[Abstract]
Julie HoffmanIndigenous Australian knowledge and culture: Cross-cultural awareness for future health professionals[Abstract]
Stephanie M. Jameson55 minute workshop
Workshop on academic integrity
Shannon Johnston & Yvonne ButtonKeeping the student in the centre: A discussion arising from a review of a university-wide LMS[Abstract]
Shannon Johnston, Gina Sjepcevich, Carmel O'Sullivan, Jill Benn, Lisa Cluett, Catherine Clark, Margaret Jones & Belinda ShilkinBroadening the vision: An integrated approach for developing student communication skills in new courses 2012[Abstract]
Kyoko KawasakiReflective journals in language teaching[Abstract]
Philip Keirle & Susie ByersIn search of the middle-ground: Maintaining high teaching standards in large-class teaching environments[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
David LambBeyond the lecture room: Authenticity, active engagement and participation to promote employability[Abstract]
Jenny LaneTeaching challenge: Challenging teaching[Abstract]
Cheryl Lange & Jo Edmondston55 minute workshop
Thinking about critical thinking
Melanie Lauva & Caroline VafeasExploring the conundrum of practice education for undergraduate student nurses[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Abigail Lewis, Dawn Anderson & Naomi FindlayTeaching and assessing reflective practice in Allied Health[Abstract]
Barbara LoesslMotivational interviewing skills for future medical practitioners: A self-learning package[Abstract]
Kara-Jane Lombard & Sue TrinidadTransforming a faculty through curriculum reform[Abstract]
Alexandra Ludewig & Tracy DunneEngaging mature-age students: Trials and tribulations of engagement versus participation in the humanities[Abstract]
Sally MaleEngineering threshold concepts[Abstract]
Peter Mansfield & Daniel Boase-JelinekMotivating students with automated feedback[Abstract]
Dorit MaorAn e-portfolio: A learning and assessment tool or an additional burden for students?[Abstract]
Andrew Marriott, Francis Chomba & Brian R. von KonskyePortfolios: Demonstrating student skills for their career[Abstract]
Kenn MartinPowerPoint practice and troublesome knowledge[Abstract]
Pamela Martin-LynchBack from the brink[Abstract]
Keith McNaught & Selma AlliexStrategy to educate nurses for the profession[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Keith McNaught & Fleur McIntyreWhen a pass is not a pass: The relationship between student performance in a core literacy unit and general academic progress in first year[Abstract]
Jennifer N. Mills, Simone Volet, Farida Fozdar & Eric YeohCultural competency in veterinary consultations: Exploration of learning issues[Abstract]
Erasmus K. Norviewu-MorttyPrincipals' leadership making the difference in improving academic achievement in disadvantaged rural schools in Ghana[Abstract]
Dawn NaylorLearning to teach: What do pre-service teachers report?[Abstract]
Sheena O'Hare, Lynne Quartermaine & Audrey CookeIssues involved in supporting pre-service teachers' learning in an online environment[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Jenni ParkerPractitioner practices for designing and delivering online higher education courses within a learning management system[Abstract]
Greg ParryStrategies for developing oral communication skills in the classroom[Abstract]
Lee Partridge, Elaine Lopes, Siri Barrett-Lennard & Fiona TaylorThe elephant in the room: Why are we ignoring the needs of international tutors?[Abstract]
Barbara Pauk, Jan Meyer & Luis FilgueiraEnhancing science literacy in tertiary education: A real-world exercise in literature research, scientific writing, and self and peer assessment[Abstract]
Coral PepperLeading cultural change in regional schools[Abstract]
Tricia PopovTeaching the students we have: Looking for answers in Blackboard 9[Abstract]
Connie Price, Daniel Southam & Anne Lynette Furness55 minute workshop
mI Ready for mLearning?
Lucy ReillyReducing the pain of initiation: Strategies to support honours students[Abstract]
Ingrid RichardsonRemix, mash-up, share: Copyright and assessment policy in interactive media, games and digital design[Abstract]
Helen Rogers & Veronica GoerkeIntegrating communication skills in engineering: Enhancing the student learning experience[Abstract]
Talitha C. Santini & Andrew W. RateEffect of merging units on student perceptions of teaching and learning: A case study in soil science and physical geography[Abstract]
Louise Winton Schreuders & Rosemary SaundersNursing student reflections on learning clinical skills in a simulated environment[Abstract]
Rowena H. Scott & Mary BoyceEngaging with industry to develop student skills in an applied and analytical chemistry course[Abstract]
Elisabeth Settelmaier & Marjan ZadnikCurtin University's science clinics program: Promoting student learning and retention in physics, chemistry, mathematics and computing[Abstract]
Mahsood Shah & Chenicheri Sid. NairEmployer satisfaction of university graduates: Key capabilities in early career graduates[Abstract]
Ruth Sibson & David RussellSport, recreation and event management practicum placements: What do stakeholders expect?[Abstract]
Moira Sim & Toni WainCreating cultural empathy and challenging attitudes through Indigenous narratives[Abstract]
Nicole Slatter & Joanne RichardsonVisual thinking[Abstract]
Aline Smith, Amanda McBride & Michael SpurrierTeaching practice-based clinical reasoning and teamwork to third year medical students: What works?[Abstract]
Dianne SmithInside out: A way of looking forward through an educational framework[Abstract]
Daniel Southam, Mauro Mocerino & Mark BuntineASELL evaluation of a first year chemistry laboratory program[Abstract]
Michelle Spragg & Antony GrayMake your own rabbit hole: A new model for 'interactive' assessment in English and Cultural Studies[Abstract]
Ania Stasinska, Colleen Fisher & Jane HeyworthWhy are UWA Health Science graduates so employable?[Abstract]
Eileen Thompson, Lee Partridge & Sue MillerTangible support for those teaching at the coalface: Influencing policy development for sessional staff[Abstract]
Janeen Thomsett & Sharon AinsworthEngaging pre-service TESOL teachers in authentic workplace learning[Abstract]
Sandy Thomson, Joan Sheppard, & Robert LaingA snowball effect to improve patient care through action based e-learning[Abstract]
Caroline Vafeas, Melanie Zilembo & Tania BeamentCaring beyond the curriculum: Exploring concepts of altruism amongst nurse educators acting as academic mentors[Abstract]
Caroline Vafeas, Melanie Zilembo & Tania BeamentCultivating care: Nurturing nurses for a new tomorrow[Abstract]
Caroline Vafeas, Melanie Zilembo & Tania BeamentStill life: Photo journaling as a means of capturing the student nursing journey[Abstract]
John R. VenableExperiences and recommendations on the use of very detailed marking rubrics[Abstract]
Dennis WatkinsThe changing role of an educator of pathway students transitioning to higher education[Abstract]
Ramon WenzelEnabling teachers to use newly trained competencies: The role of psychological strengths in tertiary teacher training and development[Abstract]
Keithia WilsonKeynote address
Skills for the 21st Century: Contributions of learning design, culture and educator engagement

Glenda Winney55 minute workshop
Authentic, problem-based learning prepares police recruits for the complexities of policing today and in the future
Jeannine WishartDeveloping empathy and agency in preservice teachers: A reflection on a unit of learning[Abstract]
Julia Wren, Alistair Campbell, John Heyworth & Rachel BartlettImproving marking of live performances involving multiple markers assessing different aspects[Abstract]

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