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Curtin University

Courses Management

Courses Management works closely with faculties, central services, as well as diverse internal and external departments and organisations on matters related to courses and their components (majors, minors, streams and units including thesis units).

Under review: Courses Approval and Quality Manual (CAQM)Teaching & Learning Practice

The CAQM is under review throughout 2017 and your contribution and feedback is welcome.

Approvals & Management of
Courses and ComponentsTeaching & Learning Practice

Courses Management is responsible for the University processes governing approvals for new, changes to, reactivations and deactivations of all Courses and Components (study packages) offered by Curtin. It works with faculties, non-faculty areas and Curtin-Open University Australia (Curtin-OUA), facilitating timely approvals and deactivations.

Policy & Regulatory MattersTeaching & Learning Practice

Courses Management develops, reviews and implements relevant policy and procedures related to study packages. It assists University approval authorities in assuring study packages comply with regulatory requirements, including Curtin’s CRICOS registrations for courses offered to International students studying in Australia.

CommitteesTeaching & Learning Practice

Courses Management provides support to Curtin’s faculty and central Courses Committees, Academic Board and the University Graduate Studies Committee. It is responsible for the implementation of committee decisions and recommendations related to study packages.

Courses HandbookTeaching & Learning Practice

Courses Management is responsible for the University Courses Handbook and coordinates regular updates to reflect changes made to study packages.

Advice, Support and TrainingTeaching & Learning Practice

Courses Management is responsible for the ‘Study Package’ window on Student One. Courses Management offers support and guidance to University teaching and administration areas, including Flexible Learning Support on Curtin-OUA related study packages.

Comprehensive Course ReviewTeaching & Learning Practice

Courses Management provides support for the Assessment, Review and Transformation (ART) process managed by the Learning Design Team, Curtin Learning and Teaching.

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