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Clare AldersonOnline quizzes[Abstract]
Paul Alexander, Carmela Briguglio, Steve Johnson, Jane Pearce, Sarah Veitch, Siri Barrett-Lennard & Euan HarveyEmbedding communication and literacy in the curriculum (55 Minute Symposium)[Abstract]
Peter Allen, Amanda Lourenco & Lynne RobertsData fabrication and falsification in undergraduate psychology honours projects[Abstract]
Catherine Archer & Katharina WolfGuiding an invisible team: A first hand insight into virtual leadership[Abstract]
Christopher Barrett-LennardTeacher perspectives on international students and international education[Abstract]
Frank Bate & Carole SteketeeImplementation of a hybrid mobile web learning environment in the health professions: A design based research approach[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Lisa BellUsing problem based scenarios to help bridge the gap between theory and praxis in pre-service teacher preparation[Abstract]
Dawn Bennett & John FreemanPortfolios, protean careers and the theatre: Preparing for diversity[Abstract]
Daniel Boase-Jelinek, Jenni Parker & Jan HerringtonPeer reviews: What can we learn from our students?[Abstract]
Carmela Briguglio & Shalini WatsonThe core of the learning environment: Embedding English language development across the curriculum[Abstract]
Chantel L Burchill & Jan MeyerUsing Microsoft PowerPoint beyond developing a series of lectures[Abstract]
Alistair Campbell & Christine LoveringUpdate: The third cycle of live group performance assessment and feedback using three expert markers and iPads[Abstract]
Michelle Carey & Michael PrinceRedesigning Australian Indigenous Studies at Murdoch University: Keeping it relevant[Abstract]
Roslyn (Rose) CarnesGetting things "white": The need for non-Indigenous cultural self awareness[Abstract]
Sandra E Carr, Zarrin Seema Siddiqui, Diana Jonas-Dwyer & Susan MillerEnhancing feedback for students across a health sciences faculty[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Joanne Castelli, Nancy Longnecker & Mzamose GondweUsing peer feedback as part of the first year student experience[Abstract]
Denise Chalmers, Rick Cummings, Sue Stoney, Sofia Elliott, Jon Yorke & Di GardinerProfessionalisation of the academic workforce[Abstract]
Hui Jun ChihReflecting on postgraduate students' reflective comments for effective unit design and delivery[Abstract]
Gemma Clarke, Kristina Georgiou & Endah IbrahimEmbedding communication skills in two first year Business units: The lecturers' perspective[Abstract]
Gemma Clarke, Khulile Dlamini & Jocelyn RobinsonPost enrolment language assessment: Six years of experience[Abstract]
Chris Creagh"Work it out": Novice to expert: Multiple representations (55 Minute Workshop)[Abstract]
Jill Darby & Anne PolleyVoxPops: Innovative teaching tools to engage health science students[Abstract]
Vaille Dawson & Marianne McLaughlinDeveloping educational research skills in early career academics[Abstract]
Alexander Dawson & Antonia GirardiThe impact of academic instructor feedback on self and peer evaluation perceptions: An examination of student evaluations within a team setting[Abstract]
Sharon Delmege & Lauren O'MahonyCreativity and curriculum design[Abstract]
Carmela de Maio, Anibeth Desierto & Andrea Dodo-BaluSupporting students in a foundation unit through embedding sessions and workshops: Learning Advisors and Business Edge collaborate[Abstract]
Yu Dong & Anthony LuceyRelationships between student satisfaction and assessment grades in a first year engineering unit[Abstract]
Mark DrechslerMoodle Analytics: Past, present and future[Abstract]
Katie Dunworth, Helen Drury, Cynthia Kralik, Tim Moore & Denise MulliganStudent English language development in Australia's universities: Developing an institutional approach[Abstract]
Susan EdgarHow do we engage male learners in higher education?[Abstract]
Ahmed El-MowafyEvaluation of peer assessment of fieldwork as an assessment and learning method[Abstract]
Ahmed El-Mowafy, Michael Kuhn & Tony SnowA blended learning approach in higher education: A case study from surveying education[Abstract]
Sarah EtheringtonLooking beyond the laboratory: Finding time to encourage development of a global perspective in a content driven biology unit[Abstract]
Ray Fells & Shannon JohnstonReflecting on a new educational approach to developing skills of reflection in action in a Masters unit on negotiation[Abstract]
Catherine Ferguson & Lisa DuffyAttributes of quality teachers in higher education: Developing a new taxonomy (55 Minute Workshop)[Abstract]
Sonia Ferns, Calvin Smith & Leoni RussellDevelopment of employability capability across a degree program: Validating measures of employability and work integrated learning dimensions[Abstract]
Siobhan FinnTeaching language and culture through film[Abstract]
Kim Flintoff, Jacqui Kelly, Judy Schrape & Kuki SinghEngaging students with learning technologies: A reflection on the process[Abstract]
Sue Fyfe, Georgina Fyfe, Jan Meyer, Mel Ziman, Kathy Sanders & Julie HillFormative and summative assessment in Human Biology: Reflecting on test performance and feedback[Abstract]
Stephanie GilkesTaking the broader view of student outcomes: Lessons from VET sector evaluation[Abstract]
Joginder Kaur Gill & Zed RengelDesigning an online lecture in the discipline of Soil Science[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Hayley Goullée & Kimberley RoehrigGuided conversations: A new online teaching module brings cancer education to a greater cohort of learners[Abstract]
Zarinah Hamid, Mior Nasir & Mior NazriThe inclination of information and communication technology students towards entrepreneurship[Abstract]
Phil Hancock, Gillian Dale-Jones & Keith WilleyImpact of collaborative peer and self assessment on students' judgment and written communication[Abstract]
Grant HarrisACODE benchmarks ARMS Module[Abstract]
Sandra Hesterman & Dani Boase-JelinekDesigning, developing and evaluating authentic online educational assessment[Abstract]
Gregory S.C. HineThe importance of action research in teacher education programs[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
David Holloway & Donell HollowayMassive open online courses: A real threat to university learning and teaching?[Abstract]
Leah Irving & Julie HoffmanLocation based augmented reality: Towards Indigenous cultural sustainability[Abstract]
Mark IsraelWhat is the point? Building careers after a National Teaching Award[Abstract]
Alison Jaquet & Elaine LopesBroadening participation: Fairer pathways to UWA?[Abstract]
Elizabeth JohnsonChanging the Game: The Australian Council of Deans of Science (ACDS) National Centre for Teaching and Learning for Science and Mathematics[Abstract]
Shannon Johnston, Silvia Dewiyanti, Martin Hill, Rob Phillips & Sue StoneyIs the captured lecture the death of good, innovative, flexible pedagogical practice? (55 Minute Symposium)[Abstract]
Ranjna KapoorPromoting student engagement with feedback for report writing in first year engineering[Abstract]
Robert Kennelly & Lee PartridgeMaking time at Teaching and Learning Forum 2013 to TATAL (talk about teaching and learning) (55 Minute Workshop)[Abstract]
Steve Klomp & Megan PaullInvolving our peers in developing our teaching (55 Minute Symposium)[Abstract]
Ann Kosovich, Dimity Wehr & Raelene TifflinReflecting on the academic in the flipped classroom space (55 Minute Workshop)[Abstract]
David LambStudent engagement: What is it and how well are we doing it?[Abstract]
Roselynn Lang & Keith McNaughtEmbedding reflective writing in a Business Internship unit[Abstract]
Abigail LewisSpeech pathology students' responses to e-portfolios[Abstract]
Nancy Longnecker, Joanne Castelli & Mzamose GondweIs lecture attendance and participation in large first year classes a lost cause?[Abstract]
Alexandra Ludewig & Iris Ludewig-RohwerDoes web based role play establish a high quality learning environment? Design versus evaluation[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Sally Male & Dawn BennettEngineering students' identities and motivation[Abstract]
Sally Male & Robin KingEnhancing industry engagement in engineering degrees[Abstract]
Ellen McGuckinThe value of international experiences for medical students as perceived by medical students and clinical staff[Abstract]
Keith McNaught & Gerard HoyneTesting program reveals deficient mathematics for health science students commencing university[Abstract]
Keith McNaught & Jane ManganoWhen PELA results are dismissed: Addressing the implications of students' inaccurate perceptions of skill levels[Abstract]
Jenna Mead & Tracy FrayneThe developing narrative of the BPhil (Hons) online Centre for Undergraduate Research and the design behind its unit[Abstract]
Nicki Mitchell, Maggie Triska, Nancy Longnecker & Richard WeatherillIncreasing environmental engagement through the use of a citizen science program in undergraduate biology[Abstract]
Catherine Moore & Susan TeatherEngaging students in peer review: Feedback as learning[Abstract]
Angus Morrison-Saunders & Julia HobsonSubject centred learning enables effective tertiary teaching[Abstract]
Sid Nair, Beatrice Tucker, Christina Ballantyne & David CollingsThe nuts and bolts of evaluations: A practitioner's perception (55 Minute Symposium)[Abstract]
Rhonda Oliver, Debra Bennell & Judith RochecousteThe transition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into higher education[Abstract]
Daniel Oswald, Steven Hinckley & Graham WildLow cost educational video for first year undergraduate students using oscilloscopes[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Fernando F. Padró & Anita FrederiksEvaluating the impact of the learning centre on student learning and satisfaction[Abstract]
Jenni Parker, Dorit Maor & Jan HerringtonUnder the hood: How an authentic online course was designed, delivered and evaluated[Abstract]
Raphael PereiraDeveloping and evaluating a voluntary peer learning support program: A case study[Abstract]
Rob Phillips, Kate Makowiecka, Jenni Parker, Martin Cake & Chris CreaghEmbedding Open Education at universities: Issues to resolve[Abstract]
Rob Phillips, Clare McLaren & John DakinPrinciples and standards for modern learning space design[Abstract]
Coralie RendallsWeaving a teaching and learning tapestry: Using the power of the humble hyperlink in Moodle[Abstract]
Lynne Diane Roberts, Lauren J. Breen & Maxine SymesTeaching computer assisted qualitative data analysis to a large cohort of undergraduate students: An evaluation[Abstract]
Ken Robinson & Jacqui PattenE-portfolios and transformative learning[Abstract]
Kimberley Roehrig, Tim Inglis & Wendy ErberTraining scientists for 21st century careers[Abstract]
Kim Scott, Dawn Bessarab, Marion Kickett, Simon Forrest, Julie Hoffman, Angela Durey, Kate Taylor, Karen Reys, Judy Katzenellenbogen & Sue JonesWorking together: Indigenous and non-Indigenous health educators as intercultural leaders for change[Abstract]
Rowena H. Scott & Eddie van EttenEnvironmental and conservation volunteering as workplace integrated learning[Abstract]
Tushar Kanti SenIndustry visit beneficial for student's learning in Process Instrumentation and Control unit[Abstract]
Manjula Sharma, Will Rifkin, Marjan Zadnik, Vicky Tzioumis, Stephanie Beames, Elizabeth Johnson, Cristina Varsavsky, Andrea Crampton, Simon Pyke, Kelly Matthews, Susan Jones & Brian YatesAction learning projects to build leadership capacity and communities of practice: SaMnet update[Abstract]
Natalie Skead & Kate BondettStorytelling, the student experience and a smart phone[Abstract]
Dorothy Spiller & Trudy HarrisLearning from evaluations: Probing the reality[Abstract]
Dorothy Spiller & Trudy HarrisMaking it real: Pathways from student evaluations to professional development (55 Minute Workshop)[Abstract]
Michael SteinSupervising international student group projects in Asia: Towards intercultural engagement[Abstract]
Teh Eng Choo (Elaine) & Megan PaullReducing the prevalence of plagiarism: A model for staff, students and universities[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Rhondda TilbrookDoes the unit development process work?[Abstract]
David TrippImproving teaching and learning through action learning (55 Minute Workshop)[Abstract]
Iris VardiThe impact of feedback on students' written assignments[Abstract]
Patrick VuThe rise of online education and its potential impact on international student inflow to Australian universities[Abstract]
Rashmi WatsonEngaging and supporting academic staff with teaching[Abstract]
Ramon WenzelThe MOOC disruption: What are massive open online courses and why you should care?[Abstract]
Katharina Wolf & Catherine ArcherThe key to productive online collaboration: Students' perspective on effective teamwork tools[Abstract]
Katharina Wolf & Catherine ArcherManaging ambiguity: A critical reflection on a truly global learning experience[Abstract]

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