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Developing student skills for the next decade

Proceedings Contents: Refereed papers

This page links to refereed papers accepted in accordance with [Review criteria], in one of the categories

  1. Research - academic research papers with clear strengths "... in the creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts, methodologies and understandings". Accepted papers are eligible for the ARC research category "Conference publications" as detailed under [ERA 2010 Submission Guidelines], Section Conference Publications-Full Paper Refereed.

  2. Professional practice - academic papers with clear strengths in creativity, leadership and excellence in professional practice, demonstrated in teaching, staff development, program or institutional development, educational media or services developments, or learning skills services. Being grounded in best practice rather than new knowledge, accepted papers are not eligible for the ARC research category "Conference publication".
The TL Forum 2011 Committee acknowledges with gratitude the work of our reviewers [Review Panel].
Additional information about the review process outcomes is given in the [Editorial].

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Papers are listed in alpha
order by first author
Category of
refereed paper

Siri Barrett-LennardHot links to English language development resources and services: The UWA English language cornerProf Practice
Diane Bunney & Len TherryEmployability skills in the Master of Professional Accounting: One school's journeyResearch
Madeleine Bussemaker, Shannan Maisey & Duncan WildUsing worksheets and the Internet to improve student learning outcomesResearch
Ruth CallaghanSelling the dream: Are we offering employability or making a vocational offer?Prof Practice
Lisa Cluett & Hon Weng Benjamin SeahMeasuring success: Evaluating an online community using the Facebook fan page for UWA students Prof Practice
Trevor CullenThe value of practical placements: What student journalists learnt while working with Aboriginal communitiesProf Practice
Anne Harris & Joanna AshtonIntegrating academic and language skills within management unitsProf Practice
Sophia A. Harryba, Andrew Guilfoyle & Shirlee-ann KnightStaff perspectives on the role of English proficiency in providing support servicesResearch
Philip Keirle & Susie ByersIn search of the middle-ground: Maintaining high teaching standards in large-class teaching environmentsProf Practice
Melanie Lauva & Caroline VafeasExploring the conundrum of practice education for undergraduate student nursesProf Practice
Keith McNaught & Selma AlliexStrategy to educate nurses for the professionProf Practice
Sheena O'Hare, Lynne Quartermaine & Audrey CookeIssues involved in supporting pre-service teachers' learning in an online environmentProf Practice
Mahsood Shah & Chenicheri Sid. NairEmployer satisfaction of university graduates: Key capabilities in early career graduatesResearch
Ruth Sibson & David RussellSport, recreation and event management practicum placements: What do stakeholders expect?Research
Caroline Vafeas, Melanie Lauva & Tania BeamentCultivating care: Nurturing nurses for a new tomorrowResearch
Julia Wren, Alistair Campbell, John Heyworth & Rachel BartlettImproving marking of live performances involving multiple markers assessing different aspectsResearch

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