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Design, develop, evaluate: The core of the learning environment

Welcome, Organising Committee
and Editorial
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On behalf of the Teaching and Learning Forum Committee, welcome to the 22nd Teaching and Learning Forum. Starting in 1992 at Curtin University, the Forum has gone from strength to strength as a joint venture between the five Western Australian universities. This is thanks, in no small part, to the untiring efforts of the various organising committees over the years. The success of the Forum is also thanks to regular forum attendees, who continue to contribute to the vitality and collegiality that so typifies the Teaching and Learning Forum. Thank you for your continued engagement and support.

The theme of this year's Forum, 'Design, develop, evaluate: The core of the learning environment', was chosen to reflect the Higher Education climate, particularly as it relates to the establishment of TEQSA and the Australian Quality Framework. As we expected it has yielded a variety of great presentations, workshops and plenary sessions which we trust will be thought provoking, informative and perhaps even a little controversial. This year's Forum continues the tradition of interactivity and discussion and the line up is sure to provide grist for the mill.

We'd like to extend our debt of gratitude to the planning committee for this, the 2013 Forum. It is no understatement to say that we could never have done this without the time and commitment that each of you have put into all of the aspects that go into putting this Forum together. Thank you too, to the student volunteers who have made their time available to assist over the course of the Forum. We especially appreciate the valuable contributions of our sponsors, which are a great help in keeping registration costs low. Finally, we'd like to recognise and thank Clare McBeath and Roger Atkinson, who have for many years, consistently done a wonderful job of managing the paper submission, peer review, and proceedings publication processes. We are greatly indebted to you for all the hard work that you've put in.

Rob Phillips and Pamela Martin-Lynch
Teaching and Learning Forum Committee

Organising Committee

Rob Phillips (Chair)
      Murdoch University
Pamela Martin-Lynch (Co-chair)
      Murdoch University
Sue Brown (Secretary)
      Murdoch University
Roger Atkinson
Dani Boase-Jelinek
      Murdoch University
Anne Coffey
      University of Notre Dame Australia
Sarah Etherington
      Murdoch University
Alan Goody
      Curtin University

Bethanie Gouldthorp
      Murdoch University
Clare McBeath
Cathy Moore
      Edith Cowan University
Angus Morrison-Saunders
      Murdoch University
Sid Nair
      The University of Western Australia
Megan Paull
      Murdoch University
Kuki Singh
      Curtin University

Thanks to our student volunteer helpers
      Justine Burg
      Roslyn (Rose) Carnes
      Karen Cooper
Caron Macneall
Li Wei
Jean Wootton


Tables 1 and 2 present our standard summary of numbers of submissions and outcomes for TL Forum 2013, and a nine year overview. We are pleased to report once again that the descriptors "steady state" and "sustainable" [1] are apt for TL Forum, notwithstanding the anecdotal evidence that TL Forum's participants are under increasing pressures from workloads, numbers of students in their classes, or numbers of tasks in their organisational unit's activities, or pressures to participate in and produce for research teams, etc. To explore just one kind of anecdotal evidence, we have planned as a post-Forum activity an analysis of time and date stamps appearing in the rather large quantity of email we have received over the years, for TL Forum editorial activities, to obtain an indicator of the extent to which academics undertake their TL Forum related activities 'after hours', 'burning the midnight oil'! [2]

Table 1: Summary of TL Forum 2013 numbers of submissions and outcomes

Category (a)Submitted (b)AcceptedRejectedOfferedWithdrawnNet outcome
Ref research18135(b)13013
Ref prof prac550606
Abstract only7575078771
Workshop, Symp14113(c)11011
  1. See http://wand.edu.au/mod/page/view.php?id=44#cos for definitions of the categories of submissions. Refereed papers, both categories, and all abstracts are published online at the TL Forum Proceedings website, http://ctl.curtin.edu.au/professional_development/conferences/tlf/tlf-pubs.cfm
  2. Of the 5, one was offered (and accepted) Professional Practice publication.
  3. All 3 offered (and accepted) Abstract only publication.
For TL Forums 2005-2012 numbers of submissions and outcomes, see similar tables in the 2005-2012 'Welcome'
pages, accessible via http://ctl.curtin.edu.au/professional_development/conferences/tlf/tlf-pubs.cfm
Compiler: Roger Atkinson. 31 Jan 2013; updated 9 Feb 2013.

Table 2: TL Forums 2005-2012 submissions and outcomes summary (a)

YearResearchProfessional practiceAbs only
Total all
SubmittedAcceptedOffer PPSubmittedAcceptedTotal(b)
a. Data sources: http://ctl.curtin.edu.au/professional_development/conferences/tlf/tlf2013/editorial.html,
and similar files for 2005-2012 Forums.
b. Total for PP includes submissions in the Research category that were offered publication in PP.
c. Includes all categories: Research, Professional practice, Abstract only publication and Workshops.
d. W is the number of post-acceptance withdrawals (or cancellations), all categories.
Compiler: Roger Atkinson. 31 Jan 2013; updated 9 Feb 2013.

Another post-Forum activity for a Program Subcommittee will be the selection and preparation of TL Forum 2013 articles for republication in a mid-2013 Special Issue of the journal Issues in Educational Research [3]. Details will be provided, post-Forum, to potential participants.

Readers may note that that Tables 1 and 2 contain a new and longer URL for the Forum Proceedings archives. Regrettably, the relocation of the Proceedings archives means that hypertext links to Forum articles and files that have been recorded in any publication are no longer valid. To explain further, and to provide a 'work around' for readers, consider an example. The Forum 2011 Welcome and Editorial was located at http://otl.curtin.edu.au/tlf/tlf2012/editorial.html. However, calling that URL will display the page http://otl.curtin.edu.au/professional_development/conferences/tlf/tlf-pubs.cfm, which is the table of contents for all Forums 1995-2012 (2013 will be added after all errata have been processed). From that the reader can quite readily (two 'clicks') find the 2011 Welcome and Editorial. In the case of a hypertext link that an author has used in a references list, readers will need to remember the Forum year and author name to find the cited article or abstract. Alternatively, readers may use the Curtin University search facility. Use the word 'tlf' (without quotes) as the first of the search terms, but be aware that a facility for excluding non-TL Forum files from the search is not available. To exclude non-TL Forum files, use instead a Google Advanced Search [4], specifying for 'site or domain': otl.curtin.edu.au/professional_development/conferences/tlf/

Roger Atkinson and Clare McBeath
TL Forum Proceedings Editors


  1. TLForum (2012). Welcome and Editorial. In Creating an inclusive learning environment: Engagement, equity, and retention. Proceedings of the 21st Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 2-3 February 2012. Perth: Murdoch University. http://ctl.curtin.edu.au/professional_development/conferences/tlf/tlf2012/editorial.html
  2. See The Phrase Finder. http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/80200.html for an elaboration.
  3. Issues in Educational Research. http://www.iier.org.au/
  4. Google Advanced Search. http://www.google.com.au/advanced_search?hl=en
Please cite as: TL Forum (2013). Design, develop, evaluate: The core of the learning environment. Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 7-8 February 2013. Perth: Murdoch University. http://ctl.curtin.edu.au/professional_development/conferences/tlf/tlf2013/editorial.html

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