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Rachna Aggarwal, Aaron Matthews, Siew Leng Lim & Naomi PrisgroveBlended learning: Digital stories a key to success[Abstract]
Sandeep Ahuja & David CastaldiniExamples from project based, collaborative learning in engineering programs in Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector[Abstract]
Clare Alderson & Catherine LeesTurning a new leaf: Integrating Turnitin into a large first year Management unit[Abstract]
Peter Allen, Lynne Roberts & Frank BaughmanIntroducing StatHand: A mobile application supporting students' statistical decision making[Abstract]
Peter Arthur, Paul Attwood & Martha LudwigShow me the numbers: Quantitative assessment of laboratory teaching and learning practices[Abstract]
Susan Bailey & Vicki BattistessaStudent wellbeing and experiential learning: It's not a science, it's an art[Abstract]
Caroline BaillieTeaching people as individuals: A workshop for misshapen carrots (Workshop)[Abstract]
Mark BailyeUncapped journey: Using data and the student voice to inform and inspire change[Abstract]
Jan BaldwinEthnography: Stepping into the field of anthropology and sociology[Abstract]
Kristen Barker, Andrew Cotterell, Linley Lord & Anna TaylerAnywhere, anytime, any device: That's the Curtin Challenge[Abstract]
Siri Barrett-LennardThere's more to good writing than grammar: 15 tips in 15 minutes[Abstract]
Katherine Bathgate & Kelly PrandlSessional team leadership: Enabling moderation and peer review in a very large first year unit[Abstract]
Dawn Bennett & Margaret JollandsEmployability in the spotlight: Are we talking the right language?[Abstract]
Rosalind BloodLearning face to face: Exploring the intercultural experiences of Australian exchange students[Abstract]
Susan Bolt & Lyn MarksPromoting teaching excellence: Curtin Academy[Abstract]
Anna Bosco, Anna Fagence & Kristi HollowayShaping learning and practice in nursing education: An innovative case-based approach[Abstract]
Chantal Bourgault du Coudray, Carolyn Oldham & Sally MaleUnit coordinators' experiences of an inter-faculty Wheatbelt service learning unit[Abstract]
Jos BoysBuilding better universities?[Abstract]
Gabrielle Brand, Rosemary Saunders, Helen Dugmore, Karen Miller & Christopher Etherton-BeerPhotographs, narrative and reflective learning resource for health professions educators[Abstract]
Murray BrennanGraduate voices: Perceptions of assessment[Abstract]
Fiona BurrowsStudy skills in 30 seconds? STUDYSmarter's '30-Second Academy' and online video resources for academic support[Abstract]
Bella ButlerCan you become strategic by learning from today's news? Student-centred assignments in strategy courses[Abstract]
Rose CarnesCritical Indigenous pedagogy meets transformative education in a third space learning experience[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Marinella Caruso & Josh BrownAn assessment of the Language Bonus as an incentive for second language study in Australian schools and universities[Abstract]
Marinella Caruso, Anna Gadd & Simon TebbitTeaching how to listen: The integration of online quizzes in first year units of Italian at the University of Western Australia[Abstract]
Donella Caspersz, Caroline Baillie, Chantal Bourgault du Coudray, Doina Olaru, Denise Playford, Ania Stasinska & Leigh SmithListening and the transformative potential of service-learning[Abstract]
Donella Caspersz & Doina OlaruHow to develop social entrepreneurs in higher education? A cross-country comparison[Abstract]
Donella Caspersz & Ania StasinskaUsing open space to promote reflective listening[Abstract]
Emily CastellArticulating critical thinking: How do we promote this fundamental skill within our undergraduate psychology program?[Abstract]
Denise Chalmers, Rick Cummings, Sue Stoney, Beatrice Tucker, Sofia Elliott, Rachel Wicking &Trina Jorre de St JorreCase studies in embedding quality teaching criteria[Abstract]
Geoff CoatesPractical sampling exercises for learning statistical concepts[Abstract]
Andrew Cotterell, Genevieve Hodge & Linley LordThe case for face to face: How do we find balance in an uncapped world?[Abstract]
Chris Creagh, Lynne Roberts & Dawn BennettCould the question 'What am I doing here?' influence engagement and grades?[Abstract]
Julianne CrowleyFormative testing online: Will students use them, what will they use most, and do they help their success?[Abstract]
Astrid Davine & Tracy FrayneUsable e-learning: Using feedback during the development of flexible learning options for staff[Abstract]
Helen L. Davis & Karin StrehlowNaïve vs mature views of the nature of science: Which ones do first year undergraduate students hold?[Abstract]
Carmela de Maio, Kathryn Dixon & Shelley YeoAcademic integrity policies and procedures in Australian public universities: Their influence on lecturers' responses to student plagiarism[Abstract]
Arpana Dhar, Georgina Fyfe, David F. Treagust & Rekha KoulTransformation through co-teaching: Perceptions of first year health science students[Abstract]
Carol Dowling & Julie HoffmanThe Indigenous Advancement Strategy and its impact on Indigenous undergraduate students at Curtin University[Abstract]
Jill Downie and Linda AdnyanaLearning for tomorrow: Teaching, learning and the student experience[Abstract]
Jill Downie, Tania Broadley, Susan Bolt & Coral PepperProfessional learning designed to promote teaching excellence[Abstract]
Angela Ebert & Karin StrehlowLost in transformation: Finding a path through theory to practice of transformative learning[Abstract]
Susan EdgarPreparing students for the workplace: Can mindfulness help?[Abstract]
Megan Ellyard, Phil Hancock, Nazim Khan, Kate Offer, Joanne Sneddon, Rashmi Watson & Helen WildyThe UWA Education Futures Vision[Abstract]
Christine EwanUnbundling higher education: Implications for assurance of higher education standards (Workshop)[Abstract]
Catherine FergusonA blend of blended and team based learning[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Sonia FernsEconomic productivity and sustainability: Evidencing the impact of work integrated learning[Abstract]
Sonia FernsEvidencing unpredictable student outcomes: Assessment in a work integrated learning context[Abstract]
Kathryn Fitzgerald & Maeva HallComplementing clinical placements with teaching clinics: Rural interprofessional paediatric assessment clinics[Abstract]
Megan Fitzgibbons, Siri Barrett-Lennard, Gina Sjepcevich, Roz HowardViva la *evolution: The online Communication and Research Skills unit at UWA[Abstract]
Megan Fitzgibbons, Roz Howard & Gina SjepcevichSparking motivation: Integrated approaches to teaching research and digital literacy skills[Abstract]
Helen FordhamDisembodied creativity: Moderating teacher expectations of marketing and public relations students[Abstract]
Sue Fyfe, Georgina Fyfe, Rakhshanda Naheed, Annalise O'Callaghan, Amanda Lambros, Courtenay Harris, Marina Ciccarelli & Michelle BroughtonGood practice strategies for using the flipped learning model in large classes[Abstract]
Gretchen Geng, Jenny Buckworth, Janice Crerar, Donna Robbins, Therese Kersten & Richard MidfordDevelopment of an engagement framework for a first year teacher education program[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Liesel GentelliThe effect of industry professionals as undergraduate university teachers on student learning[Abstract]
Antony GrayHelping Honours and Masters students 'write early and write often'[Abstract]
Shane GreiveTeaching evaluations: What else is being assessed?[Abstract]
Meriel GriffithsAn observational and collaborative learning approach to teaching oral presentation skills[Abstract]
Joy HiggsTranscending pedagogies: An innovative model for a globally competitive market[Abstract]
Gregory S.C. HineStrengthening pre-service teachers' mathematical content knowledge[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Niki HynesSimulations in online and face to face learning: A study of student expectations, motivations and experiences[Abstract]
Denise Jackson, Sonia Ferns, Pamela Struthers & Diane McLarenWorking together to achieve improved work integrated learning (WIL) outcomes in WA: Enhancing productivity through better employer involvement[Abstract]
Wade JarvisWhat Apple knows about the new economy: Exploring services science and branding impacts on student learning engagement[Abstract]
Steve Johnson, Sarah Veitch & Silvia DewiyantiA framework to embed the teaching, learning and assessment of communication skills across the curriculum[Abstract]
Shannon Johnston & Wade JarvisUncapping the standard flipped classroom approach: Outcomes from an approach designed for the needs of non-standard students[Abstract]
Shannon Johnston & Callan RoseUncapping university teaching and learning: UWA's first MOOC implementation[Abstract]
Ranjna Kapoor, Dawn Bennett, Rajinder Kaur & Nicoleta MaynardPerceptions of professional identity and classroom community among first year student engineers[Abstract]
R. Nazim KhanFlipped and peer learning in a first-year statistics class: Taking it to another level[Abstract]
Monty KingMOOCs for development: Harnessing the potential for massive open online learning in the developing world[Abstract]
Monty King & Matt McGinnissUsing YouTube analytics to improve audience retention in learning videos[Abstract]
Alison KirkmanHandwritten lecture notes: Not so outdated?[Abstract]
Sally Knowles & Helen FlavellBuilding resilient teaching-focused academics: Unsettling identities in the new institutional order[Abstract]
Rekha KoulScience teacher capacity building in developing countries: Three case studies[Abstract]
Roselynn Lang, Geoffrey Shaw & Sophie BensonPlacebo or cure? Students' perceptions of the efficacy of compulsory Post-Entrance Language Assessment workshops[Abstract]
Cheryl LangeLACEing together the social and the academic[Abstract]
Peter P.F. Lee, Aik-Ling Tan & Yin-Hong CheahForms of interaction and their impact on in-service science teachers' argumentative discourse[Abstract]
Abigail Lewis, Catherine Moore & Charn NangUsing video of student-client interactions to engage students in reflection and peer review[Abstract]
Joanne Lisciandro & Gael GibbsOnTrack to university: Understanding mechanisms of student retention and persistence in a pre-university enabling program[Abstract]
Eunice LiuEthics from an entrepreneurial leadership perspective: A challenge for business education[Abstract]
Eunice LiuInternship: Practicum interfaces with organisations[Abstract]
Christine LiverisEffective feedback and self-regulated learning: An interpretation from a study of vocational business students[Abstract]
Elaine Lopes & Elizabeth SullivanExploring techniques to move students with writing immobilisation into action[Abstract]
Zaza LyonsThe Claassen Institute of Psychiatry for Medical Students: An innovative enrichment program to improve recruitment to psychiatry[Abstract]
Zaza Lyons & Helen WilcoxAn introduction to Mindfulness for graduate medical students[Abstract]
Sharon MacLeanEffective teaching in simulation: Culturally and linguistically diverse student's perception of teaching and learning in clinical simulation[Abstract]
Sally Male, Phil Hancock, Cara MacNish and Jeremy LeggoeIntensive mode teaching models[Abstract]
Sally Male, Cara MacNish, Nazim Khan, Dawn Bennett, Nicoleta Maynard, Eugenia Figueroa, Anne Gardner & Keith WilleyGender inclusivity of engineering students' experiences of workplace learning[Abstract]
Caroline Mansfield, Tania Broadley, Susan Beltman & Noelene Weatherby-FellBRiTE: Building resilience in teacher education[Abstract]
Romana Martin, Tania Broadley, Hanna Teras, Kristi Holloway & Robyn ChienExpanding the reach of the classroom with distributed learning: The student experience[Abstract]
Pamela Martin-Lynch, Helen Correia & Christopher CunninghamUncapping student potential: Re-thinking scaffolding and assessment of oral presentation skills[Abstract]
Aaron Matthews, Rachna Aggarwal, Kim Flintoff & Mattie TurnbullIndigenous perspectives on integrating learning technologies in a tertiary enabling program[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Karen Miller, Michele Gradisen & Jenny LeeWhat's your Aura? Using augmented reality to create engaging learning activities for students (Workshop)[Abstract]
Angus Morrison-SaundersWriting about writing in higher education: Modelling good practices[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Alice Niemeyer & Elena PasternakEmpowering young engineers through the nexus of fundamentals in mathematics: Strong links facilitate strong motivation[Abstract]
Kate Offer'Are you having a laugh?' Using humour as a teaching tool[Abstract]
Simon OrderICreate: Preliminary usability testing of apps for the music technology classroom[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Cesar Ortega-Sanchez & Diana TaylorThe journey toward 21st Century teaching starts with one transformation at a time[Abstract]
Megan Paull, Kirsten Holmes, Rowena Scott, Judy MacCallum, Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Maryam Omari & Susan YoungVolunteering to Learn in universities: Some stories from the field[Abstract]
Coral Pepper & Sue BoltRecognising and valuing the leadership role of unit coordinators (Workshop)[Abstract]
Raphael Pereira & Peter AllenA three-year evaluation of UniPASS: A peer-led academic support program at Curtin University[Abstract]
Jen PerryBeneath the surface: Evaluating student perceptions of soft skills developed in a German theatre course[Abstract]
Ben Piggott & Paul RycroftHow work integrated learning can assist in developing graduate attributes and professional outcomes: A case study[Abstract]
David Playford, Greg Sweetman & Dianne RitsonLiving Anatomy: A dynamic and innovative learning tool to facilitate understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology[Abstract]
Michelle Quail, Janet Beilby, Peter Allen, Shelley Brundage & Josh SpitalnickA demonstration and preliminary evaluation of Jim, the virtual empathy simulator[Abstract]
Kate QuinnAn agile approach to ed-tech innovation: Developing Curtin Challenge[Abstract]
Reva Ramiah, Donna Butorac & Lisa O'SullivanFound in translation: Taking English language development from policy to practice[Abstract]
Reva Ramiah, Rekha Khoul, Antonia Chandrasegaran, Diana Taylor & Patrice WilliamsUsing digital technologies to teach research writing in science and engineering[Abstract]
Reva Ramiah & Lisa O'SullivanEvaluating student learning in an adjunct English language development program[Abstract]
Janice Redmond & Matt McGinnissAn analysis of the blended learning approach to the teaching of management in the 21st Century[Abstract]
Josh Reynolds & Grant RevellIndigenous ways of knowing: The iDEO LOCI 1+2 Project[Abstract]
Hazel L. Richards & Jan MeyerThe real deal: anatomy uncapped[Abstract]
Ainslie RobinsonTertiary teacher education online: Teaching with the tools with which we are teaching[Abstract]
Todd P. Robinson, Ahmed El-Mowafy & Bert VeenendaalIndustry-driven criteria development of work-ready graduates in Spatial Sciences[Abstract]
Kimberley J. Roehrig & Wendy N. ErberShared access to computers promotes group interaction in an active learning classroom [Abstract]
[Full paper]
Callan Rose & Astrid DavinePreparing a MOOC: An induction workshop (Workshop)[Abstract]
Meg RosseWhat makes the 3MT talk special?[Abstract]
Genevieve SimpsonAnalysing student perceptions and measures of learning in a Master's level peer review feedback process[Abstract]
Natalie Skead & Mark IsraelSmart casual: Effective development programs for sessional staff in law[Abstract]
Michael SteinGauging 'drop-ins' as an alternative to individual appointments: One learning advisor's perspective [Abstract]
Carole SteketeePrudentia©: An outcomes-based curriculum mapping system[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Michael Sturma & James TrotterCapstones uncapped[Abstract]
Katie SuttonIntegrated pharmacology in an undergraduate nursing curriculum: Students' perceptions of readiness for clinical placement[Abstract]
Diana Taylor, Jacqui Kelly & Judy SchrapeSupporting integration of Pen and Tablet PC technologies through a community of practice[Abstract]
Ravi P. Tiwari and Wayne G. ReeveA framework to integrate genomics from a research laboratory into an undergraduate teaching curriculum[Abstract]
Danny TooheyAcademic job satisfaction and transnational education[Abstract]
Kent Turkich & Paul CozensRole of an experiential field trip in a first year unit in urban and regional planning[Abstract]
Kent Turkich, Shane Greive & Paul CozensProject-based learning: An initiative to enliven a first year unit urban and regional planning[Abstract]
Gabrielle M. WalkerWhy wasn't I told? The liminal experience of Australian shared history of non-Indigenous educators[Abstract]
Rashmi WatsonAppreciative inquiry as a process to activate leadership in teaching[Abstract]
Anneliese Wilson and Zach ClarkInnovative teaching and learning practices in physiotherapy education: Peer learning[Abstract]

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