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Creating an inclusive learning environment: Engagement, equity, and retention

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Thursday 2 February 2012

8.30-9.00Registration (Learning Link Building)
Coffee/tea (Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre)
9.00-10.25Plenary Session (Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre)
Forum opening: Professor Ann Capling, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education), Murdoch University
Suzi Hewlett, Office for Learning and Teaching, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Keynote address: Dr Christine Asmar, Assumptions, relationships and transformations: The ART of Indigenous teaching
10.30-10.55Morning tea: Morning tea (Learning Link Building)
session 1
LL 2.002/3 LL 2.004/5 Brian Hill Lecture Theatre LL 1.002/3 LL 1.004 LL 1.005
11.00-11.25 Peter Wall, Prue Andrus & Paul Morrison
Utilising scenarios to reinforce clinical skills in second year undergraduate nursing students
Megan Jones, Kathy Sanders & Jan Meyer
Assessment driven awareness of scientific inquiry and the use of animals in research
Rick Cummings
A standards framework for work integrated learning
Marion Kickett & Julie Hoffman
Engagement, equity and retention in Indigenous culture and health
Lee Partridge

Obstacles and barriers to effective progress in educational development for early career academics
Shannon Johnston

Social networking for engaging students in learning beyond mainstream university experience
11.30-11.55 Kristy Tomlinson, B-K Tan & Helen Flavell
Does international clinical fieldwork experience improve the employability of students?
Elizabeth-Kate Gulland, Ahmed El-Mowafy & Tony Snow
Marking moderation in land surveying units
David Holloway & Donell Holloway
Work integrated learning in reverse: Case study of the Murdoch Business School
Renee Parnell & Michele Doray
Expanding horizons: Fostering and retaining regional student engagement in higher education
12.00-12.25 Maryanne Pestell, Prue Andrus & Paul Morrison
Using the 4MAT model to engage nursing students in the classroom
Bashir Samsam Shariat
The challenge of introducing authentic assessment for engineering students
Anna Bosco
Sustaining fieldwork education: Fieldwork risk management underpinned by the pedagogy of work integrated learning
Kaye Haddrill
Development of international student engagement
Kim Flintoff & Peter Mellow

Engaging microblogging in lectures
Jane Mangano

Terminating the termination cycle: A pilot intervention for students re-entering university after termination
12.30-12.55 Jennifer Farrell
A Kimberley virtual hospital: Innovation within the Diploma of Nursing
Chensong Dong
Assessment of mechanical engineering final year projects using Fuzzy Multi Attribute Utility theory
David Lamb
Integrating practice with theory through student engagement in local community events
Kathryn Trees
Teaching and cultural diversity
1.00-1.55Lunch (Learning Link Building)
HERDSA WA Annual General Meeting (LL 1.005)
session 2
LL 2.002/3 LL 2.004/5 Brian Hill Lecture Theatre LL 1.002/3 LL 1.004 LL 1.005
2.00-2.25 Gemma Clarke, Lisa Paton, Allen Mudford, R. Pathmasuntharam, J. Robinson & R. Kapoor
Changing perceptions to feedback
Jianhong (Cecilia) Xia, Craig Caulfield, David Baccarini & Shelley Yeo
Simsoft: A game for teaching project risk management
Renae Desai
Developing effective global communicators: Conceptualising emotional intelligence as a graduate attribute
Phil Hancock, Mark Freeman. Anne Abraham et al
Achievement matters: External peer review of accounting learning standards
Denise Chalmers, Sophie Giles, Sid Nair, Janice Orrell, Lee Partridge, Eileen Thompson, Rashmi Watson, Peter Whipp & Natalie Skead

UWA assessment and feedback project: A progress report on a university-wide initiative
Jan Herrington, Anthony Herrington & Ian Olney

Mainstreaming mobile learning in higher education: Capabilities and strategies for teachers
2.30-2.55 Patrick Halloran
Assessment for learning can be a focus for engagement and retention
Ray Fells
The challenge of experientially teaching the complexity of real-world negotiation
Sonia Ferns
Embedding employability capabilities: The challenges of ensuring equity and access
Tara Smith & Jenni Parker
Designing an authentic blend: Development of a 'real-life' learning environment for higher education
3.00-3.25 Su-Ann Koh, Kathy Sanders & Jan Meyer
Roles of active learning and tutor input in students' perception of learning
Elizabeth-Kate Gulland, Ahmed El-Mowafy & Tony Snow
Developing interactive tools to augment traditional teaching and learning in land surveying
Rebecca Blaxell & Catherine Moore
Connecting academic and employability skills and attributes
Sue Jones, Rick Ladyshewsky, M. Smith, et al
Engaging fieldwork coordinators: Academic leadership development for work integrated learning

3.30-3.55Afternoon tea: (Learning Link Building)
session 3
LL 2.002/3 LL 2.004/5 Brian Hill Lecture Theatre LL 1.002/3 LL 1.004 LL 1.005
4.00-4.25 Renee Parnell & Dianne Smith
Navigating the unexpected: Regional community engagement with authentic learning outcomes
John R. Venable, Ashley Aitken, Vanessa Chang, et al
Developing a research design for comparative evaluation of marking and feedback support systems
Rashmi Watson
Staff engagement with support mechanisms that promote and improve teaching practices: Perceptions of lecturers
Shannon Johnston & Yvonne Button & Mark Drechsler
Moving to Moodle: Organisational knowledge and community building at UWA
Katrina Stratton & Susan Bailey
Well-being and student placements: An experiential exploration for educators

4.30-4.55 Eva-Marie Middleton
Practice makes perfect: Improving private practice among music aural students
Keith McNaught
Trialling the use of a mathematics diagnostic assessment task
Donella Caspersz, Doina Olaru & Leigh Smith
Striving for definitional clarity: What is service learning?
Allen G Harbaugh
Effective strategies to support online learning and student engagement
5.00-5.25 Anja Brok
How big is too big? Combining large class workshops and lectures in history education
Cathy Cupitt
Enhancing sessional staff development through assessment tools
Angus Morrison-Saunders, Richard Bell & Francois Retief
The journal article incubator approach to teaching writing skills and enhancing research outputs
Raelene Tifflin & Dimity Wehr
Engaging students in discussion board participation: Strategies for online teaching and learning

5.30Unicredit Sundowner and Book launch (Club Murdoch)

Friday 3 February 2012

8.30-9.00Registration (Learning Link Building)
Coffee/tea (Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre)
9.00-10.25Plenary Session (Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre)
Opening day 2:
Panel discussion: Steve Hoath (TISC) with Phil Hancock (UWA), Keith McNaught (Notre Dame), Arshad Omari (ECU), Robyn Quin (Curtin) & Beverley Thiele (Murdoch)

The readiness of school leavers for university
10.30-10.55Morning tea: (Learning Link Building)
session 4
LL 2.002/3 LL 2.004/5 Brian Hill Lecture Theatre LL 1.002/3 SS 2.044 LL 1.005
11.00-11.25 Simon Kilbane
Room for improvement? Reviewing graduate perceptions of design studio teaching at UWA
Monika Durrer
Up close and personal: Increasing student engagement and understanding through eyewitness interviews
Don Watts & Keith McNaught
The demise of upper schooling for university bound students: Challenging the policy drivers in Western Australia
Marjan G Zadnik & Will Rifkin
Get your colleagues to teach better
Yvonne Button, Mark Drechsler & Shannon Johnston

Sharing UWA staff training for Moodle pre-implementation in 2012
Jamie Murphy

Experiential learning via the Google Online Marketing Challenge
11.30-11.55 Dawn Bennett & Lisa Tee
Engaging students with future-oriented thinking
Katharina Bense
Cross-cultural observations on classroom management: Experiences of German migrant teachers in Australia
Lee Partridge, Sally Sandover & Jenna Mead
Mission impossible: Select entry degrees and equity
Coral Pepper & Susan Roberts
Supporting unit coordinators: Just in time, just for me
12.00-12.25 Rob Phillips, Dorit Maor, Wendy Cumming-Potvin, P Roberts, J Herrington & G Preston
Learning analytics and study behaviour: A pilot study
Rebekah Sturniolo-Baker & Rocco Loiacono
Perceptions of learning and assessment in beginners and intermediate level Italian Studies
Mahsood Shah & Chenicheri Sid Nair
Can standards drop? Social inclusion agenda and academic standards
Denise Chalmers, Veronica Goerke, Allan Goody, Sue Stoney & Di Gardiner
Are higher education teacher preparation programs achieving their goals?
LL 1.004

Alistair Campbell & Julia Wren

Assessment in the digital age: Touch technology
Catherine Moore & Rebecca Blaxell

Meeting student needs through the synchronised development of academic and employability skills
12.30-12.55 David Tripp
Critical incidents in tertiary teacher development
Siobhan Hodge
Re-thinking the box: Negotiating curricula and finding critical spaces in English
Jim Elliott
Does focusing on retention make a difference? The impact of Curtin's retention plan
Lorraine Day & Derek Hurrell
A teaching team: More than the sum of its parts
1.00-1.55Lunch (Learning Link Building)
session 5
LL 2.002/3 LL 2.004/5 LL 1.004 LL 1.005

2.00-2.25 Michelle Striepe, Christine Howitt & Mark Pegrum
The iPad and pre-service teachers: Revolutionary learning tool or fancy entertainment device?
Gillian Dale-Jones, Phil Hancock & Eileen Thompson
Assessment standards and peer learning
Angus Morrison-Saunders
Missing in action? A philosophy of plagiarism and implications for learners and teachers
Will Rifkin & Daniel Southam

Engaging students in a new media assessment

2.30-2.55 Alistair Campbell & Julia Wren
Feedback on group performance using an iPad app
Greg Thompson & Ross Williams
University students' perceptions of peer assessment in Health and Physical Education
Marina Lommerse, Priya Metcalfe & Michelle Doray
Learning in the transition year: bridging the move from institution into a community of practice
3.00-3.25 Xingchen (Chase) Song
Students' learning experience with learning management systems A UWA case study
Susan Teather & Catherine Moore
Embedding innovative assessment practices: Developing students' critical appraisal skills
Kent Turkich, Shane Greive & Paul Cozens
Student retention and co-teaching: Utilising expert staff and educational theory to promote motivation
Panel Discussion
Craig Whitsed, Ingrid Richardson, Jan Gothard, Julia Hobson, Helen Middleton & Megan Paull

Being on common ground: Facilitating increased cross-cultural interactions in diverse learning contexts
3.30-3.55 Miriam Sullivan & Nancy Longnecker
Benefits and risks of using blogs in university teaching
Christopher Lin
Examining the role of exams in student perceptions of learning
Carmela De Maio & Sam Fearn
Meeting the academic skills needs of first year students through embedding workshops
4.00-4.25Afternoon tea: (Learning Link Building)
4.30-5.00Plenary Session (Learning Link Building)
Forum evaluation, prize draws and invitation to TLF 2013 at Murdoch University

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