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Bethany Andersson & Ann BeveridgeTraps with apps[Abstract]
Michelle Appleton, Theresa Charrois & Susan WhiteA quest to motivate: The impact of engaging pharmacy students in a clinical research project[Abstract]
Michelle Appleton, Vaille Dawson, Ahmed El Mowafy, Monique Gagnon, Ian Howard, Natalie Lloyd, Nicoleta Maynard, Jonathan Paxman, Daniel Southam & Ali SaeediTransforming pedagogy from passive to active in science and engineering[Abstract]
Michele Aucock & Andres MerinoFailure is not an option: The academic journey of an aspiring chartered accountant[Abstract]
Sue Bailey, Antonia Hendrick & Bernie SherlockInnovation in a time of training: Future proofing through placements[Abstract]
Marilyn Bennet-Chambers & Danielle DyeSpecialised or generic? Formative feedback for a practical-based unit[Abstract]
Dawn Bennett, Michelle Johnston, Bonita Mason, Chris Thomson, Brydie-Leigh Bartleet, Anne Power & Naomi SunderlandIndigenous cultural awareness through critical service learning: Stories ... from a national project[Abstract]
Dawn Bennett & Rachel RobertsonCreating 'professional writers' through the use of e-portfolios[Abstract]
Dawn Bennett, Jennifer Rowley, Diana Blom, Peter Dunbar-Hall, Matt Hitchcock & Rachel RobertsonWho am I and what evidence do I have? E-portfolios in music and writing as a means to develop learning and self-efficacy[Abstract]
Mara Blosfelds & Natalie GassonThe relationship between cognitive style and assessment feedback preferences in university students[Abstract]
Carmela Briguglio, Christine Symons, Shalini Watson & Janine RutledgeInnovative teaching to develop students' critical analysis skills: Developing a critical analysis for business (CAB) module[Abstract]
Joanne M. Castelli, Martha Ludwig, Paul V. Attwood & Peter G. ArthurA laboratory program for future scientists, not master chefs[Abstract]
Denise Chalmers, Rick Cummings, Sofia Elliott, Sue Stoney, Beatrice Tucker, Rachel Wicking & Trina Jorre de St JorreAustralian university teaching criteria and standards framework[Abstract]
Hui Jun ChihTransforming teaching and learning in biostatistics: A simulated classroom scaffolding initiative[Abstract]
Karen Clark-Burg, Peter Carr & Benjamin HaySocial media and mobile technology in the undergraduate curriculum[Abstract]
Gillian Colclough, Melissa Davis, Pat Halloran & Connie PriceShoring up the bastions: The lived experience of teaching and learning academics engaged in transformative thinking about assessment[Abstract]
Trudi Cooper & Rebecca ScrivenHarnessing digital potential: A curriculum approach to the use of digital learning environments[Abstract]
Andrew Cotterell & Linley LordEngaging tomorrow's leaders: Student leadership development at Curtin[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Chris CreaghWork-It-Out: The OLT Fellowship[Abstract]
Trevor Cullen, Stephen Tanner, Marcus O'Donnell & Kerry GreenIndustry needs and tertiary journalism education: Views from news editors[Abstract]
Melissa Davis, Pat Halloran, Gillian Colclough & Connie PriceWhat do we need to know about transforming assessment?[Abstract]
Christine Daymon & Lindy NorrisDisparate pedagogies and how to negotiate difference[Abstract]
Dell Dennis & Khoa DoThe DNA of an innovative, engaging and transformative learning model: A case study in work integrated learning (WIL)[Abstract]
Khulile DlaminiCompulsory English language support program: The student perspective[Abstract]
Susan EdgarUnderstanding the factors influencing student motivation and engagement[Abstract]
Ahmed El-MowafyImproving students' engagement in active learning of surveying[Abstract]
Robert Ellis & Richard HewisonThe pathway experience: A practical approach to academic and language skills development at an Australian university pathway college[Abstract]
Bev Ewens, Lesley Andrew and Rowena ScottEverything in moderation: The implementation of a quality initiative[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Ali Fardinpour & Torsten ReinersBEHAVE Taxonomy: Facilitating the action based learning assessment in virtual training environments[Abstract]
Sonia FernsAssessing the impact of work integrated learning on student work-readiness[Abstract]
Sonia Ferns, Megan le Clus & Anna LichtenbergBuilding partnerships to enhance graduate employability: A strategic approach[Abstract]
Helen Flavell, Connie Price & Courtenay HarrisDeveloping academic agility for engaging with learning technologies to enhance student learning[Abstract]
Kim Flintoff, Peter Mellow, Kerensa Pickett ClarkDigital curation: Opportunities for learning, teaching, research and professional development[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Matthew W. FraserCan "citizen-science" style projects increase student motivation in environmental science units?[Abstract]
Olivia Gallagher, Rosemary Saunders, Karen Tambree, Selma Alliex, Leanne Monterosso & Y. NaglazasNursing student experiences of death and dying during a palliative care clinical placement: Teaching and learning implications[Abstract]
Audrey J. GesteInstructional strategies that foster educational resilience: A holistic approach to student engagement[Abstract]
Audrey J. Geste & Jennifer CollinsThe transformative effect of international comparative teaching experiences on pre-service teacher identity formation[Abstract]
Jane Gibberd & David RowbottomThe need to transform exams: Why do exams fail even when students pass?[Abstract]
Gael GibbsDialogue by design: Creating a dialogic feedback cycle using assessment rubrics[Abstract]
Jordan GoetzeStudent course evaluation impacting changes in delivery mode[Abstract]
Jo HawkinsReclaiming digital literacies in the history classroom: Can online publishing help bridge the knowledge gap in higher education?[Abstract]
Troy HendricksonVicarious learning will only get you so far: Learning leadership by doing leadership[Abstract]
Mel Henry, Julie Ann Pooley & Maryam OmariStudent motivations for studying online: A qualitative study[Abstract]
Gregory S.C. Hine & Shane D. LaveryThe importance of action research in teacher education programs: Three testimonies[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Niki HynesIncreasing engagement in online learning[Abstract]
Jeya Chandra Malar JayaprakashImpact of academic integrity sessions at orientation: A case study[Abstract]
Shannon Johnston, Silvia Dewiyanti & Astrid DavineFlipping the educating: The case for an e-portfolio system in university learning[Abstract]
Shannon Johnston, Wade Jarvis & Tracy FrayneA flipped classroom design for meeting the needs of non-standard students[Abstract]
Angela Jones & Rebecca BennettDissolving the online offline divide: Re-conceptualising space in higher education course design[Abstract]
Ranjna Kapoor, Nicoleta Maynard, Mary Jane O'Callaghan & Helen RogersFine-tuning of a first year engineering foundations unit raises student satisfaction[Abstract]
Alison KirkmanEnhancing student learning by targeting the brain[Abstract]
Shu-Ming KohUniReady AT RISK Program: Strategies to support and retain online enabling students[Abstract]
Muthana KubbaBest practices for boosting response rates for course evaluations and surveys[Abstract]
David LambTeaching research students to be more critically reflective in documenting their research experience by writing a research journal[Abstract]
Madeleine Mattarozzi LamingEngaging first year students from diverse backgrounds in learning (55 Minute Workshop)[Abstract]
Abigail Lewis, Joanne MacDonald & Brooke SandersonEvaluating the effectiveness of training WIL supervisors[Abstract]
Joanne G. Lisciandro & Gael GibbsDeveloping a science and numeracy education module as part of a wider curriculum for an Australian pre-university enabling program[Abstract]
Natalie Lloyd & Reva RamiahTransforming engineering communication[Abstract]
Natalie Lloyd, Reva Ramiah & Donna ButoracTransforming communication workshop (55 Minute Workshop)[Abstract]
Chris Lund, Trevor Pryor, Philip Jennings & Amanda Woods-McConneyRenewing the sustainable energy curriculum: Combining theory and industry input to develop multidisciplinary curriculum frameworks[Abstract]
Zaza LyonsImpact of the UWA Year 4 Psychiatry rotation on medical students' attitudes to psychiatry[Abstract]
Susan Main & Alistair CampbellPerformance, assessment and communication in one app: Mobile assessment is here now[Abstract]
Sally Male, Dawn Bennett, Nicoleta Maynard, Ayman Almateeg, Sarah-Ann Fry, Katherine Nguyen & Quang VuEngaging in an inter-university undergraduate research group in engineering education[Abstract]
Sally Male, Robin King, Sarah-Ann Fry & Katherine NguyenEnhancing industry engagement in engineering degrees[Abstract]
Sharon MaresseEvolution of resilience in transition to medical radiations professional practice: Lessons for professional-entry educational programs[Abstract]
Esther E. Matemba & Natalie LloydInternationalisation of professional engineers: A challenge for engineering educators[Abstract]
Leanne McRaeTeaching in an age of ubiquitous computing: A decelerated curriculum[Abstract]
Andres Merino & Michele AucockThe role modelling of self regulated learning strategies and skills through enrichment tutorials[Abstract]
John MorganDelivering a beginner astronomy MOOC[Abstract]
Angus Morrison-SaundersReflections on subject centred learning, writing skills, research methods and spirituality for transformative teaching[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Sid NairTheory and practice: Student perceptions of teaching[Abstract]
Kate OfferUsing web-based polling in lectures to facilitate student engagement[Abstract]
Cesar Ortega-SanchezEnriching the university experience with extracurricular activities: Curtin Robotics Club[Abstract]
Cesar Ortega-Sanchez & Clive MaynardThe Crazy Machine project: A case study in problem-based learning [Abstract]
Fiona O'Shea & Julie HillUsing an LMS (Moodle) to provide support for casual teaching staff[Abstract]
Lee Partridge, Phil Hancock, Andrew Walker, Chris Breidahl & Alexis HallRethinking the role(s) of the student in academia: Just-in-time, peer-to-peer online learning[Abstract]
Lee Partridge, Sally Sandover & Wayne McGowanSame, same but different: A case study of high achieving school leavers' transition to university[Abstract]
Renuka Devi PathmasuntharamTesting... Testing... 1 2 3: Video recording to enhance students' oral presentation experience[Abstract]
Jacqueline PattenE-portfolio innovation: Transforming evidence into hard outcomes[Abstract]
Raphael PereiraPeer review of teaching: Collegial support to develop instructional skills[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Rob PhillipsDesigning exemplary units across a common first year: Experiences from Curtin[Abstract]
Rob Phillips, Val Morey, Sharon Davies & Leonie McIlvennyBelonging and becoming: Engaging, supporting and transforming education students on their journey of emerging professional identity[Abstract]
Carol PierceyCollaboration between the community and tertiary nurse education in bridging the gap between theory and practice[Abstract]
[Prof Practice]
Anne Polley & Jill DarbyCreating an employability 'footprint': E-portfolio case studies in health sciences[Abstract]
Fernando PortaBeyond the digital divide: Using a video and adopting a cooperative strategy in classes of Italian at The University of Western Australia[Abstract]
Margaret Potter & Fiona LakeA blended learning approach to delivery of a train-the-trainer program[Abstract]
Margaret Potter & Fiona LakePromoting engagement among health professionals using a virtual community of practice[Abstract]
Connie PriceDrivers and barriers to the adoption of electronic management of assessment[Abstract]
Qi FangTeaching non-sciences science at university: A case study of engaging students in physics[Abstract]
Reva RamiahThe language and discipline content equation: Which 20% of the content are we going to leave out to make space for language?[Abstract]
Alex Rassau, Ganesh Arulampalam, Julia Wexler & Heather PateEngineers, writing and the real world: Using an e-portfolio system to improve critical evaluation skills in first year engineering students[Abstract]
Torsten Reiners, Hanna Teräs, Vanessa Chang, Lincoln C. Wood, Sue Gregory, David Gibson, Natasha Petter & Marko TeräsAuthentic, immersive and emotional experience in virtual learning environments: Dying is an important learning experience in a simulation[Abstract]
Pirmin Riedmann, John R. Venable, Vanessa Chang, Torsten Reiners & Christian GütlRIVALE: Realistic Immersive Virtual Agent based Learning Environments for learning investigative skills[Abstract]
Lynne D. RobertsWhat constitutes 'good' supervision for course work dissertations? Student and supervisor perspectives[Abstract]
Lynne D. Roberts, Mara E. Blosfelds & Natalie GassonWorking towards the development of honours pedagogy: Staff and student perceptions of honours dissertation supervision[Abstract]
Ainslie RobinsonWhat next if there's no nexus?[Abstract]
Jocelyn RobinsonEngaging staff in the academic integrity and plagiarism process[Abstract]
Jennifer Rodger, Andrew Garrett & Nancy LongneckerEffectiveness of peer review in improving science practical teaching[Abstract]
Callan RoseBadges: An emerging concept for recognising and rewarding learning[Abstract]
Eleanor SandryImproving lecture engagement: Online's relationship with face-to-face? It's complicated[Abstract]
Steven Schilizzi & Clare AldersonGetting the best student-unit fit[Abstract]
Manjula Sharma, Will Rifkin, Marjan Zadnik, Vicky Tzioumis, Stephanie Beames, Elizabeth Johnson, Cristina Varsavsky, Andrea Crampton, Simon Pyke, Kelly Matthews & Susan JonesLeadership development lessons for you from the SaMnet experience[Abstract]
Rachel Sheffield & Leonie McIlvennyExploring the boundaries of science inquiry, sustainability and ICT[Abstract]
Zarrin S SiddiquiAssessment zone: Bringing students out of comfort zone[Abstract]
Kuki Singh, Romana Martin, Kim Flintoff & Sue BoltTransforming hearts and minds: Teaching in 21st Century learning spaces[Abstract]
Dino Spagnoli, Tristan Clemons & Bob BucatStudent motivations and attitudes in first year chemistry at UWA[Abstract]
Michael SteinThe AUSAid Introductory Academic Program (IAP): Reflections of a facilitator[Abstract]
Katrina Strampel, Susan Main & Ruth SibsonScaffolding the learning journey: Designing e-portfolio assessment items across a course (55 Minute Workshop)[Abstract]
Miriam SullivanAn evidence-based guide to designing lecture slides (55 Minute Workshop)[Abstract]
Christine Symons & Kerry ValentineA how-to guide for increasing student engagement in language and literacy support[Abstract]
Bonnie Thomas and Sabine KuuseTransforming and engaging students through peer learning[Abstract]
Kristy Tomlinson & Alexandria JonesInter-professional practice in action: Practical strategies for initiating a community based inter-professional practice program[Abstract]
Vivienne Travlos, Tony Ryan & Anne-Marie HillFacilitating physiotherapy students' confidence in handling and communication with the young child[Abstract]
Sarah Veitch & Karin StrehlowWhen language fails: Bringing services together to help tutors support ??? students[Abstract]
Grady VenvilleDesigning postgraduate coursework around the AQF: Challenges and proposed solutions[Abstract]
Karin Vogt, Alexandra Ludewig & Tabea VermaFirst encounters in videoconference supported foreign language learning[Abstract]
Rashmi WatsonLeadership in teaching: Coaching for success[Abstract]
Peta WhiteWalking my talk as an intentional, embodied, (co)constructed environmental educator[Abstract]
Sue White, Robynne Snell, Jill Sherriff & Victor ChuangImplementation of an interprofessional learning workshop for pharmacy and dietetic students[Abstract]
Helen Wildy & Ye'elah BermanUsing movies to reflect on tertiary pedagogy: UWA Education Futures project[Abstract]
Helen Wildy & Elaine ChapmanResearching tertiary pedagogy: Cross-faculty collaboration[Abstract]
Jeff Yeoman & Meg RosseTransforming the thesis writing experience for postgraduate coursework students[Abstract]

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