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Shelley Beatty Using Technology to Enhance Retention (Workshop)[Abstract]
Carmela Briguglio and Fernando PortaThe impact of globalization on the teaching of communication skills in tertiary education: is inclusivity dead? (Workshop)[Abstract]
Cheryl Davis, Bev Councillor, Kristy Indich and Helen FlavellCulture at the Centre: Creating welcoming spaces and positive learning experiences for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students (Workshop)[Abstract]
Sarah Etherington Internationalise the curriculum, just not in my unit (Workshop)[Abstract]
Miela Kolomaznik and Miriam Sullivan Not just for plagiarism anymore: Turnitin for fast, easy feedback (Workshop)[Abstract]
Peter le BretonCan we invigorate vision and voice by changing the way we think? (Workshop)[Abstract]
Abigail Lewis and Lisa Holmes Mindfulness activities to support wellness and resilience (Workshop)[Abstract]
Lucia Ravi and Joanne Castelli Integrating Research Skills as part of your Curriculum Design (Workshop)[Abstract]
Amanda Smith Student-centred activities at the roll of a dice: The random session plan generator (Workshop) [Abstract]
Karin Strehlow, Simon Walters, Sarah Veitch and Nikola Horley Institutional support for the challenges of diverse student learning needs: is the concept of duty of care a way forward? (Workshop)[Abstract]
Clive WalleyNih Manjaree and Notre Dame (Workshop)[Abstract]
Jean Wootton and Megan PaullGripes, Grizzles, Secrets and Successes: An ACEN open forum about the scaling up of WIL (Workshop)[Abstract]
Yasas Botenne Models for teaching medical procedures that are uncommon in clinical settings  (Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
Patricia Dooey Shaping our vision through international student voices: what do they really need? (Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
Kate Duncanson Enhancing students’ fieldwork experience through a collaborative staff-student engagement program (Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
Scott Fitzgerald, Jaqueline Boaks and Htwe Htwe TheinManaging and repurposing online case study material (Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
James Hall, Jessica Taylor and Laura Glitsos“Podcasting Degree Zero:” The construction and reception of a custom-built media and cultural studies podcast for first-year students (Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
Sally Male, Melissa Marinelli and Lee-Von Kim Creating Inclusive Engineering and Science Classes (Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
Sally Male, Andrew Guzzomi, Ghulam Mubashar Hassan and Sophie Giles EZone 4D Learning Environment (Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
Tricia Ong and Hadrian Djajadikerta Teaching resources on research skills (Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
Arif Sikander Perspective of students: Teaching across levels (Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
Nigar Sultana and Rosemary Kerr Culturally diverse Muslim students: Strengthening cultural competency of HDR supervisors (Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
Mauro VaccarezzaFunctional magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) to assess anatomy recall in undergraduate students(Nuts and Bolts)[Abstract]
Clare Alderson, Melissa Cianfrini and Callan Rose Video Feedback for Learning – Supporting effective assessment with vision and voice (Showcase)[Abstract]
Louise Austen, Neta Knapp and Rommie Masarei The Manjaree Mia Kaart Project. Reconciliation-in-action: building of Aboriginal kaartdijin/ knowledge, understanding and friendships within a Catholic university (Showcase)[Abstract]
Shelley Beatty TLABs : A Teaching and Learning Community of Practice Case Study (Showcase)[Abstract]
Sue Bennett, Susan Hall and David Ellison Case-based large group tutorials using KeePad audience response units to enhance diagnosis and decision-making in veterinary graduates (Showcase)[Abstract]
Jemma Berry, Sara Hansen, Allison Sherar and Russell Jones Simulation in a forensic setting (Showcase)[Abstract]
Janie Brown, Anna Bosco, Jaci Mason, Alani Morgan and Nicole Pope Embedding digital literacy in a nursing curriculum for safer patient care: The student perspective (Showcase)[Abstract]
Mike Bryant, Mariko Francis, Trevor Wood, Shuofan Zhang and Kris Ryan Student voice as feedback: An instrument to measure student perceptions of live streaming technologies (Showcase)[Abstract]
Maureen Buckingham, Diane Ingram, Rebecca Scriven and Michelle Pedlow Get ready for academic success in Nursing and Midwifery: A Centre for Teaching and Learning and School collaboration to support student academic preparedness in the School of Nursing and Midwifery (Showcase)[Abstract]
Atul Chandra, Catherine Moore and Phillip Draber Developing students’ vision and voice in undergraduate and postgraduate auditing and accounting(Showcase)[Abstract]
Gemma Clarke and Bronwyn Mortimer Using the SAMR model to innovate assessment design (Showcase)[Abstract]
Liberty Cramer Project Peacock: Enhancing the LGBTIQA+ student experience at the University of Western Australia (Showcase)[Abstract]
Julianne Crowley, Arpana Dhar, Simone Duncan and Rina Wong An Apple for the teachers: Using an Apple i-phone to produce a professional development video by sessional staff for sessional staff that introduces the philosophy and strategies of co-teaching (Showcase)[Abstract]
Trevor Cullen The transition from university to professional life – implications for graduates and educators (Showcase)[Abstract]
Andrea Dodo-Balu Teaching and learning on the margins(Showcase)[Abstract]
Sarah Evamy and Daniel McGillThinking student-centric: Hearing students’ voices (Showcase)[Abstract]
David Garratt-Reed, Andrew Chapman, Emily Castell and Joel Howell An investigation of “active” iLecture use in undergraduate Psychology (Showcase)[Abstract]
Peter Geerlings, Jordin Payne, Karin Strehlow Assessment Rubrics: What’s Important to Enabling Students? (Showcase)[Abstract]
Nicola Gulvin, Christopher Hall and Sandra Kemp Group work and assessment design: Students and educators co-creating resources (Showcase)[Abstract]
Joel Howell Fostering student engagement and critical thinking with learning analytics (Showcase)[Abstract]
Jennifer Howell and Siew Leng Lim Everyone’s Flipped: So what’s next?(Showcase)[Abstract]
Elizabeth JacksonIntroducing the flipped classroom to an internationalised student cohort (Showcase)[Abstract]
Kai-Ti Kao, Elaine Tay and Katie EllisFinding a voice: Experiences of collaborative and team-based learning of students with disabilities (Showcase)[Abstract]
Ronald Kordyban Light up your teaching with lightboards (Showcase)[Abstract]
Kristina Lemson, Anna Hopkins and Harriet Mills WIL in Science: Probing alignment of student, employer and institutional conceptualisations of ‘employability’ to optimize science student participation in WIL (Showcase)[Abstract]
Abigail Lewis, Natalie Ciccone, Brennen Mills, Emily Brogan, Susan Booth and Teresa Petrich Adult hospital simulation in Speech Pathology (Showcase)[Abstract]
Alexandra Ludewig Student voices: Envisioning and performing experiential learning (Showcase)[Abstract]
Justine Maldon and Adam Nicol Evaluating the impact of drop-in language support for diverse students at an Australian research university (Showcase)[Abstract]
Sally A Male, Patrick Kenworthy, Ghulam Mubashar Hassan, Andrew Guzzomi, Tom Van der Veen and Tim French Students’ increases in perception from operating or watching a virtual reality simulation (Showcase)[Abstract]
Gary Marchioro, Julia Wexler, Ken Robinson and Jacinth Watson Teaching employability skills through Assessment Centres (Showcase)[Abstract]
Jaci Mason Exploring how teaching academics construct consensus moderation: Listening to the discourse (Showcase)[Abstract]
Alecka Miles, Sara Hansen, Lisa Holmes and Brennen Mills Two simulated paramedic night shifts: The perceived value of experiential learning (Showcase)[Abstract]
Catherine Moore and Sanna Peden Thriving in higher education: Raising our voices to promote staff wellbeing (Showcase)[Abstract]
Claire Morrisby and Anelle Young Video Life stories: Reflecting on student professional development (Showcase)[Abstract]
Gemma Clarke and Bronwyn Mortimer Teacherless observation: Using technology to transform the observation process (Showcase)[Abstract]
Megan Paull, Sally Male, Natalie Lloyd and Teena Clarke It’s about time: Changing profiles of WIL placements for engineering students (Showcase)[Abstract]
Connie Price, Lesley Sefcik, Michael Baird and Steve Steyn Deter, detect, de-stress: Getting the balance right in a remote invigilation strategy (Showcase)[Abstract]
Ashleigh Prosser, Ezrina Fewings and Elaine Lopes From local to global: Connecting Australian and Colombian educators to best practices in learning and teaching (Showcase)[Abstract]
Fazlul K. Rabbanee, M. Quaddus, Raj Gururajan, Lindy Abawi and Sonia Dickinson Conceptualising digital resilience of Australian tertiary level students (Showcase)[Abstract]
Ainslie Robinson Hail Fellow, well met! Enthusiastic (yet not superficial) ways into using reflective narrative to present Educator Scholar credentials (Showcase)[Abstract]
Ferg Roper, Jun Hua Guo, Katie Mills and Sarah Cesare Transforming a compulsory communication and research skills module through adaptive learning technology and interactive case scenarios (Showcase) [Abstract]
Janine Rutledge and Miriam Sullivan PELA: The lived experience (Showcase)[Abstract]
David Sainsbury, Evan Coopes, Tanis Kelly and Bronwyn Smith Does undergraduate physiotherapy student engagement in formative assessments predict performance in final summative assessments? (Showcase)[Abstract]
Rosemary Saunders, Michelle Pedlow, Bev Ewens and Jane Jones Nursing students yarning with Aboriginal people to understand patient experiences (Showcase)[Abstract]
Michael Seats The voice(s) of reason: Challenges for the decolonization of knowledge in global higher education (Showcase)[Abstract]
Ruth Sibson and Ashlee Morgan Digital literacy: What is it? What proficiencies do students say they have? and What else can educators do to develop these important skills? (Showcase)[Abstract]
Sharon Smart and Alma DenderAssessment feedback practices in postgraduate speech pathology students (Showcase)[Abstract]
Andrea SteeleEducational experiences of transnational and onshore students: The differences in academic integration, social integration, and institution commitment (Showcase)[Abstract]
Michael SteinThe value (but not bliss) of ignorance: A ‘humanities’ adviser reflects on supporting ‘science’ research students(Showcase)[Abstract]
Geoff SwanLeap into WACE physics (Showcase)[Abstract]
Andrew ValentineEnhancing Engineering students’ creativity skills through online learning modules (Showcase)[Abstract]
Chanelle van den Berg, Rebecca Bennett, Jenna Woods, Normae Bennett, Aaron Matthews, Braden HillWhat makes an effective ally to Aboriginal people in Australian higher education? (Showcase)[Abstract]
Meredith Willmott, Heidi Waldron, Angela Alessandri and Katharine GardinerExperiential and inter-professional learning: Transforming an assessment task (Showcase)[Abstract]
Karen Winter Experiential learning with global virtual teams to enhance international marketing education (Showcase)[Abstract]
Katharina Wolf, Lydia Gallant, Aneeshta Gunness and Bridget TomblesonFlipping the perspective: Exploring flipped learning through the student lens (Showcase)[Abstract]
Katharina Wolf, Bridget Tombleson, Lydia Gallant and Veronica LawranceMaking sense of public relations - a visual ethnography of students' interpretations of the public relations profession (Showcase)[Abstract]
Domenik Wolff-Boenisch and Torsten ReinersCan Virtual Reality applications in environmental geosciences enhance student engagement and learning? (Showcase)[Abstract]
Rina WongBringing a creative voice in Science (Showcase)[Abstract]
Thomas YesudhasanStudent peer review in teaching media ethics (Showcase)[Abstract]
Alexandra Yeung and Suzanne Ahern Using teacher prompts to develop group communication in an active learning environment (Showcase)[Abstract]
Lisa Webb and Danielle Kong Library Essentials: Providing easily accessible information for ECU Library Services (Poster)[Abstract]
Joanne Castelli and Peter ArthurEstablishing a community of practice for transforming the design and delivery of laboratory-based education (Poster)[Abstract]
Sanna PedenCommunicate with Character: custom videos for content and community (Poster)[Abstract]
Connie Price, Lesley Sefcik and Michael BairdIntelligent Remote Invigilation System (Poster)[Abstract]
Ronald KordybanUsing innovative technology to light up your teaching! (Poster)[Abstract]
Tania Visosevic and Amanda MyersVideo essay assignment of now! (Poster)[Abstract]
Geoff SwanLeap into WACE physics (Poster)[Abstract]

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