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Clare Alderson, Ez Fewings & Sev LeeCarpe Diem: Seize the day and transform learning (Workshop)[Abstract]
Peter Allen, Lynne Roberts, Frank Baughman, Adam Rock, Dirk Van Rooy, Natalie Loxton & James FinlayStatHand: A mobile application supporting students' statistical decision making[Abstract]
Matthew Ambrose, Di Gardiner & David GibsonSelf-organising map analysis of university student retention[Abstract]
Glenn Anderson & Sarah TimbsAssessing and developing English Language Proficiency: A pilot project at Curtin University Sydney[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Ajanthy Arulpragasam & Melissa DavisBenchmarking syllabus and assessment of an interprofessional first year human biology unit: Too hard, too easy, just right?[Abstract]
Katherine Ashe, Pip Munckton & Robyn CreaghArchitecture it grows: Reflections on a work integrated research and learning landscape (WIRLL)[Abstract]
Courtney BabbAn integrated workshop program to develop students' skills in participatory urban planning[Abstract]
Melanie Baker & Jacqui PattenEngaging the student to engage using an Interactive Learning Activity[Abstract]
Kristen Barker, Andrew Cotterell & Linley LordBringing experience into the classroom: Facilitating experiential learning activities (Workshop)[Abstract]
Siri Barrett-LennardGhost writing and ghost busting: Essay mills, assignment acquisition and contract cheating[Abstract]
Katherine Bathgate & Haelee FentonUtilising SPARKPLUS for the assessment of interprofessional capabilities of second and third year Health Science students[Abstract]
Dawn Bennett & Sonia FernsInternational students and the challenges of work placement: a workshop for academic staff (Workshop)[Abstract]
Jemma BerryTeaching students the value of laboratory safety, both while studying and in the workforce[Abstract]
Lauren Breen, Frank Baughman, Mara Blosfelds, Natalie Gasson & Lynne RobertsPromoting student engagement and employability through a skills-based psychology curriculum[Abstract]
Diane BunneyFacilitating the transition to postgraduate studies: Applying the lessons from the First Year Experience[Abstract]
Philip BurchamTaking pharmacology to the masses with e-learning tools and strategies[Abstract]
Natalia CarvalhoHow can we improve second and third year students understanding of electromagnetism?[Abstract]
Kevin Chai & David GibsonPredicting the risk of attrition for undergraduate students with time based modelling[Abstract]
Denise ChalmersPeer review of teaching: Who determines the process, criteria and standards?[Abstract]
Hui Jun Chih & Claire HulcupUsing preparatory materials to facilitate fine learning and transition of postgraduate coursework students[Abstract]
Geoff CoatesShort videos to support maths and stats learning[Abstract]
Andrew Cotterell, Linley Lord & Catherine GreshamGetting lost in translation? A map for contextualising and participating in an international study[Abstract]
Sky CroeserAddressing online harassment through feminist pedagogies[Abstract]
Julianne Crowley, Arpana Dhar & Georgina FyfeIs co-teaching just load-sharing or can it provide opportunity for peer review?[Abstract]
Trevor Cullen & Ruth CallaghanLocal community engagement: A pilot project that promotes better understanding of diseases[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Rick Cummings, Heather Smigiel & Craig WhitsedRethinking effective teaching in higher education[Abstract]
Melissa Davis & Connie PricePlagiarism is not a 'black and white' issue[Abstract]
Denise D'Cruz & Kristy GoodchildEngaging students with industry and community to enhance employability[Abstract]
Dianne Dennis, Anne Furness, Tracy Redwood, Leo Ng & David SainsburyIntroducing simulation learning activities to undergraduate musculoskeletal physiotherapy course curricula[Abstract]
Kathryn Dixon & Sonja KuzichEnhancing quality learning in higher education through peer review of teaching[Abstract]
Toni Dobinson & Tetiana Bogachenkoilectures (podcasts) as a learning tool in universities: Experiences of students and lecturers at Curtin University[Abstract]
Megan Ellyard, Caitlin Wyrwoll & Katherine SandersTeaching scientific inquiry in human reproductive biology through use of animal models: In vivo vs video[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Jody FennThe Learning Design Canvas[Abstract]
Sonia Ferns, Leoni Russell, Judie Kay & Judith SmithStudent participation and progress: Capacity building for industry and community partners[Abstract]
Sonia Ferns, Karsten Zegwaard, Norah McRae, Judie Kay, Katharine Hoskyn & Kristina JohanssonProfessional development for work integrated learning practitioners: A global perspective[Abstract]
Sam Field & David GibsonTransforming Curtin's information technology with advanced analytics[Abstract]
Christopher Fisher, Toni Hannelly & Francene LeaversuchApplying excellence standards of online education to online learning and student engagment[Abstract]
Kim Flintoff & Jennifer HowellConsiderations for teaching the transmedial learner[Abstract]
Kim Flintoff & Leah IrvingGames and gamification for university outreach[Abstract]
Kim Flintoff, Romana Martin & Tania BroadleyPedagogy in creative disciplines: Considerations for learning space design[Abstract]
Anna GaddTwo birds with one stone: Using Pecha Kucha presentations in the assessment and teaching of a Translation Studies unit[Abstract]
David Gibson, Tania Broadley & Jill DownieBlended learning in a converged model of university transformation[Abstract]
David Gibson, Kathryn Coleman & Leah IrvingBadging learning journeys in higher education: Designing digital pathways for learning, motivation and assessment[Abstract]
David Gozzard & Marjan ZadnikAnalysis of student responses and participation in observation diaries for introductory astronomy[Abstract]
Kathryn GreenhillSMART BHAGS: Reflective goal setting in assessment[Abstract]
Meriel GriffithsAddressing academic 'culture shock': Bridging the distance with international students[Abstract]
Andrzej GwizdalskiBlog your way to digital mobility in teaching and learning (Workshop)[Abstract]
Andrzej GwizdalskiDesigning successful blogging assignments[Abstract]
Andrzej Gwizdalski(When) will digital videos replace the written assignment?[Abstract]
Stephanie HampsonEnhancing the cultural capacity of staff and students in the creative arts[Abstract]
Vanessa HayesUse of QR Codes to enhance student preparation, participation and learning in Anatomy and Human Biology[Abstract]
Claire HulcupEngaging a diverse cohort: Strategies employed in a mathematics enabling unit[Abstract]
Ranjna Kapoor, Kristoffer K McKee, Mary Jane O'Callaghan & Rohan KarpeUsing origami to demonstrate effectiveness of the peer, self, tutor feedback cycle (Workshop)[Abstract]
Alison Kelly, Mara Blosfelds, Ravani Duggan & Anne FurnessPromoting quality assurance by benchmarking online units[Abstract]
Tanis Kelly, Tracy Redwood, Anne Furness, John Owens & Leo NgAuthentic learning activities that guide students through the clinical reasoning process[Abstract]
R. Nazim KhanAttendance: The mismatch between academics and students. Who is right?[Abstract]
Sally KiftTertiary educators as purveyors of fine learning: What have we learnt? (Keynote address)[Keynote]
Ming Koh & Kathy LawsonHow do students from the UniReady enabling course and those from a traditional pathway compare?[Abstract]
Kerri-Lee KrauseUniversities in the 21st century: What are we really purveying? (Keynote address)[Keynote]
Shane Lavery & Anne CoffeyService-learning: Promoting the development of the graduate professional standards in pre-service secondary teachers[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Megan Le Clus, Katie Turton & Alan CrakeIdentifying the 'Big Five' teaching and learning issues in the School of Management, Curtin Business School[Abstract]
Abigail Lewis & Katrina StrampelIntentionally designing employability across a course using e-portfolios[Abstract]
Joanne Lisciandro & Angela JonesIt's all in the mindset: Enabling resilience in educationally disadvantaged learners transitioning to university[Abstract]
Linley Lord, Andrew Cotterell, Kara-Jane Lombard & Catherine GreshamWhy can't we all just get along? Making group work more meaningful[Abstract]
Jeremy LuUsing collaborative tools for student centric learning and critical thinking (Workshop)[Abstract]
Sally Male, Caroline Baillie, Phil Hancock, Cara MacNish & Jeremy LeggoeDrivers and barriers to intensive mode teaching[Abstract]
Sally Male, Caroline Baillie, Phil Hancock, Cara MacNish & Jeremy LeggoeKey strategies to enhance students' experiences of threshold capability development with intensive mode teaching (Workshop)[Abstract]
Jaci Mason & Pam McCrorieCapstone principles: School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine[Abstract]
Paul Mercieca, Toni Dobinson & Sarah KentCrafting feedback on academic writing for university students who have already met English language competency requirements[Abstract]
Karen Miller, Matthew Robinson & Daniel Piczak 'All the things': Developing a Maker community in the academic library (Workshop)[Abstract]
Karen Miller & Lynne VautierListening, Learning and Leading: Transforming Curtin students' library experience[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Philip MiolinA/R/T/ography: Balancing the conflicting interests of artist, researcher and teacher in a simulated WIL environment[Abstract]
Claire Morrisby, Annalise O'Callaghan & Helen FlavellFlipped in first year: Are we ready for it?[Abstract]
Claire Mueller & Amanda SmithPlease 'like' me: Facilitating peer learning on Facebook[Abstract]
Curtise K.C. Ng, Sharon Maresse, Rosemary Thompson & Anna GravesDevelopment of a framework for assessment of simulated learning environments in medical radiation science: An early experience[Abstract]
Adam Nicol & Elaine LopesMapping success: UWA's mature-age open access program[Abstract]
Boon Lay OngCloud and mobile technology in transitioning students into Year 1 Architecture[Abstract]
Fiona O'Shea & Julie HillIncreasing student participation rates in online pre-class activities: How big does your carrot need to be?[Abstract]
Jenni ParkerAuthentic online community of learning workshop (Workshop)[Abstract]
Lee PartridgeLearning to do scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL): A taster of an online self-paced resource (Workshop)[Abstract]
Narelle PattonVisual spaces: Opening up possibilities to enhance practice-based education[Abstract]
Megan Paull, Craig Whitsed & Antonia GirardiApplying the Kirkpatrick model: Evaluating Interaction for Learning Framework curriculum interventions[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Sanna PedenTim Tam diplomacy: The role of LACE in building intercultural connections at UWA[Abstract]
Raphael Pereira, Peter Allen & Ross MarriottModelling the impact of UniPASS attendance on student performance and retention: A three-year investigation[Abstract]
Rob PhillipsHumanising online teaching[Abstract]
Michelle Quail, Kate Robinson, Kate Holmes, Peter Allen & Janet BeilbyThe evaluation of a virtual patient to train communication skills in health science students[Abstract]
Linda Riebe, Antonia Girardi & Craig WhitsedTeaching teamwork skills in Australian higher education Business disciplines[Abstract]
[Full paper]
Lynne D. Roberts, Vanessa Chang & David GibsonEthical considerations in adopting a university and system-wide approach to data and learning analytics[Abstract]
Ainslie Robinson & Jenny JongsteAll I really need to know I learned in kindergarten: IT competency from the cradle to the stave[Abstract]
Linda Sheedy & Peter GreenReading lists: A next generation solution[Abstract]
Rachel Sheffield, Susan Blackley, Rebecca Walker, Nicoleta Maynard & Rekha KoulThe Makerspace: Linking science, mathematics, engineering and technology to improve pre-service teachers' work readiness and create communities of practice[Abstract]
Genevieve SimpsonReflecting on the UWA Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme: Lessons learned and lessons worth learning[Abstract]
Kuki Singh & Christian OhlyDevelopments, adaptations and applications of fine learning: Theories revisited[Abstract]
Natalie Skead & Kate OfferLearning law through a lens: Using visual media to support the development of communication skills in law[Abstract]
Alejandra Speziali & Mary BoyceTales from the other side: Embedding English language literacy in discipline units (Workshop)[Abstract]
Michael SteinImplementation and features of international classrooms: A condensed course for visiting Chinese scholars[Abstract]
Miriam SullivanGender biases in teacher evaluations[Abstract]
Stella Tarrant & Laura D'OlimpioPhilosophy in the Gender and the Law classroom[Abstract]
Bridget Tombleson, Lydia Gallant & Katharina WolfTeaching the Gen Z and millennial tribe: From Twitter to Snapchat, Periscope and more, a Transmedia workshop (Workshop)[Abstract]
Bridget Tombleson, Lydia Gallant, Katharina Wolf, Catherine Archer & Renae DesaiTeaching millennials in a transmedia environment: Embedding technology skills in the curriculum[Abstract]
Stephen Turner & Antonia GirardiUsing a holding environment to develop social intelligence in an undergraduate human resource management subject[Abstract]
Grady VenvilleMeeting the challenge of a university-wide assessment policy in a comprehensive university[Abstract]
Rebecca Walker, Janis Jansz & Joo Hwa BayExploring the ergonomic factors in online students learning environments: A cross-faculty scholarship of teaching and learning project[Abstract]
Katharina Wolf, Bridget Tombleson & Lydia GallantPreparing tomorrow's industry leaders: An embedded approach to leadership skills in the communications curriculum[Abstract]

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