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Student Access to the Unit Outline in Blackboard

It is no longer necessary to attach the unit outline to the Blackboard site directly as students can now access all of their unit outlines for units they are enrolled in through the My Studies tab in OASIS.

It is highly recommended that you add a unit oultine link to your Blackboard unit which takes the students to their unit outline in OASIS, rather than uploading a PDF or Word document version of the unit outline.

The unit outline in OASIS is the official unit outline created by the Unit Coordinator via the Unit Outline Builder system. Downloading the unit outline from only one place ensures students are receiving the official version of the unit outline for the current study period they are enrolled in. It also means the next cohort of students to enrol inthe unit will not see a previous unit outline. This is important as unit outlines change between study periods due to Evaluate feedback, new course information or restructure, date changes etc.

To assist with this process, a block of text including the hyperlink to the OASIS My Studies area (where unit outlines are located) has been created and is available for copying and pasting into your Blackboard unit.

Please note: the text is in HTML format. It is not required that you know HTML to use this, however you will need to use the HTML link in Blackboard to paste this information into.

Please follow these instructions to add the Unit Outline text to Blackboard:

  1. Log into Blackboard and enter your unit.
  2. Click on the menu item that will take you to the content area you wish to upload your unit outline to (usually called Unit Information or Unit Outline).
  3. Click on the Build Content button and select Item.

  4. In the Name field type Unit Outline

  5. Next, we need to add the HTML text. Please copy the following (everything including the <p></p> tags)

    <p>Unit Outlines contain important information about your unit, including staff contact details, what you will study, course textbooks and important assessment information. You should download and read your unit outline thoroughly before you begin your studies. Your Unit Outlines can be found in OASIS under the My Studies tab.<br /> <br /> Go to the My Studies tab and download your unit outline by clicking this link &gt; &gt; <a href="" target="_blank">Unit Outline</a></p>

  6. You should see a HTML button in the text editor options. If you can't, it means that your text editor options have been minimised, and will look like this:

    Expand the options of the text box by clicking on the double chevron button on the right hand side.

    The text editor should now show all text editing options and look like this:

  7. Click the HTML button.

    The HTML Code View box will pop up in a new window (if you are having issues with this, ensure that your browser allows pop ups then try again).
  8. Paste the HTML text you copied above into the HTML Code View box.

  9. Click the Update button. The pop up window will automatically close and you will see the text without HTML code in the text box editor.

  10. Next, under the Attachments section please skip and move on. Do not attach a unit outline.
  11. Once you are happy with the other options, click Submit.
  12. An item will now be created for students to view at the bottom of the current page.  The item will appear like this:

  13. Move this item to the top of the page.

For further information visit to view the guide for Create Content in a Course Area.