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This page links to refereed papers accepted in accordance with [Call for papers], in one of the review procedure categories
  1. Research - academic research papers with clear strengths "... in the creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts, methodologies and understandings". Accepted papers are eligible for the ARC research category "Conference publications" as detailed under [ERA 2015 Submission Guidelines], Section Conference Publications - Full Paper Refereed.

  2. Professional practice - academic papers with clear strengths in creativity, leadership and excellence in professional practice, demonstrated in teaching, staff development, program or institutional development, educational media or services developments, or learning skills services. Being grounded in best practice rather than new knowledge, accepted papers are not eligible for the ARC research category "Conference publication".
The TL Forum 2015 Committee acknowledges with gratitude the work of our reviewers who are listed in [Booklet PDF - Introduction].
Additional information about the review process outcomes is given in the Editorial section of [Booklet PDF - Introduction].

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Rose CarnesCritical Indigenous pedagogy meets transformative education in a third space learning experienceProf Practice
Catherine FergusonA blend of blended and team based learningResearch
Gretchen Geng, Jenny Buckworth, Janice Crerar, Donna Robbins, Therese Kersten & Richard MidfordDevelopment of an engagement framework for a first year teacher education programResearch
Gregory S.C. HineStrengthening pre-service teachers' mathematical content knowledgeResearch
Aaron Matthews, Rachna Aggarwal, Kim Flintoff & Mattie TurnbullIndigenous perspectives on integrating learning technologies in a tertiary enabling programProf Practice
Angus Morrison-SaundersWriting about writing in higher education: Modelling good practicesProf Practice
Simon OrderICreate: Preliminary usability testing of apps for the music technology classroomResearch
Kimberley J. Roehrig & Wendy N. ErberShared access to computers promotes group interaction in an active learning classroom Research
Carole SteketeePrudentia©: An outcomes-based curriculum mapping systemProf Practice

Please cite as: TL Forum (2015). Teaching and learning uncapped. Proceedings of the 24th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 29-30 January 2015. Perth: The University of Western Australia. http://ctl.curtin.edu.au/events/conferences/tlf/tlf2015/contents-all.html

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